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Ar-Kan Order

In past times the Esoteric Truths were sometimes held back from the masses, not always due to the power-hungry priests, but often because they were deemed suited only to this who could understand them, and use them for what is good and right. We can see the validity of this today, when some 'runic scholars' have totally distorted the runes; an example is that of Ralph Blum whose contribution has been to attribute the Rune of Woden - Ansuz - with the Joten-Trickster, Loki. But, from my own perspective, this will do less harm that first appears. This is because only those who can feel the Call of the Blood will be able to understand and use the Sacred Runes properly, and understand the Ancient Wisdom and be able to use it wisely. In modern times there are many who turn to the spiritual and esoteric but who feel nothing for the 'Inner Truths' that can only be felt in the Sacred Blood.

For this reason it is now feasible, nay, necessary to spread the Ancient Wisdom so that those already on the journey of awakening can make use of it for themselves in this journey. Those with no interest will pass this off as 'rubbish' or 'superstition', and will thus not bother studying it deeply, and can thus do no harm to the ancient teachings. This is what happened at different times and eras throughout history, and with the spreading destruction of our identity, culture, tradition and Folk it is now even more important to spread the Ancient Knowledge to our Folk. The Ar-Kan Rune-Lag is a kind of continuation of the Armanen Tradition, but is tailored to suit the English Folk in their struggle. Rather than the 18 Runes we use 33 Runes; but from past knowledge we know that this system developed from the Armanen, as shown with the 'Hidden Runes' which were revealed in 2012. We have two sets of 33 Runes which run parallel to each other in our work. 

One thing must be pointed out, and that is the Folkish nature of our work, both at an exoteric level (Folkish Wodenism) and esoteric level (Ar-Kan Rune-Lag). We do not condone race-hatred which is not only futile but self-destructive, and we recognise that the 'New World Order' affects every nation, people and race worldwide. But, as with the Armanen Masters, we recognise that our struggle has to be based upon a love, support and work for the survival and betterment of our own European Folk. The present sufferings of the European Peoples (wherever they have settled in the world) make this Armanen Teaching as important today as it was some one hundred years ago. 

Materialistic science has replaced spirituality and religion; transcendence has been eroded by the replacement of Cyclic Time with Linear or 'historical' time. Linear time sees everything moving in a straight line, and thus death is an ending, whereas Cyclic Time moves through Birth-Life-Death-Rebirth, so there is no beginning and there is no end. This has led to the misconception that the catastrophic changes today are leading to the 'end of the world', whereas the truth lies more in a death-to-rebirth of the Earth, as has happened many times through the Cycle of the Ages. (*)

Myths are symbolic representations of a Higher Truth, but today the word has been distorted to mean a 'lie'. This is how the Dark Powers work their evil, through lies and distortions. By enforcing linear time we are unable to work the true rites, since in order to do so it is necessary to create a Magical Time that takes the Initiate into the First Time or Time of the Gods. This is naturally of a cyclic nature. Enacting the Archetypal Myth invokes the Archetype. 

We should here distinguish between the exoteric religion and the esoteric spirituality. Judaeo-Christianity looks to a form of transcendent 'God' who is in 'Heaven', and thus aloof from Man and the Earth. Heathen Wisdom teaches a very different view of 'God'; God cannot be found in some 'Heaven' but is to be found within. The True Krist taught this when he said 'The Kingdom of Heaven is within'; this is a Heathen Teaching. The connection between Man and the Divine is through the Blood, and this is why the Armanen Masters taught of the importance of purifying the Blood. They fully recognised that the Sacred Blood was today much diluted and impure, but taught that through spiritual training and spiritual exercises (and through the use of the Sacred Runes) the blood can be purified. 

There were two distinct paths to the Aryan Religion; in Germany there was Wuotanism (Right-Hand Path) and Armenism (Left-Hand Path), the former being based more upon ritual, the latter in spiritual exercises and magical work. Today we still define our work in terms of the Right-Hand Path (Folkish Wodenism) and the Left-Hand Path (Ar-Kan Order). The latter will naturally be for those who delve deeply into the exoteric side and the magico-mystical aspects. Both of these fuse together naturally as part of a natural whole - a Haeldom. The Left-Hand Path seeks Immortality through Truth and Right Order. This too is one of the teachings of the True Krist when he stated - 'To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the Tree of Life' - something strictly denied to Man by the 'God' of the Old Testament. The Krist offers Man the gift of Immortality through his own efforts to overcome the human restrictions. This too is a Heathen concept, and a Left-Hand Path concept too. 

The Ar-Man is the 'Sun-Man' or the 'Noble and Honourable Sun-Man'; Armanism is a Solar Spirituality. The term we use is Ar-Kan which means exactly the same as Aryan, and thus puts our work firmly rooted in the ancient Aryans. It has other esoteric meanings too -

  • Ar = Sun; Kan = Serpent (Fiery-Serpent or Solar Serpent). This relates it to Ingwe-Agni. 
  • Ar = Sun; Kan = Knowledge. Thus 'Sun-Knowledge'.
  • Ar = Eagle; Kan = Fire. Thus, the 'Fire-Eagle' or Phoenix. The White Eagle must be resurrected from the ashes of its destruction in order to avoid the destruction of our planet Earth. 
  • Ar = The Black Sun; Kan = Light/Torch (in the Barrow). Thus the 'Hidden Light of the Black Sun'. 
The term Ar-Kan Rune-Lag means the 'Aryan Secret Way' and is based upon the Left-Hand Path. We have not rejected the Armanen Runes since these are certainly a valid runic system, despite what the 'traditional Odinists' may feel about them. This is especially true since Guido von List rediscovered them whilst blinded after a cataract operation - he took on the Wotan Archetype when he rediscovered the 18 Runes. We use the Armanen System as well as the Ar-Kan System, though ensuring they are used in their own unique form. The Elder Futhark is also valid, and forms the basis of the 33-Rune system. 

In today's world, ruled over by the 'Covid Corporation', we are bombarded with nothing else but negative press and media, full of distortions and lies aimed at terrorising the masses into submission and into willing slaves of the Global State. At this time it is easy to neglect the esoteric side of our mission, to spread the Ancient Aryo-Germanic Wisdom to those who are on the path of True Awakening (not 'Woke' which is a sick parody). 

Just as Friedrich Nietzsche predicted, man is now separating into two distinct species, the Ultimate Man (The Slave) who is slowly degenerating and dying, and the Superman (The Over-Man) whose heralds are today the solitaries who are being forced out of society at every level (strangely enough by the simple technique of discriminating against anyone who has not accepted 'vaccination'). Both Nietzsche and the ancient Babylonian Princess and Seeress - Sajaha - predicted that those loyal to the Spirit of Man would become 'solitaries' in a world of collectivism and mediocrity. 

What is happening today has happened over and over again in the Cycle of the Ages. Each time that mankind forsakes the All-Father and the Gods, falls into degeneracy and evil, and takes on the worship of the Forces of Darkness and Chaos (even when not recognising that they do) there comes a point in time when the Gods or All-Father intervene and bring upon the Earth great catastrophe that destroys Mankind. Some Odinists see this as a natural process rather than an intervention by All-Father or The Gods. However, maybe we should look at the figure of the so-called 'Fire-Giant' - Surt - in a different light. Guido von List saw the figure of Surtur (S-Ur-T-Ur = from Ur to Ur) in a different light, and maybe the term 'Giant' is here misleading. Surt's Fire is a Fire of Destruction but it is also a Fire of Cleansing and Re-Creation. The Old Gods are destroyed, but the Sons of the Gods come out on top and rule the New Earth; mankind is destroyed but Life and Lifthrasir arise from the Bole of Iggdrasil to populate the New Earth. The losers in the struggle are the Forces of Darkness and Chaos who are destroyed in the cataclysm. This is done by the Wielder of the Flaming-Sword when the Nine Worlds are cleansed and resurrected. 

Both the Christian Bible and the Sajaha Prophecies clearly state that these Evil Forces are destroyed and thrown into the 'abyss'; but they will arise again for the Final Conflict after a thousand years, when they will then be destroyed fully. These are the Shaitanic Forces that rule the world today through 'The Beast' and the 'False Prophet'. This is why our esoteric work is even more important today, since we face overwhelming odds in this Sacred Blood Struggle, and we cannot win by playing by the rules of the Global Elite and being pulled into the struggle at a purely physical level. This battle must be fought at many levels at the same time, and it is our duty and responsibility as Folkish Wodenists to create a new Folk-Religion that will unite our people wherever they are. (**)

(*) The Sajaha Prophecies, through the Tale of the White Bird, suggest that were the White Race to be destroyed then all peoples would eventually be destroyed, and maybe even the Earth too. We should keep this in mind and not just think that a catastrophic change will save us. Even though we herald the coming of Wid-Ar, we wait for no-one and have to take on the overwhelming forces ourselves at this time. 

(**) It should be noted how, as others have already seen, the Covid Pandemic has become somewhat of a 'religion' today, together with its 'prophets', its 'temples' and its 'martyrs' ('Prince' Charles even suggested a 'memorial avenue' of trees for those who have died of the virus). Life today revolves around this, and this is not a healthy situation for us since it revolves around the negative


The 'outer' path is taken up by the WF-C which is based around Folkish Wodenism of the Right-Hand Path. This is a loosely-knit 'Folk-Community' based upon the most ancient Aryan Religion which is of a Folkish nature because it is designed to help our own Folk through these troubled times. This is today a very small group, but with a good deal of support from outside; but it is a group or community which is the real point. Even though our Folkish Activists and Folkish Supporters are scattered around this land (and outside) nevertheless it is a community of like-minded folk who all know each other and have known each other for many years - some from the creation of Woden's Folk in 1998. The idea of a Folk-Community must be based upon personal relations between individuals who know and trust each other, and this will become rarer and rarer as the world of 'Virtual Reality' takes even more hold upon the people. But it is the basis for a real working community which must come about in time if we are to survive this destructive onslaught

Since we have the 'Covid Religion' we have the need for a counter-religion that will serve the interests of our Folk in the realm of survival and the fulfilment of their Divine Destiny rather than serve those whose sole aim today is the destruction of our Folk. I have put in this last bit to show that the WF-C is of great importance, together with WF and the Esoteric Path. They run parallel to each other in this great struggle for freedom and survival. 

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