Monday, 10 January 2022

Krist & The Black Sun

"Kristos is 'the Son', the messenger, the good creator who animates the material world with spirit, and who resides in the Black Sun. The sacrifice and death of Kristos is the cooling and 'death' of the Black Sun, the energy of which was spent to give new life. The real solar deity of Kristos is connected to the Black Sun, not to the Golden Sun. Kristos represents the People of God, the Elder Goths. The concept of the People of God as found in the Old Testament in reference to Israel originally did not refer to the Hebrews, who only took this idea from the Aryan Hyperborean tradition. The real People of God were the Hyperboreans and their Aryan descendants who have also been sacrificed and have declined in the Age of Pisces. Now in the Age of Aquarius the Black Sun will be reborn. This coming event corresponds to the Myth of the Second Coming of Christ, and will result in the Aryans being restored as we evolve into the 6th Root Race."

"Armanen Runes and the Black Sun" (Volume I) - Aelfric Avery.

This is the concept held by Esoteric Folkish Wodenism whence the 'Hanged God' is transformed into the 'Crowned and Conquering Son of the Sun'. This mystery is held within the Ear-Rune and the Cweorth-Rune.

We can actually find this in the Prophecies of Nostradamus with the Solar Eclipse of August 11th 1999 which was symbolic of the Black Sun; this event 'resurrected' the god Ingwe who, as we have shown before, is the Solar Krist or the Son of the Sun. For myself I do not see the Age of Aquarius as having started yet, but feel more inclined to the idea that the period we are today living through is a kind of transition-period between the two world-ages, and could be called the Age of Ing or the Age of the Hero (Ingwe is the 'Hero-God', the usual meaning given to the Ing-Rune, though I have seen no-one yet explain why this is so). The mystery here is that the Golden Sun and the Black Sun are always changing roles, one being in it ascendence, the other descending. Thus, as the power of the Golden Sun now wanes, the power of the Black Sun waxes. 

It is often said that the Black Sun symbol is used because the Swastika symbol has become taboo after World War II; this, as usual is too simplistic, and indeed shows ignorance of the truth. The Black Sun has become more and more popular because it is today renewed of its ancient power, or at least this power is growing stronger as we move through this transition period. Once a symbol becomes 'alive' by its use spreading it grows in power and strength; indeed, once it has been 'named' it becomes 'alive' and thus more powerful. (*)

(*) It would seem that by actually giving the symbol a 'name' it then takes on a life of its own; it was, of course, known to the ancients, but we do not hear it being called the 'Black Sun'. This should also be a lesson to us, since it is well known that by naming something it does take on a life of its own, hence the names given to ancient swords and weapons. But this also applies in our times when everything new that crops up is given a 'name', and example being 'woke' or 'social justice warrior' or 'eco-warrior'; by using these names they gain power, hence why such movements spread rapidly. This is why I try not to use them because they are not only 'New-Speak' or 'System-Tongue' but we can ourselves give power to their terms by using them often. If you think on this, it is why the Global Agenda embraces the concept of taking certain words out of the language, because when the word does not exist neither does the concept. George Orwell recognised this in his Nineteen Eighty-Four. 

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