Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Total Control or Freedom

Mind-Control through the Medical System -

We have nearly reached the end of 2021 and I would here like to share some thoughts on what we are all going through in these troubled times. There are many who feel that we have been thrown into this situation in 2020 with an outbreak of Covid-19, but for those who have been struggling against these Evil Forces for many decades we can see how this has been a gradual process that was suddenly and inexplicably accelerated in the spring of 2020. Putting this another way, this has been a set agenda from the very start.

A simple way to show this is through modern medicine which is far different than that of the methods used by the ancient peoples. In ancient times the process of healing was through what is today seen as holistic, or better said, that of bringing the patient back to the halidom or heildom, a state of wholeness and health. An illness was seen as a state of unbalance, and the process of healing was through the recreation of the original balance. This is a far cry from the materialistic science of medicine today, which fails to treat the cause but treats only the symptoms. In fact this epitomises the 'vaccines' of today which treat the symptoms, but do nothing to stop the causes, and the can never stop the spread of a virulent virus - as they well know! 

In regard to a vaccine that injects a mild dose of the disease, and thus forces the human immune system to react to this and prevent further infection, the science would seem to make some sense. But there is no sense whatever in vaccinating masses of people with something that alleviates the symptoms and thus cannot prevent the spread of the virus, especially when it comes to a latter period when the virus spreads more widely but is far less potent and harmful, which seems to be the case with the Omicron variant. Allowing this to go its course would by far be the best way to stop it - but this does not seem to fit with their Global Agenda. 

By far the best methods of countering such outbreaks is to boost the immune system by eating good wholesome natural food, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, and maybe by supplements such as Vitamin D in winter when we are in short supply of sunlight. (Since Tesla seems to have been able to control the weather through his science, and the Global Elite has had access to his work, we cannot rule out the idea that they can create such dark weather conditions through this knowledge - it would suit the spread of such a virus.) The problem lies in that the Global System does not wish the individual to take control of their own body and health, and thus gives no advice on how to counter this on an individual level. This is not the way they work!

Now, let us look at this from another angle, something which most people seem to overlook. By creating a system by which the causes of an illness are ignored (which must be true since this is how they work) and the symptoms are relieved, this means that the State System takes over control over the human body and its chemical reactions. Through this simple medical process the State System can control how our bodies function, controlling the way that we get over illness and disease. Through the use of 'repeat prescriptions' our bodies are subject to the control of the State! 

As usual, there are two levels to this process, the first being the profit being made by the Global Pharmaceutical Corporations, and the second being the power and control through this process. This extends through everything that is happening today, since there is the great profit to be gained, but there is also the total control that is used through the power of their wealth. Why on earth would such figures as Bill Gates amass billions/trillions which they clearly could not spend themselves if it were not for the power it gave them through using it to further their Global Agenda?

On a positive note, anything we do to break free of their control is a minor victory, and small victories lead to the defeat of our Great Enemy. The one problem we face is that the State System has the means and equipment to monitor health and health problems, but what we have is only a small fraction of their means (through their drive for profit they do sell more to the public), so the ideas that I have mentioned before of working on a psychic and spiritual level do have some foundation. The ALU-ULA Exercise works on the three levels of 'Gut Feeling', 'Intuition' and the 'Intellect', so working this should make us better evolved to counter their technology through the untapped power of the human brain. 

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated -

Well, the Global Powers have done an excellent job of creating yet another form of the Hegellian Doctrine of -

Thesis vs Anti-thesis = Synthesis

Action vs Reaction = Synthesis

This time we have the 'vaccinated' opposing the 'unvaccinated', which will, as always, end in the synthesis of these two, as we have witnessed over the decades with the other forms of this equation they have mastered -

Bosses against Workers - lead to the 'Classless System'.

Women against Men - led to the 'Transgender System'.

White against Black - led to the 'Race of Tan' proposed by Count Kalurgi.

Generation against Generation - led to the lack of any sense of 'generation'.

There are many more examples that show that by going with the concept of the Conflict of Opposites we are giving these Evil Forces the upper hand in the struggle for our freedom. It is not only the established media and press, but also the 'alternative' that has created such a situation, through a total emphasis upon one single aspect of the problems we face. This is giving these Evil Forces the opportunity to bring into place their aim of taking all opposition out of society through simply using the masses to push for the 'unvaccinated' to be put into 'quarantine', thus using the Quarantine Camps that have prepared, or are preparing no doubt to lock away those who oppose this Global Tyranny. Logic tells us that you do not lock away those who are healthy, you quarantine the sick; but the masses will not be able to see this because they are scared stiff, and will do anything to save their own useless skins! They will go along with anything they feels will save them from this dreaded 'deadly' virus. I know dozens who have gone down with this, and most have been affected by being bad for around 24 hours. The one thing that we can hope for in a situation where the virus is far more contagious, but far less deadly, is that more and more people will get it and see that they are not being told the truth. But....I am not so certain that personal knowledge will override the mass-propaganda that they have been used to. The bigger the lie, the easier the masses believe it! 

Ragnarok -

As I have shown before, the Last Battle, known as Ragnarok, is fought in a very different way that the Hegellian Doctrine -

Woden (Wolf-God) fights the Fenris Wolf,

Ingwe-Frey (Fire-God) fights Sort (Fire-Giant),

Heimdall (Fire-God) fights Loki (Fire-Joten).

There is no 'Conflict of Opposites' here, but a 'Conflict of Like'; like can only counter like, and thus the need for a movement that contains this conflict of opposites within itself, a movement that holds the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness in balance within itself. The 'Conflict of Opposites' within itself will create a 'synthesis' and a New Order. Sometimes it is necessary to go deep into the darkness in order to counter the Forces of Darkness; hence the Black Order which evolved to counter the growing darkness. 

The Hooded Man -

The 'hooded figure' who appeared in the video, and who was arrested for trying to get into Windsor Castle to 'assassinate the Queen' will form part of the coming measures to either licence or outlaw crossbows here in England. The use of the crossbow at this time, and not the first example of late, makes it quite convenient for the British State to once again disarm the people of this country. There are things here that need to be said.

This is only workable when the people comply to what they force upon us. And there are plenty of examples in history of how a people got around the tyrannical rules, and here I am going to give a couple. The term Karate means 'open handed', and it was coined because of the growing oppression and tyranny of the governments of the time. It was a defence using the human body as a weapon, when other weapons were banned. A similar thing happened with the famous Ninja Warrior who arose due to the growing state oppression of the Samurai Warriors - these were the Shadow-Warriors who developed an alternative means of their defence outside the State System. There is yet another, and perhaps even better, example, and that is of the system developed in Okinawa when the state became so oppressive that they banned the use of weapons amongst the people. To counter this many developed alternative 'weapons' that were in everyday use, one example being the simple paddle used on a fishing boat. There are still Okinawan Katas based around the use of a paddle as a fighting-weapon which tells us how they would get around the rules of such tyrannical regimes.

Of course, what the media and press have done here is not something we need view as totally negative, since in their 'infinite wisdom' they have resurrected the archetype of The Hooded Man, complete with the Crossbow (the weapon that was being used in the dream I had in 1993). The Hooded Man - The Masked One - both related to Woden as the Warrior-God and Hunter-God, and here resurrected in the psyche of the English Masses by the very forces who are 'the guilty' who will 'tremble' before his coming. Wyrd that!

In the Days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood,

The Hooded Man shall come to the forest.

There he will meet with Herne the Hunter

- Lord of the Trees -

To be his Son and do his bidding.

The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him.

And the guilty shall tremble!

The Hooded Man Prophecy - October 31st 1993

The point here is that whenever the tyrannous forces of the state take steps to disarm the people, and effectively stop them from defending themselves, it is the duty of anyone who values freedom above all to take measures to get around such rules. Like all tyrants, the aim is to put the emphasis upon self-defence in the hands of the state and the police, but we can hardly rely upon a police-force that does not answer to the calls of the public - unless it involves a 'hate-crime'. We have not only a duty and responsibility, but a right to defend ourselves and our families and friends. And we must continue to do so, even though it means using our creative powers to build new forms of self-defence. 


  1. Don’t give legitimacy to these death juice injections. Viruses are not real, Pasteur was a fraud. Read into B├Ęchamps work, and testing done by the US military. Contagion has never been proven, you can’t catch sickness from someone who is sick. Koch’s postulate has never been proven with an supposed virus. The Covid-19 virus only exists in-silico, there has never been a real world isolation. The entire world is in crazy town over a fiction virus giving you a made up dis-ease. Otherwise, great article and I appreciate your knowledge.

  2. I am aware the masked man on this was a Sikh; it is the IMAGE that is the important thing here, not the actual event.