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The Rise of the Light

The term Three Cauldrons is used for the three energy-centres or power-centres of the body, corresponding to the lower (abdomen), centre (heart) and higher (head). 

Lower - Bodn (Earth)

Centre - Son (Blood)

Higher - Odroerir (Mind's Eye)

The problem with equating these with the Norse 'kettles' lies in the fact that we think of a 'kettle' for brewing tea. The word 'kettle' stems from an Old Norse word for 'cauldron' which makes things much clearer. Thus - the Three Cauldrons.

We need to look at the functions of these three centres at a physical and mental level -

Head - seat of logic, planning, order, organising. (We say 'think things through' etc.)

Heart - seat of emotion, passion, compassion, love. (We say 'follow your heart' etc.)

Lower - seat of instinct, intuition, action. (We say we have a 'gut instinct' or 'he has guts' etc.)

We can see here how important all three of these centres are, and that being able to use all three would create a far better individual, more able to take up the struggle that we seek to undertake. It has often been said that the Europeans think too much with their head and not enough with their heart which may be true but in reality the ultimate aim must be to think with all three centres together. 

The aim of the exercises of the Three Cauldrons (ALU-ULA) is the 'Circulation of the Light', whereby the Vril Energy (Ki/Chi) is guided by the mind through these three energy-centres. This circulation requires that the energy follows the mind through the three centres - going upwards and downwards (ULA-ALU). This, of course, not only requires meditating on this light but also visualisation of this light moving between the centres. The true aim of this is to create the Immortal Spirit-Body ('Astral Body' or 'Body of Light'). 

ULA - The upward movement through UR-LAGU-ANSUZ is the purifying of the body's subtle energies so that when the 'Mind's Eye' is reached it will receive 'The Light' (energy and knowledge) which allows the mind to 'communicate' with the Gods and Spirits, and also gives the 'Language of the Birds' since it allows communication with Nature and the Cosmos. 

ALU - The downward movement through ANSUZ-LAGU-UR is the movement of the spiritual energy downwards into the lower levels which thus spiritualises these lower levels. 

The UR-Centre - this is the area below the navel and is the connection to the Earth/Midgard (Bodn - Boden); thus we symbolise this centre with a Black Bull connecting to Ur (Aurochs) and the Earth (Black). This area is connected with strength of will ('he has guts') which is the essence of the bull-symbolism (aurochs). This is a very important area to meditate upon and one that most of us should consider carefully. Too much emphasis today is put upon the intellect and rational thinking, pushing the emotions (heart) and the instincts (hara) aside in the process. All 'education' is geared to intellectual thinking, although the emotions are used to control the masses. 

The Lower Centre (Hara) is the 'Sea of Energy' and a simple exercise to 'energise' this centre is to stand in the runic-posture of the Eohls Rune ('Life-Rune') facing to the East (at dawn) and visualise the Golden Rays of the Sun entering the body through the outstretched hands, flowing through the arms, shoulders, and down into the Hara-Centre ('Calm Centre') where it becomes a 'Ball of Golden Light'). There are certain things to remember here -

  • The 'Golden Sun' is here symbolic, and in reality you need to recognise that what we are visualising is the 'Sun behind the Sun' or 'Spiritual Sun' which is the Ur-Source of Spiritual Energy.
  • The flow of this energy must follow the mind; in other words visualisation of this energy forces it to flow as the mind wills it to do. 
  • When this exercise is finished (if done rightly) you may find that you have an 'excess' which can be 'thrown off' by turning sun-wise a few times whilst shaking the hands, at the same time visualising the Light Energy being thrown out in all directions. It may also help to touch the bare earth below to 'earth' this energy. 

As an aside here, though perhaps not directly related to what is being said about the Three Cauldrons, the subject of 'Dark Matter' has been related to 'Astral Matter'. This is interesting in that 'Astral Matter' is seen as matter of a higher vibration, so is there any link here between 'Astral Matter' and the 'Astral Body'? This is a very hard question to answer since very little is known of 'Dark Matter'; but what we do know is that 'Dark Matter' must be a form of 'material substance' which is moulded by 'Dark Energy'. The link may be even subtler if energy and matter are one and the same as some scientists believe. 

Another question we may ask is whether 'Dark Energy' is linked to the concept of the 'Black Sun', and whether the 'Black Sun' is the 'Spiritual Sun' and the Ur-Source of Spiritual Energy. Some link the Black Sun with the Black Hole which is interesting in that the Black Hole seems to pull everything into it using a centripetal force, and then seems to become dormant; at some time it then starts to become 'live' again and emits an energy-force which is throw outwards. The sequence is rather simple in that a Black Hole is a collapsed star (death) which pulls matter into itself but which then emits energy and matter again (life), thus creating a life-death-life pattern. The Black Hole suggests an 'Implosive Science'. 

In occult circles the term 'Black Light' or 'Dark Light' has been coined which suggests a link to the Black Sun. We are, it seems, talking in terms of a Spiritual Sun in a different dimension or world - the 'Inner Earth' is seen thus and seen as a counterpart to our physical earth. 

I have mentioned this only because the idea of the 'Astral Body' is rather confusing to many. Miguel Serrano, an esoteric master, used the term 'Son of Man' for this 'Astral Body'. Modern researchers seem to see this as something that everyone has, but Serrano sees this as being one and the same as the physical body originally, but which has atrophied in the majority of humans, but which can be 'resurrected' through a process of rebuilding this, but this can only be done in the 'Vira' or 'Divine Hero. What seems to be the fundamental idea here is that it is through 'Light' that this is done - the term 'astral' meaning 'star' and being linked to 'light'. Thus also the term 'enlightenment' or 'illuminated' and the original 'Race of Light' or 'Shining Ones'.

We have here to consider terms such as 'The Illuminated Ones' or 'The Illuminati', who seem to be far from 'enlightened' in the true sense of the term. Julius Evola took the term 'Counter-Initiation' from Rene Guenon, and referred this to groups we today call 'The Illuminati'. We need to understand that light can 'illuminate' and bring knowledge, wisdom and understanding, but it can also 'blind' (create darkness) since a light-source, shining in the eyes, can 'blind' a person who then cannot see (even if this is temporary, though the Sun can cause permanent blindness). Thus, there are two distinct sides to light, the one that is positive, the other negative. The 'Illuminati' blinds people to the truth, and they have done so by stealing the Ancient Knowledge and twisting it so as to shine a light into people's eyes and blind them to the Truth. 

The concept of building or recreating the Astral Body is in effect done through the power of visualisation whence the Fiery-Energy is moved by the mind; the movement of this Fiery-Energy follows the movement of the mind. The Three Energy-Centres (or the Nine Chakras) are thus not physical in form but the subject of the visualisation. Through the power of the Will the Astral Energy is moved through these centres until reaching the Upper Energy Source (Odroerir) which produces the Amrita or Golden Nectar which floods the Astral Body and transmutes it, creating the 'Son of Man'. This is the key to the Three Cauldrons which are linked to the ALU-ULA Formula.

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