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Redbad the Frisian

As Folkish Wodenists we are Folkish Heathens and even though we recognise the archetype of an Aryan Krist we are most definitely not Christian in any sense whatever. The Christian Church ruthlessly suppressed our old Heathen Lore, destroyed our Sacred Stone Circles, cut down the Sacred Groves and Sacred Trees, and tortured and murdered anyone who did not convert to their faith. So why would we wish to be called 'Christian'? Christianity was a product of Judaism, carefully adapted and twisted to suit the needs of Saul (St.Paul) to destroy the old Roman Empire, and then be forced upon the peoples of Europe, and then elsewhere when this part had been achieved. 

To an extent the Roman Empire suited the needs of the early Judaeo-Christians since it could be used to spread their poison across the Roman world. As this empire collapsed there arose another power in Europe that would be used to spread the 'Religion of Evil' - the so-called 'Holy Roman Empire'. The 'Holy Roman Empire' was neither 'holy' nor 'Roman' for the driving-force was the Carolingian Franks. The unholy alliance between the Carolingian Franks and the Pope in Rome was the next stage of the cancerous spread of Judaeo-Christianity through Europe. 

We have shown before how it was quite possible, in fact most likely, that the incursions into these islands under Hengest and Horsa, Cerdic and Cynric, and the other English Tribal Chieftains were guided by the Will of Wyrd and aided by the Will of Woden. The new 'Religion of Evil' had started to take hold here in these islands through the Rome-Welsh and the Heathen English Tribes plundered, sacked and burned the new churches that were being built here in these islands. We are told that Vortigern of the Britons asked for aid from the Saxons, aid against raids from the Picts and Scots. Yet historical evidence shows us that the English allied themselves with the Picts and Scots against the Romano-Britons. An alliance of heathen-folk against the Christianised Romano-Britons! Welsh texts tell of the 'King Arthur' of the Britons raising the flag of 'The Virgin Mary' against the Heathen Hordes. 

This seems even clearer when we consider the piece in Beowulf in which Hengest is given the Sword of AEtla - Hunlafing Hildleoman - which is the 'Battle-Flame - Hun-Bequest', thus taking upon himself the Wyrd of AEtla. This is also underlined when we consider that the son of Hengest, Octa, is named after a nephew of Attila the Hun - Octha. The Geist of Ing incarnated in order to wield the Hun-Sword against the 'Religion of Evil' here in England. 

The Christian Franks started to extend their power northwards into Frisia, at the same time spreading the poison of Judaeo-Christianity into these Heathen Lands. The Frisians were led by King Redbad also spelt Redbod, Radbod or Raedbed. Redbad became ruler after he was 'sacrificed to Woden' and came back with renewed powers capable of ruling the Frisian Folk. From 690CE to 692CE Pepin of Herstal took Utrecht; he defeated Redbad in the Battle of Dorestad and the Frisians lost 'Nearer Frisia' to the Franks.

Redbad was nearly baptised in the Christian Faith but at the baptismal 'font' he was told by the Christian priest, 'Saint' Willibrond, that his father and his ancestors would not be in heaven because they were not baptised. To this he asked then why would he take up such a religion, he would rather be with his ancestors in 'hell' than in 'heaven' with his enemies. 

Pepin died in 714CE and Willibrond and his Christian Monks were forced to flee before the Heathens bent on revenge. Redbad advanced as far as Cologne where he defeated the new Frankish King, Charles Martel, in 716CE. Redbad died in 719CE and Charles Martel eventually prevailed over the Frisians. The Christians tried to write Redbad out of the history books, giving 'sainthoods' to the ruthless Christians who spread this evil through Frisia. But, Redbad lives on in legend as, together with Widukind of the Saxons and other Folk-Heroes, one of those who stood up for their own Folk against the spreading evil. 

Redbad is remembered in a Dutch Film of 2018 called Redbad which appears on 'Now TV' as the Rise of the Vikings. This film portrays the Carolingian Franks and the Christian Priests as ruthless tyrants hell bent upon power at all costs, no matter how much the people suffered, not to mention the destruction of Nature in the process. In Harry Harrison's The Hammer and the Cross Redbad is the founder of The Way which is a Heathen Cult created to combat the Christian missionaries. 

Under the famous Carolingian Frankish King, Charlemagne, 55,000 Saxon Nobles were murdered for refusing to 'convert' to the 'New Faith'. Evidence of the Danes building a walled defence in the North suggests that the Christian Franks were about to invade Scandinavia to 'convert' the Northern Folk. This seems to be the reason why thousands of Vikings and Norsemen poured out of the North to invade England, because the now Christian English supported the Franks. The Norsemen got as far as Paris and invaded Normandy, strikes against this powerful Christian enemy. 

In the TV series The Vikings we find Ragnar Lodbrok guided by Odin to cross the Northern Seas to England where he died an honourable death at the hands of Christian King AElla, a death that ensured him not only a place in Valhalla, but also the role of leading the Einheriar out of Valhalla at Ragnarok. Because we are English Heathens does not mean that we support the English Christian Kings against our Heathen Folk of the North. The Danes, Norwegians and Swedes make up as much a part of the English Folk as the 'Anglo-Saxons'. The English are the Ingwaeones - 'Friends of Ingwe' - as are various other Northern Peoples.

The Danish thorpe, thwaite, toft etc. stand side by side with the Old English ton, wic, ham as place-names here in this land. The Seven Tribes of Ing came together here in this land through the Will of Wyrd. Today the Judaeo-Christian faith is crumbling and the Old Gods are rising from the ashes of their destruction at the hands of this alien religion. With the waning of this 'arm' of the Dark Lord there arises a new and just as ruthless religion from the same roots - Islam. Here we have yet another faith that 'converts' threatening torture and death upon any disbeliever. The old Christian Priests are so weak and pathetic that they fear offending the new power and grovel on their hands and knees before the coming onslaught. 

At such a crucial time such figures as Redbad, Widukind and Robin Hood come to the fore again, as Archetypal Folk-Heroes who arose at a time when the Freedom of their folk was threatened. We can now add Boudicca of the Iceni and King Penda of Mercia who stood against an oppressive regime that tried to take their freedom. And the South Saxons who were the last Heathen Folk to stand up against the new religion here in England. 

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