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The Dark Crystal


The Dark Crystal was a film that came out in 1982, which has a sequel in a Netflix Series, Series One having already been shown, and Series Two was for some reason stopped in its tracks. Not having as yet seen the Netflix Series I would not like to comment upon this as yet, but this may form part of another post in the future. Here I am going to concentrate on the original film, which is more of a children's tale but is quite interesting for adults. 

The heroes of the film are two Gelflings - Jen and Kira; Gelflings, as the name suggests (G-Elflings) are a kind of Elven Race that has been almost destroyed except for these two. It is Jen who has been chosen by the dying Mystic Leader to find the Crystal Shard, broken off a thousand years before, and return it to the Dark Crystal held by the evil Skeksis. The Mystics and the Skeksis were originally one - the Ur-Sheks - but when the Dark Crystal was broken they broke into two parts. They will be reunited if the Gelfling Hero returns the shard to the Crystal as the Three Suns merge into one in a conjunction. 

"A girl made of fire steals a shard of a legendary crystal in hopes of re-igniting the dying Sun."

The quest to return the shard to the Dark Crystal is to reignite the dying Sun. This is a point that I had not noticed before, although I have seen the film a few times, having it on a DVD. 'To reignite the dying Sun'. This reminds me of the Black Sun which is the 'Dying Sun' (or was the 'Dying Sun') and which, when rekindled, will give strength to the Aryan Struggle as the Age of Aquarius dawns. The Dark Crystal is the Crystal of Truth. Of interest The Mystics were called the Ur Ru, and each of them had Ur in their name. 

This is as far as I will go in giving details of the original film, because in a sense this is not the core of the post. I have done a post in the past describing how a fellow Odinist from the Bedford area came to Woden's Folk after having a strange dream in which he was told to - 'Seek the Pale Dragon and the Wolf' - which was a dream back in 2012 that one of his fellow Odinists in his group had at the same time. He came to one of our Folk-Moots after this but after a while we lost contact with each other. The point that I made in the post was that after he attended the Folk-Moot I was asked by another fellow Odinist to undertake a 'quest' to the Scottish Highlands to find a 'Crystal'. He had undertaken 'Psychic Questing' in the past but had lost contact with those who did it, and so asked me to do the 'quest' with him. 

Because of the long journey to the Scottish Highlands, and the lack of cash at the time, and because it was not clear where exactly the 'crystal' was supposed to be, given that the Scottish Highlands cover a wide mountainous area, I was not sure what to do about this. I came up with the idea of contacting the Odinist from Bedford, whom I knew did a lot of meditation work, and ask him to meditate upon a 'crystal'. Since I had met him once and been in contact only a couple of times, he would know nothing about this, and thus the best person to get an answer from. I sent an email to him asking if he would do this for me, giving no details whatever of the 'crystal'. 

What happened then I described in the previous post, but for the sake of ease I'll go through this again. He took a totally different direction than I had imagined, thinking that by a 'crystal' I had meant the Hexagonal Crystal (Krist-All) of the famous Armanen Master, Guido von List. On a second attempt at the meditation a Listian Crystal came into his mind, together with the Armanen Runes placed around the Crystal, as they should be. But the vision he had also contained something else inside the Crystal, something that he could not see clearly enough to know what it was. The next day he did a second meditation and inside the Hex-Crystal was a Diamond-Crystal, with flaming-red symbols around this. He undertook a third meditation the following day and they appeared clearly as 33 Runes, blazing in a red light. He jotted down the rune-staves. The following evening he again meditated on this and he was given a set of rune-names to match these runes. Assuming that because I had asked this of him these runes were meant for me, and sent them on - this was in 2012.

What I have is 33 rune-staves which match the 33-Rune English Runes, but most are very different, and they are mad up of 'directional runes' (with an 'arrow-point' upwards, downwards, or sideways) or contain the Germanic Ing-Rune (Ing-Diamond). When they first appeared to him inside the Hex-Crystal this seems to indicate these have somehow 'evolved' from the 18 Armanen Runes, maybe for the English Folk in particular, especially since 11 runes contain the Diamond Ing-Rune. 

Going back to the Dark Crystal, which triggered this whole thing of back in 2012, it was a very strange and vivid dream that brought this back into the light of day. In this a young girl named Kira gave me a key to a black open-top BMW car, which was standing out in the pouring rain with the top down, and was a bit of a 'banger'. The name 'Kira' and the the black open-top car were the main symbols in the dream. It was so vivid that it had to be of importance, and I pondered this all day but nothing came to light. The next day it was pouring with rain but had eased a bit so I took the dog for a walk to the local woodlands; on the way I noted a child's car left outside a house, an open-top black car! This was too much of a coincidence! 

My first thoughts on this were that the dream was some kind of 'premonition' of seeing the child's car in the rain, so I dismissed it as that. However, through the day I thought more and more of the dream, and began to wonder why the name 'Kira' had cropped up. Then I remembered the Dark Crystal which featured the Gelfling Kira; I had bought the DVD back in 2012 after what had happened. Looking back through some notes I made in book at the time I came across the bit about the 'Rekindling of the Dying Sun', which immediately brought the Black Sun into mind. 

The above crop-formation which features the Black Sun appeared at a place called Ox Drove, at Bowerchalke in Wiltshire on August 8th 2015. If we use numerology on this dating we get 8 - 8 - 8, the extension of 88. I have covered this crop-formation before so will not go into it again, but it has significant changes to the Black Sun Symbol, and appears to suggest some form of movement, i.e. it appears to be active in its symbolism. The X-Cross made by the four small circles (dots) on the Second Ring suggest the Precession of the Equinox into the Age of Aquarius. 

It seems reasonable to assume, after these 'coincidences', that the 33-Runes are associated with the Black Sun. According to Nigel Pennick, using Greek Gematria the Number 888 means 'Jesus', which connects the number with Krist or Kristos. In view of the connection made by Aelfric Avery, that between Kristos and the Black Sun, this may be something to consider. When we go back to the statement - 'A girl made of fire steals a shard of a legendary crystal in hopes of re-igniting the dying Sun' - this seems to link the whole thing with 'Fire', and thus Ingwe-Krist (Agni). The 33-Runes were Fiery-Runes as seen in the meditation, and around the edges of an Ing-Rune. 

The name Kira is usually seen as the feminine version of Kiran or Kieran, and stems from Sanskrit, meaning 'Beam of Light'. There are other meanings proposed from different cultures, but this one seems to be the most used. Another 'coincidence' here is that at one of our Folk-Moots held at Wayland's Smithy a young lad called 'Kieran' sat with us for a social, and the next morning he asked me about three runes he had 'seen' in the tree-shapes. These were Anglo-Saxon Runes, though he had little knowledge of the runes; on his journey around the country he had come across a Black Dragon (Scotland), Green Dragon (East Anglia), Red Dragon (Wales) and then the White Dragon Flag we had raised. I believe this was around November 9th 2009. 

The Netflix Series is called The Dark Crystal - Age of Resistance which, as I said, I have as yet no seen. I hope to do so now and will get back on that sometime, since there may be more stuff of interest. Until then I am going to leave this post as it is, hoping for more ideas on this later.

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