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The Path of Light and Darkness

The Path of the Sun is that of the Priestly Caste, whilst the Path of the Moon is that of the Warrior Caste. The Sun represents the High Priest, whilst the Moon represents the Warrior King. In very early times the Priest and the Warrior functions were held in one individual, but as time went on this split into two. What we are looking for within Folkish Wodenism is the Path of the Sun and the Moon - the balance of the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness in the individual. This is the basis of The Hooded Man Prophecy which is not just a prophecy concerning the Last Avatar but is a working system for the individual within Folkish Wodenism.

The figure of Woden as Ulfhedin shows the Warrior-Priest-King God bearing the Solar Horns (ending in the bird's beaks) and the Lunar Horns (the downward-pointing crescent-moon). Here Woden holds the balance of the Power of Light (Sun) and the Power of Darkness (Moon) in balance. 

There is a deeper meaning in this since this concept implies the joining of the worldly and spiritual powers within the Warrior-Hero. We can find this within the myths that concern an avatar such as 'Jesus Christ' or 'Buddha'. Both of these are 'tempted' by what could be termed 'The Devil', tempted to take up a worldly destiny or a warrior-destiny, both rejecting this in favour of a spiritual destiny - that of a teacher and preacher. 

The Last Avatar has a far different archetypal myth which can be found in the figures of Kalki Avatar, the White Krist and Rudra Chakrin who re-appear not as preachers but as Warrior-Heroes and Great Leaders of the Peoples. These type do not accept merely a spiritual role, but also the role of an earthly leader who wages a Holy War against the enemies of mankind and the enemies of the God-Head. 

Such figures embody both Lightning and Sun in the sense given by Savitri Devi, and are Men Against Time. The idea of the Lightning and Sun is very much the same as that of the balance of the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness. It is necessary at this point of the Cosmic Cycle, the most downward point in the Age of Darkness, that the Forces of Chaos that reign supreme are opposed by another force based upon Darkness and Chaos, since like can only oppose like if they are not to be fused into another form of the same reign of Darkness. Savitri Devi saw that it was only possible to oppose this violent chaotic age by the same methods of violence - violence designed not to create chaos but to create a New Order. 

The Hooded Man Prophecy is the key to the understanding of the Warrior Initiation into the Age of Ing and into the Mysteries of Woden. The balance of the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness is held within the blade of Albion - The Seventh Sword of Wayland. The 'blade' thus represents the Warrior-Hero who holds within himself the balance of opposites - Sun and Moon. Esoterically the Sun represents the Left-Brain and the Moon represents the Right-Brain and thus the aim is to create the balance between these two hemispheres of the brain. The balance-point between the two lies at the apex of the Head-Triangle - at the 'Hawk-Eye' or Third Eye. 

'The Light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.'                                                                               

Matthew 6:22 attributed to 'Jesus'.

The symbol used for this principle is that of the above version of the Edel-Rune which contains two Sig-Runes facing each other, one Light and one Dark. This balance is held within The Hooded Man (The Woden Initiate). The Initiator is Woden but in his role as the 'Terrible Wheel-Turner' (Rudra Chakrin or Rudra Kalkin) - the Lord of Time. This archetype is found in the Long Man of Wilmington. 

The above is the planned construction around the Wewelsburg Order Castle in Germany, the Spear (ending in the North Tower) clearly entering the Graal (the semi-circle). The whole thing centres around the opening of the Third Eye through the Aryan Initiation of the Black Order. In this Age of Darkness it was necessary to prepare for the Final Conflict through a certain number of Aryan Initiations that would ensure the 'enlightenment' of the Aryan Warriors who would march out of Valhalla for the Last Battle, when the Last Avatar appears upon the Earth. The physical war would be lost but the battle on the spiritual planes would be won. 

This concept appears within Tibetan Buddhism - or certain aspects of it - where the Kalachakra Tantra is designed to initiate a certain number in order that they be reborn as the Shambhalla Warriors who would fight the Final Battle. This goes way back to Gaut-Hama or Sakyamuni ('Sage of the Sakyas') who taught the King of Shambhalla, Sucandra, the Kalachakra Mulatantra and initiated him into the Secret Doctrine. The name 'Sucandra' is interesting when we disect it into its root-words -

Su - Solar

Can - Fire/Kingship

Dra - To turn (i.e. the dragon or 'turner' - coiled serpent).

The name itself seems to hint at the 'Fire-Serpent' (Kundalini) and the basis of this within the Solar Man. This tradition is, it would seem, still held in Mongolia where the Kalachakra Tantra is still connected to Shambhalla, where a world upheaval is expected at which time Gesar will return - this is the appearance of an avatar. In a book called The Ancient Wisdom by Geoffrey Ashe we find the following statement -

'In about 543 BCE when, according to their (unusual) dating, the Buddha was near the end of his life, a European came to him to be taught the Shambhalic doctrines. This visitor's name is given as Sucandra. The lamas think that Sucandra was a Celt, probably from Britain, and that in some sense Shambhalla is in Britain.....'

It would seem that the name 'Sucandra' means 'White Moon' or 'Beautiful Moon'; what we need to consider from our own findings is that these islands were not 'Celtic' as scholars have led us to believe. This has been banded about for so long that nearly all scholars take it for granted and thus everyone from 'Britain' was at that time 'Celtic' - we have found this to be untrue. In the above statement it has been taken for granted that 'Britain' was occupied by 'Celts' and thus Sucandra was a 'Celt'. 

Let us be right about this, where the 'Celts' are concerned there are Germano-Celts (Nordic) and there and Gallo-Celts (Mediterranean). What I have called 'Celts' are the latter, since the former are clearly Germanic and thus we have no need to use the term 'Celt' for them. If there is any truth in this (which we cannot really verify) then Sucandra would have been a Hyperborean Druid, i.e. the original Druids from the North. The Secret Doctrine passed down from the Hyperborean Druids would have been passed through the Druids of At-al-land, of which England formed a part. 

The Greek historian, Hecataeus of Abdera clearly states that 'Opposite the coast of Celtic Gaul there is an island, not smaller than Sicily, lying to the north - which is inhabited by the Hyperboreans....' This statement clearly defines England (if this is the island he is talking about, which seems feasible) as being occupied by the Hyperboreans - not 'Celts' who occupied Gaul. Even though this statement is clear people like Geoffrey Ashe go on to define the 'Celts' as 'Hyperboreans' which is only true when we use the term Germano-Celts. Hecataeus uses the term 'Apollo' but when we consider that in many parts of England we find places dedicated to Pol (A-pol-lo) who is the Germanic God Baldaeg then we are not far off the mark considering these islands as to have been occupied by the Hyperboreans. 

I have strayed slightly from the original subject here, in order to convey the idea of the Kalachakra Tantra and Shambhalla having Eastern origins but possible links to North-West Europe. This is not so far fetched when we see that the legend of Shambhalla sometimes puts this place (the 'earthly' one) as being in the Tarim Basin, the area in which a large number of mummies of North-West European origin were found. These were sometimes dressed in 'tartan' which is used by the Scots, but was used by the Jutes in very ancient times, the Jutes (of course) being an English Tribe. 

There is a certain path called the 'Diamond Path' or the Vajrayana which is the path of the Diamond-Thunderbolt (Vajra). This we can see in the Edel-Rune where the Lightning-Bolts face each other as Sig-Runes (Victory-Runes). The Diamond-Thunderbolt (Vajra) is the Weapon of Woden as seen in some of his depictions holding a double-ended Trident type of weapon - the vajra is merely a stylised form of the twin-trident. 

The true meaning of the term 'Kala-Chakra' is 'Time-Wheel' and thus we can connect this to the God of Cyclic Time - Waendal. We see him as an aspect of Woden as The Great Initiator who guides the Woden Initiate through the tests and ordeals, though having no say in the outcome - this is down to Wyrd. The aim of this Aryan Initiation is to achieve a wholeness (Heildom) through the balancing of the two sides of the human brain - the balance of Light and Dark, the balance of the Sun and the Moon. The Warrior-Hero thus becomes the Warrior-Priest thus achieving both worldly and spiritual power, and being able to intervene in the affairs of the world and create change - a New Order. 

The Long Man of Wilmington must someday become the focus-point for future Aryan Initiations since this figure represents Woden as the Great Initiator. The figure is seen here opening the Gateway to Thule - the Gateway to Initiation. This is symbolised by the Cweorth-Rune within the Twin-Pillars, which (esoterically) represent the Fire-Twirl (Fire-Serpent) within the Twin-Channels that surround the spinal column, Mount Me-Ru. The figure faces towards the North, towards the Gateway to the Gods (Capricorn). 

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