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I am going to continue today with another side of this, just as we last studied the 'Occult Agenda'; this time it concerns psychology. This will entail the use of rather long words as used by 'academics' and 'activists' within the State System. This stuff comes from The Psychologist which can be found online, a link being sent to me by a Folk-Comrade. 

Firstly, in a kind of Monty Python sketch, a committee has to be set up in order to tackle the agenda and the 'strategies' needed to put this into affect; in this case it is the Covid-19 Behavioural Science Advisory Group and the Scientific Advisory Group in an Emergency (SAGE). 'SAGE' - their self-importance shows through immediately. Thus, whilst we are being told that thousands are dying here in England alone, certain psychologists are working hard on 'strategies' that are part of an 'agenda'. What they have created is a simple model of behaviour known as COM-B - capabilities, opportunities, motivation and behaviour. These form the 'hub' of a larger framework - the Behaviour Change Wheel. 

Clear? What this means is that these psychologists, in the middle of a 'pandemic', are busily creating means to change people's behaviour. We shall go on. There are nine different types of 'intervention' -








Environment Restructuring


The first scheme put forward is 'A daily TV slot that everyone is encouraged to switch into demonstrating how to change the key transmission behaviours, the behavioural vaccine, could be a game-changer.' This idea is to indoctrinate the masses in order to change their 'behaviour'. Remember, all of this is being done while people are dying! Now, if these people really wanted to save lives and make people more healthy they would, long ago, have applied these tactics to healthy eating, growing one's own food, and how to keep fit and active in activities such as walking and gardening - simple exercise. And above all, they would certainly have not created and maintained a 'health system' based upon the use of drugs that create billions of pounds of income for the Global Pharmaceutical Corporations. Health will never be a priority in a Global System where making profit comes before people's health. These behavioural tactics have long been used in advertising, making billions of pounds of profit for the Global Corporations. They have used and do use psychologists in respect of advertising, in order to 'coerce' people into buying something they may not want. This is merely a change of use of these 'psychologists'. 

The next bit is a classic - 'Our research on emergencies shows that it is precisely when people stop thinking in terms of 'I' and start thinking in terms of 'we' - more technically, when they develop a sense of shared social identity - that they start to coordinate, support each other and ensure that the neediest get the greatest help.'  (Stephen Reicher and John Drury).

This would be true in a mono-culture society where there is a 'shared social identity', but not in a multi-cultural society where this is obviously lacking. This has been proven here in England and elsewhere when just about a month ago people were fighting each other over toilet-rolls, and clearing everything from the supermarket shelves (and smaller outlets too) - without regard whatever for the 'neediest'. There is no regional identity any more, no national identity, and no racial identity, just a world of Global Consumers. It was shown in Japan, a mono-cultural society, that they worked together far better in a national disaster in recent years. 

This goes on to say - 'The best way to stop people going out when unwell or demanding resources they need less than others is not simply to change internal motivation but also to mobilise external disapproval." There is a problem here, because it is obviously stupid for anyone who is unwell in any situation to go out and pass it on to others, but we should note that this has never been done in any other circumstances. Indeed, if you stay off work you are more likely (in 'normal' times) to be criticised for doing so. Thousands of people die every year of the 'flu' and yet no-one suggests that people 'stay at home', indeed it is clear that they do not, and this is passed readily around the country each year. Before this corona-virus came into the limelight my daughter, who always suffers colds and flu over the winters, was warned that she had too much time off when she was unwell. Yet when this got hold she had what seemed like a form of flu and was told not to come in - she works in a care-home. Now, what is the difference, because vulnerable people can easily die of the normal strains of flu. The difference is the hype created over this one strain of 'corona-virus'. And there has to be a reason for this.

The one thing that we are not been offered is advice on how to boost the immune system, which is clearly the natural means by which the human body fights infection and virus's. This is why, when I was young, parents used to take their children into areas where other kids were infected by chicken-pox etc., so that they could build up their immune system. Today, vaccinations - the most unnatural means of combatting diseases - are doing away with the lesser diseases, and immune systems are obviously not developing properly. 

The idea of a 'lockdown' was started off by the press and the media, with the ignoble creep Piers Morgan leading the way by shouting about anyone who disobeyed the 'rules'. If we check the actual laws on going out they are not as strong as the media and press is making out, much of this being government guidelines - which is not law. In any situation like this common sense should prevail, and I am afraid this is totally lacking in most people today. Whose fault is this - it is the fault of The System. It is the media, the press, the education system, the whole of the progressive society that has built up the 'collective', dumbing down everything to a common denominator - mediocrity. The individual is suppressed, all genius is suppressed, and what we are left with is a 'collective' of conforming slaves who do not have the ability to think. In doing so the State System has made it impossible for people to use their own initiative and common sense. Luckily there is today an alternative means of getting out to others and there are many more people beginning to think, beginning to see that what we are being told may well not be the truth, or at least not the full truth. 

Looking at this from this particular angle, we can see that there are no doubt an army of psychologists working out there at this time to try to find new ways (or ways tried in other fields) to 'educate', 'persuade', 'to give incentive', or 'to coerce' the masses into doing as the State System tells them. At the same time as this 'Huxley' approach is being done, the State Police are  busy taking an 'Orwellian' line over this. If things are as bad as we are being told then some people are obviously behaving in a stupid manner, but if this is not so (and the more I see of this the more I am not convinced) then people have a right to carry on without these oppressive measures. Indeed, one of the main gripes that I have over this is the fear and panic that has been created by the media and the press. I am not a doctor, nor a scientist, but I would certainly not think that fear, panic, terror and great increase of stress would help the human immune system in any way - and thus these measures would not save lives they would make things far worse. 

Vitamin D, I am told, is one of the things that help to boost the immune system, and this can be got best from sunlight, so it is essential to get out into the Sun. The Sun also kills virus's and bacteria, which is why washing is best hung out on a line to dry. Why is it that we are not seeing these psychologists trying to develop ways to help people to not only boost their immune systems, but also to eat healthy foods, and get regular proper exercise for fitness? Simply, because they do not really care, this is merely an exercise in control, and an exercise on how to control the mind and behaviour of the masses. As well as the rest of the 'Global Agenda' that has been covered before. 

Read through the Norse Eddas, especially the Havamal, and we can see that Odin, the God of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding, gives advice to his Folk, sound advice that would hold them in good stead through their lives. Read through the biblical Old Testament and what we see is 'Thou shalt not do this...Thou shalt not do that...' - the Germanic Way is that of giving help and advice, whilst the Judaeo-Christian way is to demand obedience. Unfortunately, due to the mass-mentality today where everyone has to have his/her fifteen minutes of fame, it is also true that everyone has to have their fifteen minutes of power - 'People Power', I guess. As such, from the authorities down to Joe Bloggs in the street each and every one feels the need to demand that others do as they do, even if they themselves are making bloody fools of themselves. Those unthinking majority that have accepted all this without question are today criticising others, and demanding that everyone 'toes the line'. 

"When freedom is outlawed - only the outlaw is free!

Quoting Wuotan's Krieger 'Freedom starts from within', we should take close note of this since if we allow these maniacs to get to us by our feeling that all of this is too big to counter, then we shall get nowhere in this struggle. We have to give HOPE to our Folk, give out positive ideas that will counter what is going on. Even when we give our ideas on what is happening we have to go further and give some positive signs of hope for our Folk, because there is a pinpoint of Light in this Ocean of Darkness. 

We are at the point where there is a small Dot of Light within the darkness; we are in the Great Winter period, a period of great destruction and catastrophic change. Even such a drastic and sudden change must be overcome within ourselves first; change gives a jolt, but those who have the WILL to overcome obstacles and great difficulties will always win through in the end. In our own Germanic Mythology the World Tree - the White Tree is battered and all powers seek to destroy it, and yet Life and New Life emerge from it after Ragnarok. The same goes for the White Tree of Gondor which is dead, and yet which has a shoot taken from it, from which the renewal comes after the Final Conflict.

This is not about me, it is not about you, this is about the Folk. The survival of our Folk is at stake as these Dark Powers seek to destroy the last of our kind. This is why we are White Survivalists who seek to secure the existence of our people and a future for our children. This is a time for the 'solitaries' but only in regard to the future of the whole. There is no doubt that we face in the future some form of attack upon our religious faith, maybe even a return to the type of Judaeo-Christian laws of the 'Inquisition' where heathens and pagans were oppressed, persecuted, and murdered for their beliefs. Such an onslaught would drive this underground, creating secret orders and secret societies working under the cover of darkness. 

Going back to the specific subject of this post, the psychological warfare being devised and used during this crisis, this has been the core of psychology perhaps since it was thought up, though the exception to this is Carl Jung and those that follow his way. Apart from Jungian Psychology the mainstream its basis in analysing the human mind and human behaviour, and thus gaining the ability to control that behaviour. This is what modern psychology is all about, being able to analyse and thus change through complete control. This is why they analyse children's behaviour and then seek to change it through careful programming

The means to program something into the human mind is through constant repetition; this is why schools, many years ago, taught children to repeat their 'Times Tables' over and over again until they could remember it. They also gave out 'lines' which had to be repeated over and over again, and in this way the subject would be remembered. Repetition is the means to gain access to the subconscious mind. The use of symbols is also a means to gain access to the subconscious mind, and the TV and Internet are the most useful means to convey symbols. They are also developing new and more potent means as they evolve new technology. We could see rampant technology as symbolised by the Fenris Wolf which is devouring the Spirit of Woden (inspiration-intuition). But the Fenris Wolf is only a part of the whole, there are various parts to this Global Agenda, and we need to recognise them and expose them where we can.

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