Friday, 6 March 2020

The Seven Sages of the Ancient World

The images that I shall show here are from Sumer, Akkad, Ashur, Babylon and these ares of the Middle-East; they all show the features of figures called the Apkallu (Akkad) or Abgal (Sumer). These are generally known as the Seven Sages who appear after a catastrophic flood. 

You will notice straight away that their stance is that of the Ac-Rune which is the 'Rune of the Oak-Tree'. And that some of the figures are shown dressed in fish-garb, as in the above. Others, as I will show, have different features.

On this one there are two Apkallu, one each side of the 'World Tree', which is also notably shaped like a 'World Mountain'. Above this is the High God shown as a Winged Globe, representing the Black Sun as the True God-head. Once again, the figures hold the Ac-Rune pose. This appears to be a rune-stave representing the right arm pointing upwards towards the heavens, and the left arm downwards towards the under-world (I will explain this). 

In the hands of the figures are some kind of 'pail' or 'water-carrier', maybe suggesting the Water-Bearer and the Age of Aquarius. This is carried in the left hand which must have a significance. 

Here the left-hand Apkallu is shown holding a Serpent, and again both hold the 'pail' in the left hand. The figure below is winged but has the same stance as the others, and holds the same 'pail'. The figure holds a Pine-Cone in his right-hand, symbolic of the Third Eye. 

The names Ap-kallu and Ab-gal are once again linked to the Lower World - the Waters of the Deep. In fact the Sankrit word aap means 'water', in the same sense as Ap- / Ab-. These Seven Sages appear after a great catastrophe in order to aid mankind in building again from the rubble of the former world-age or cycle. 

The Winged Globe could also be seen as a Comet and even the Bab-Komet that circles every 4,000 years or so, and which appeared at the time of the Great Flood some 4,000 years ago. This appears above the Midnight Mountain in the North. 

I have covered these topics before but have done this post to clear up some of the things that have been dealt with. This is in view of the meaning of the names for 'water' that concern the living, animate force that exists behind the physical form. 

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