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The Light-Born Folk & The Growing Darkness


It seems clear from recent events such as 'Black Lives Matter' (which I believe here in England has morphed into 'Black Liberation Movement') that the street-active Marxists have been allowed to get on with their subversive work whilst thousands of freedom-loving ordinary people have been subjected to police harassment whilst protesting against the 'lockdowns' and 'vaccine-passports'. It is usual to regard 'Antifa' as an anarchist group, but this arose first in Germany around 1936 from within the German Communist Party, so there is very little difference, both being subversive movements against the Folk-Nation, and both pushing a globalist agenda, just like the Global Bankers and Global Corporations, who fund them of course. 

I thought that I'd start with this, but the main point of this post is that, as those with the eyes to see can see, in virtually every advert now the White Man has been replaced, and everywhere there are attacks upon the White Male. This is nothing new, but from what I can see this has (like everything else) accelerated to a huge degree. So, at this point I would like to go over the Sajaha Prophecies again, and also remind of what I have said before on this subject. I think that these recent destructive moves show these prophecies in a new light. This will mean going over part of this again, but this cannot be avoided since it would make little sense otherwise.

"At that time there will be a great flood over the high and once bright gardens of the earth: and it will not be a flood of water but an odour of putrefaction everywhere."

Sajaha 11:1.

The German word here translated as 'putrefaction' can also mean 'degeneracy' which is perhaps more enlightening. We can gleam from the text that the 'great flood' of degeneracy comes before that of another, a 'flood' of 'greedy beetles' which devour and destroy everything. The Seeress tells us -

"The people therefore have lost their thinking and understanding through the flood of putrefying odour. They could have protected themselves and their children from the disaster. Because they lost the ability to understand they did nothing."

Sajaha 11:5

What an apt description of how the masses are lacking in any form of understanding, and they have thus not protected themselves nor their children from the disasters that we are facing today. 

"So the first flood will come and pave the way for the second, at the end of which stands extinction."

Sajaha 11:7

Sajaha goes on to tell us here that after the Second Flood there will be - extinction! She then tells us why this is, which now becomes finally clear to us because it can be understood in terms of what is coming about now.

"Then also the beetles that remain in the lower gardens will spoil, because without the seeds from the trees from above nothing more will flourish. So, this world dies. And people in different lands don't know each other anymore. Enmity arises everywhere due to the dying of the world. Thus the very last slay each other."

Sajaha 11:8.

Here you have it, straight between the eyes! What faces us is the total destruction of the Earth: but this, as she tells us, is not inevitable if we can fend off the First Flood. 

"I saw this, this is (a) coming image. And yet it is a warning - not inevitable fate. Fend off, you humans, the First Flood! If you fail, you are all lost!"

Sajaha 11:9

The Priestess and Seeress Sajaha has clearly warned us of the impending doom, not of just our own Folk, but then of the whole of life upon Earth. I am now going to go though the next part where she uses a short tale (which I will shorten even more to make it easier to understand, and will go though the meanings at the same time). 

"In order that you can recognise it, I want to show you more precisely the images of the first coming flood, of which I spoke. These images are colourful, strange and alien, the clever one knows how to interpret them."

Sajaha 11:10

So, she is talking here of the First Flood which it is important to fend off, to oppose ruthlessly in order to stave off the coming disasters that would destroy all life upon the Earth. 


"A White Bird circled over the sea near the World Mountain, noble and pure. He did no harm to anyone, anger never arose from him."

This 'White Bird' refers to the White Race, as clearly shown by the reference to the 'World Mountain' which is in the North, the Ur-Lands of the White Race. This was once a 'noble and pure' race which did no harm, and as we can see from ancient legends, aided other peoples of the world after the Great Flood of the Ancient World.

"There were, however numerous other birds - less noble and without the shining whiteness. And these envied the white one and joined together against him so that he would not be able to land, in order that he may die of exhaustion and hunger and then fall down dead from the clouds into the sea, so that soon no one more would know that there had ever been such a white and noble bird."

Thus, birds of a far less noble posture, without the 'shining whiteness' envied the White Bird and sought to murder it by forcing it to drown in the sea. This is an important point because it suggests drowning in water which gives rise to linking this with a 'flood' too. 

"The White Bird circled for a long time until the need forced him to fight against all the others. And he knocked down many of these, remaining for long the victor in this struggle."

This suggests that the White Bird put up a struggle against all odds for a very long time, being victorious over the others.

"The others gathered even more comrades and attacked the White One again - after they had previously forced him to starve again. 

There were again many terrible struggles of the many against the one. Until finally the White Bird lay bleeding on the ground and could no longer defend himself."

The White Bird is forced into starvation, and has to struggle against terrible odds, but in the end lies dying on the ground, unable to defend himself against the great odds of the ignoble birds. Now, we have to understand at this point that when we are talking of these 'less noble' birds this refers to a particular section of birds, and this is made clear when they have to hide their crime from the other birds.

"But because he hadn't sunk into the sea and therefore some of his white feathers could still be seen the others plucked out all his feathers and ate his raw flesh."

These evil birds hide their murderous crime by devouring the White Bird, so that he can no longer be found. But when they had done so it became clear what the White Bird truly was, and how important to the Earth that he had been -

"Now the White Bird was no more. And soon it should be shown that he had been the leader of the sunlight and the father of the white clouds in the sky. And from then on there was no more any pure light, and only grey clouds, which stopped the rays of the Sun and devoured their warmth between heaven and earth."

The White Bird was the Solar Race, the race of the Pure Light, and once destroyed the Sun stopped shining and the dark clouds gathered over the Earth. In true form, the evil birds blamed the White Bird for what had happened, and for the gathering darkness -

"But the numerous ignoble birds who had survived the long struggle cried loudly now because it was becoming cold and ever darker on the earth: and they said that the White Bird bore the guilt for that and that is why they murdered him. So they turned around what had happened and denied their guilt."

Here we see the deception and lies that were made in laying the blame for the gathering darkness on the White Bird, thus denying their own guilt and allaying any backlash against them from other birds.

"As now the time went by there came Evil Demons with the darkness, who feel at home in the dark. With these however came also the sickness of minds - and - the lack of understanding.

Because Dark Demons resemble appearance: they are essentially essence-less, they know no suffering and no joy, they have neither fear nor any other feeling. They do not understand what is essential and do not care about it."

I have shown in one of my older posts how the Dark Forces began to take control of the world after the defeat of Hope, which can be related to World War II and the triumph of evil. We see here how, with the destruction of the 'White Bird' (i.e. the White Race) the world will be plunged into chaos and darkness and Dark Demons will be leashed upon the Earth. The word 'appearance' here means that these demons have no appearance of their own and can only resemble things in the material world - i.e. they would appear as certain 'men' having no essence and being sub-human without feelings at all. The term 'sickness of minds' can also be rendered 'sickness of spirit'. 

"In their following however came the Darl Spirits, in order to bear evil to the world. And some recognised that the White Bird had been a shield against the Dark Power.

What had therefore been a light to protect against the darkness had been slaughtered by the envious birds.

And now they were all prey to the Lord of the Shadows."

The Earth itself being a Living Being, the 'White Bird' had filled the role of the 'White Blood Cells' of the human body, being the 'immune system' of the Earth, destroying any form of viral attacks upon the Earth. Through the slaughter done by the 'envious birds' the Earth's immune system was destroyed and thus all life upon Earth is destroyed. The White Blood Cells are called Leukocytes which refers to their giving off light, just as the Seeress tells us about the 'White Birds'. In doing so they can fend off the Dark Powers. Without the 'White Bird' there will be total darkness, anarchy and chaos, and what is left of the human races will turn against each other and slay each other until finally no life is left on the Earth. Since the Dark Powers hold full sway we can imagine that all life on this Earth will be extinguished

"Fend off, you humans, the first flood! If you fail, you are all lost!"

The attacks today upon the White Race are clearly the 'First Flood' because this is the attacks upon the 'White Bird' which could lead to the murder (genocide) of the 'White Bird'. We are thus at the point where, if our struggle fails, the destruction of all life upon Earth will take place. This is how high our struggle really is, and goes far deeper than 'economics', which is how deep most of the opposition to this goes. Don Miguel Serrano incarnated here on Earth to expose the Enemy once more, and to try to show once again that this is all about the Evolution of Man, and that this struggle has a bright ending if we can get ourselves out of the mess we are in - the 'First Flood'. We are the 'solitaries' who Nietzsche foretold, and also who Sajaha foretold arising at this time. 

Don Miguel Serrano foretold that the Last Avatar will arise at the height of the catastrophe, and there is a certainty that the Gods will intervene in such a disaster, sending one of their own (Wid-Ar or the White Krist) to lead the Armies of Light in the destruction of the Dark Forces. This figure is the Third Sargon as prophesied by Sajaha. But it is not our role to sit and wait, nor to 'have faith', it is our role to take up this Eternal Struggle, as did Don Miguel Serrano and others who have dedicated their lives, and even given their lives, to the defeat of the Dark Powers. 

What is clear from these ancient texts is that we are now at the point of the vicious attack upon the White Race, where other peoples are turned against us by the Forces of Evil and Darkness. They use others to do their dirty work, as they have always done throughout the ages. The subtle anti-White Propaganda is accelerating swiftly, and we are now seen to be 'guilty' of everything, indeed everything that the Evil Forces have done upon the Earth. We are now the 'scapegoat' for the horrendous crimes of history, crimes which the Dark Forces have committed themselves. 

Presumably, the 'beetles' mentioned in regard to the 'Second Flood' refer to the Evil Demons that appear after the destruction of the Earth's immune mechanism - the White Blood Cells. We are looking deeper than the 'Covid-19' virus to a virus infection that has taken hold of the Living Earth. Because of the lack of understanding of what is really happening the human race brought about its own extinction. This is the gloomy picture foretold by Sajaha, and we have the duty and responsibility to fight against the overwhelming odds to fend off the 'First Flood'. This is our Divine Mission and we have the Gods on our side - and the Great Godhead. 

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