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"When the Jews return to Zion,

And a Comet rips the sky;

When the Holy Roman Empire rises,

Then you and I must die.

From the Eternal Sea he rises,

Creating armies on either shore,

Turning man against his brother,

Until man exists no more."

The Omen.

The creation of the Zionist State of Israel in 1948, just after the end of World War II, heralded the return of the Jews to Zion, as stated in the above 'prophecy'. In the spring of 1997 a Comet - the Hale-Bopp Comet - 'ripped' the sky (or 'filled the sky' which was not shown in the film). The 'Holy Roman Empire' is the European Union which was founded by the Treaty of Rome. The last part of this fictitious 'prophecy' tells how the 'Anti-Christ' arises from the 'Eternal Sea', building vast armies that turn man against his brother, until man is destroyed altogether. 

What I am concerned with in this post is not the film itself, nor the story that this film portrays, but the Archetypal Myth that underlies the whole thing, which itself gives rise to the story itself. The poem is made up for the film, and the apocryphal Book of Hebron that features in the film was created for the film itself and has no historical basis. Let us now consider the Archetypal Myth that comes out when this story is analysed. There are some things here that have great importance to us in these troubled times. 

Damien is not the true son of the head of Thorn Industries, which is a Global Corporation, for he was substituted at birth when his wife lost the child. The child was born in Italy, and then brought up in the US. Death stalks the child from an early age when his first nanny hangs herself, and then a priest who warns the father of the true nature of his son (Father Brennan) is killed by a stake falling from a church roof. Damien's father was made Ambassador to England and moved here from the US. He was born on 6th June, but not sure if any year was given - this makes 6 - 6 so we can assume the year had the number 6. 

We are told this from the Book of Hebron -

"...and The Beast shall reign one hundred score and thirty days and nights..."

This is 2030 days and nights which is just over five and a half years (not seven years which I think was given in the film). It is the nature of this 'reign' that is here of interest to us; here I am merely going to state what was happening around the figure of Damien Thorn, and you can yourselves make parallels to what is actually happening around the world today -

  • Thorn Industries has as its main concern Electronic Technology; through the figure of 'Paul Buher' who became President of Thorn Industries this was expanded into the realm of buying land worldwide to grow crops for intensive farming using artificial fertilisers etc. Paul Buher's first move was to buy up land in India. Thus we have this Global Corporation holding interests in Electronic Technology and then land-buying which would be used to grow food through intensive artificial agri-business. 
  • At the start of Omen III we see a world-wide economic collapse, rioting on city streets, and general disorder and chaos around the globe. 
  • Damien Thorn moves back to England where the 'Final Conflict' will take place. 
  • Damien intuits that the Krist has been born and thus sets about the 'Massacre of the Innocents'; in a TV interview concerning the rise in the numbers of deaths of children born on a particular day the man interviewed mentioned that such a rise would not be surprising at the time of a 'flu epidemic'. 

No doubt you will see the parallels with a certain figure today regarding Electronic Technology and the buying up of farmland, especially in India which is specifically mentioned in the film. The intention of slaying the Divine Child comes out of the New Testament account where the child is born and the woman is forced to flee for her life and that of her child - shades of King Herod and the 'Myth of Krist', as well as Krishna and other figures who share this Archetypal Myth. Now let us look at this Archetypal Myth of Krist. It is also to be noted that Damien Thorn takes a key position in the United Nations with interest in the 'youth'. (This is a key issue which will be used in the 'Climate Catastrophe' sphere, not featured in the film though.) 

"it shall come to pass...and out of the Angel Isle (Insular Anglorum) he shall bring forth The Deliverer, the Holy Lamb of God who shall do battle with The Beast..."

'The Deliverer, the Holy Lamb of God' will be born in the South of England (the computerisation shows this) at the time of the Trinity Alignment of stars in Cassiopeia on March 24th (no year is given). Is it a coincidence that March 24th is connected to Hama-Heimdall, and that around this time back in 1997 the Hale-Bopp Comet 'filled' or 'ripped' the skies? This was in the Constellation of Cassiopeia - another 'coincidence?. If we are to take the number 24 as significant here then 24 years after this takes us to 2021. Now, the birth of Christ is at 'Christmas' so how do we reconcile this with March 24th? 'Christmas' is around nine months later, the period of human gestation, maybe this has a connection to these ideas. It is also true to say that this time is around Easter and that 'Christ' was resurrected (reborn) at Easter. This, of course, is the 'Second Coming'.

Although we find that The Beast attempts to slay the children born on that day, the end of the film shows that the Second Coming (Krist) was a force rather than an individual, making his attempts futile. However, I would point out that just as Damien Thorn had to go through an 'Initiation', so would The Krist have to do the same, so when we talk of 'birth' this is less of the physical birth of the individual, rather the Twice-Born Initiation of that individual at a particular time when he becomes aware of his Wyrd or Destiny. This is what was happening with Damien Thorn through his 'Counter-Intitiation', and would be the same for The Krist. 

The birth of the 'Son of Man' is shown in the Daily Mail clipping at the beginning of this post, which features a planetary alignment on August 11th 1999, and the conception of the Age of Ing. This would, of course, also be related to the resurrection of the Divine Child, since Nostradamus tells us that the Black Sun (Solar Eclipse) brings back to life (resurrects) the 'King of the Angles' - Ingwe. If we relate Ingwe to the Krist then all becomes clear. There is yet another thing that seems to tell us the truth of this -

"The first spark of the new will emerge from the ruined ground of Chaldea. It will climb to the sky and fly, carried by rushing clouds to the Land of the North. Out of this battered Earth rises the liberator, The Avenger, the Third Sargon."

Sajaha Prophecies 11:21

The Solar Eclipse was seen from India in the East, across the Near East and across Europe, the ancient lands of our Folk throughout the ages. August 11th 1999 was clearly a very important date for us, as was the era around 1997 and the Hale-Bopp Comet -

"However, a Strong One will shake up the remnant of the heirs and wake some up. Like a Comet which suddenly gives a sign. However the victory is far off, and there is no new king".

Sajaha Prophecies 9:10

I have stated before how important this piece is to our time, since this clearly shows that the role that we have within the Sacred Blood Struggle is to 'shake up' the 'remnant of the heirs' and in doing so 'wake some up'. There are signs of a fight-back after the last year of oppression, and the imposition of the British Police State, but this (at this time) lacks any kind of specific movement nor any kind of leadership, though we cannot be sure that it is not being cleverly manipulated. This, however, matters little, since 'The Beast' can control through a hidden hand, but when building a 'monster' this may turn on itself eventually. My point here is that there is growing resistance and a growing resentment but there is no particular aim nor any kind of ideology that can as yet bring us on to the right path towards the English Destiny. More and more people need to become aware of the true nature of those behind this, and not just the 'economic' forces that are now in control of the world. There is an even more hidden agenda that needs to be brought into the light.

Shiva's Dance of Destruction

Woden is The Frenzied One - God of Fury - and in his aspect as The Terrible One (Igg the Terrible) he parallels the figure of Rudra in his aspect as Ugr, a name meaning 'The Terrible'. He is seen as a giant figure in somewhat human form, singing a beautiful song of an other-worldly nature, dancing, whirling, wielding the Fiery Sword of Destruction, the Sword of AEtla in his Dance of Destruction. In his Lunar Aspect he will appear to give a prophecy of the rising of a new Solar-Power that will appear here in Europe, the Power of a Golden Dawn, a Golden Dawn that will spread northwards towards the Midnight Mountain. The day of The Second Coming will be at the start of the Age of the Water-Jug. 

Helm of The Terrible One

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