Friday, 28 February 2020

The Vinlanders - Book Review

This work is something no-one should miss out on; Joe Sevnson ended some 30 years or more of research into the true history of Vinland (USA) and lifted the truth above the lies and distortions that try to make the White Folk of Vinland into second-class citizens. This is not only for the Vinlanders, but also for us here in England because we have much the same problem here too; and this is certainly something not to be missed by those living in Scandinavia. 

Rather than taking this further back into the mists of time, into a time thousands of years ago where proof of the Teutonic Sea-Peoples being in Vinland does exist, the time of the 'White Gods' and 'White Giants', this work is based around later (but much earlier than the 'Christopher Columbus' era) incursions by the Welsh and Vikings, as well as that of certain Irish Monks called Papars who seem, in the Viking era, to have travelled the same path as the Vikings. As Joe himself states, the Germanic and Celtic Folk were one and the same, but for the sake of ease I will use the term 'Teutonic' to cover both Germanic, Celtic and the Tuatha de Danaan. 

Many years ago when I was in my early twenties I got hold of a library book from the Leicester Library which covered the 'Red Indians' of Vinland; indeed, as the book showed, these were neither 'red' nor were they 'Indians', they were a mixture of Asiatics and Northern Europeans, sometimes with the Europeans making a ruling elite. The book was very thorough in showing cross-references between the languages of the 'Indians' and those of certain European Languages. It also showed photos of these people to prove this point. It is extremely doubtful if this book can be found today in any library, no doubt taken out because the contents do not fit with the Global Agenda. So I know for myself that what Joe says in this work is on the right track. 

This work gives proof of the Vikings having had a huge impact on many areas of Vinland, and that many of the mounds, burial-chambers, and various other ancient structures were built by the Vikings. Contrasts are made between these structures and those in Scandinavia, and clearly they have the same roots. In regard to this his work is really thorough and offers proof of his ideas which can hardly be dismissed. 

This work does not merely show how ancient structures were Viking in origin, or before that the ancient Teutonic Sea-Peoples, but that much of the symbolism used by the Amerindians can also be credited to the Vikings. All over Vinland we find the Swastika - or did find the Swastika, I should say - and this work suggests that the Thunderbird symbol at the top of the 'Totem Pole' is that of the 'World Pillar' (Irminsul-Yggdrasil) with the Eagle at the top of it - the Thunderbird. The Cult of the World Pillar is Northern European, and Northern European alone; it is the ancient Cult of Hyperborea and Thule. 

There are tons of photos of artefacts from Viking times, jewellery, weapons, pottery etc. Also that of the ancient mounds, barrows, standing stones, stone walls, round towers and much more stuff that would be far too long to go into here. Runestones are also covered in detail with photos as well. 

A very interesting point that Joe makes out is that the Irish Monks, the Papars, seem to have travelled around to the very same areas as the Vikings or Norsemen. When the Vikings went to dwell in Iceland they found these Papars there too, and the latter also went to Greenland and Hvritramannaland ('White Man's Land') which pre-existed Vinland, sometimes thought of as 'Greater Ireland'. And another brilliant point he makes is that there does seem to be some form of 'Divine Mission' or 'Divine Destiny' given to those Vikings who crossed into Greenland, Vinland and Canada, as no doubt those who crossed into Central and Southern America. This takes it further than just the important historical content into the realms of Archetypal Myth. 

This book has 344 pages and is thus a very comprehensive work on the subject, with pages and pages of facts, photos and proof that the Europeans had a vast impact upon this ancient land. This is an important work, because if we view the European impact from that of the later settlements through the 'British Corporation' which were solely based upon economic materialism and exploitation, and from the alien 'Coca-Cola Culture' that developed from this, and which has spread like a cancer around the world, then the Europeans can be seen only in a negative light. In truth it was the control by the Judaeo-Christian Church that created this later development, and was one of the prime reasons, mentioned in this work, for the Vikings and Irish Monks to move away to these areas, away from the persecution that was spreading around Europe. 

This book is available from The 55 Club, and and I would highly recommend it to everyone interested in our historical past, whether from Vinland, England or Scandinavia, and everywhere where the European Folk have spread across the globe. 

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