Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Wolf Over Sweden

Assuming this photograph to be genuine and not a computer-generated falsification the image certainly does look like a Wolf. This was taken in Sweden recently and has been seen as related to Ragnarok by a large number of people who obviously know a little about the subject, even if is likely that the latest 'Thor' film has widened the knowledge of Ragnarok. 

If the image is real then the fact that it has appeared so should be taken as an omen - for good or for bad. Like every symbol, the Wolf-Symbol is neutral and can have both positive and negative meanings. In Norse Mythology Odin has two wolves - Geri and Freki - both of which he has tamed; this is shown where the wolves are not bound at all, thus hinting at being tamed by the god Odin. The name Geri means 'greedy' and Freki means 'covetous' or 'avaricious'. Geri stems from the Proto-Germanic *geraz meaning 'greedy' and Freki from the Proto-Germanic *frekaz meaning 'covetous' or 'avaricious'. These are two greedy, ravenous beasts, and the term 'covetous' refers to envy. They represent 'envy and greed' which has been tamed by the god Woden.

There is also the famous Fenris Wolf who swallows Woden at Ragnarok; to this giant Wolf of Chaos we can add Hati and Skoll, Hati being said to be the son of Hrothvitnir. The name Hati means 'one who hates', and Skoll means 'one who mocks'; in the Lokasenna we find that Hrothsvitnir refers to the Fenris Wolf and means 'Famous Wolf'. The name 'Fenrir' means 'of the fens'. 

There is one more 'demon-creature' that we need to look at here; that is the figure of Grendel slain by Beowulf the Geat in the famous Old English Saga Beowulf. Firstly, the name 'Beowulf' is usually translates as 'Bee-Wolf' which refers to a Bear. But there is also the possibility of a play-on-words here - Beow-Wulf which would mean 'Barley-Wolf'. The name Beow is mentioned as the son of Scyld Scefing - 'Shield, Son of Sheaf'. Grendel is said to be the offspring of 'Cain', a clearly biblical figure imposed on the tale through the Christian Church. Various interpretations of the name 'Grendel' have been given and we do not need to go into these here; in the Robin of Sherwood series Grendel is linked to the Wolf, and specifically to the Fenris Wolf. Grendel is a human figure who leads the Wolves of Fenris. "Poetic licence' maybe, but in Beowulf Grendel is actually said to dwell in the 'wild moors' and the 'marshes', the latter being the 'fens'. Whatever the case Grendel is a Monster of Chaos.

The Wolf can thus be symbolic of the breakdown of order and society; the wolves swallowing the Sun and the Moon obviously symbolise the breakdown of order and of 'light'. Looking at the events associated with Sweden today we can certainly see a breakdown in their once ordered and stable society - the 'joys of multiculturalism' have taken over, as they have done all over the world. Sweden is a nation in the throes of disorder and chaos, a nation turned from a 'paradise' to a 'hell-on-earth' in a few decades. A nation turned into chaos by the Forces of Darkness and Chaos. This symbolism may well tell this tale.

However, there is also the strong possibility that the Wolf-Symbol in the Northern Lights represents the Wolf-God, Woden, and that this image spells a new arising of this ancient god-force in Sweden. We should not always take the 'doom and gloom' side of things; yes, we are entering 'Ragnarok' and in Sweden we can find the problem in the KORANGAR - 'Spear of the Koran'. Here the 'Trojan Horse' that has been placed within a European Nation has again worked its evil will. But the Forces of Woden (Odin) will rise against what is going on, and the Gods will march out against the Joten again and again and again...Let us hope that it is not too late for the Swedes, and that they will get the support they need from other White Nations. 

This is the Time of the Wolf when the 'Wolf-God' struggles against the 'Wolves of Chaos'. Now is not the time to sit back, but to forge ahead through even greater struggle. Our watchword is 'Struggle!' and to sit back and take the easy way today means death and extinction for our Folk. 

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