Thursday, 23 January 2020

Book Preview

"The Vinlanders: Featuring Miguel Serrano: 'We do not celebrate the Death of the White Gods.'"

This is not a review of the book since I have only just sent for a copy myself, but a preview based upon what I know about it. The book is published by The 55 Club whose works are always excellent, and is available through them or -

As you know, we at Woden's Folk have been for decades pushing the idea that the Germanic-English Tribes dwelt here in these islands before the Roman conquest. This we have done in order to crush the mistaken belief that the English are nothing more than 'invaders' whilst the origin inhabitants were the Welsh. Through our studies, and the work of those who push the Proto-English Theory, this has been proven wholly false, although not to the detriment of the Welsh Folk in any way. This is because the area now known as 'Wales' had also a proportion of Germanic Folk too, as did Scotland and Ireland. What is being discovered should once and for all put paid to the 'divide and conquer' methods used by our enemies in pitting one British Nation against another - we can be united as Germano-Celts.

Our Folk-Comrades over the pond in Vinland have long had the same problem as we have, in that the white European Settlers have been seen as being 'invaders' and 'outsiders', even though the 'Red Indians' are themselves Asiatics who moved there in early times. Using the very same techniques the establishment destroys and distorts the history of the Americas and the White Folk who dwell there.

Some 50 years ago, in my youth, I recall borrowing a book from the Leicester Library based around the American 'Indians'. There is little doubt now that such books will not be available as they were then. The book clearly stated that many of the peoples of some of these tribes were white, some with blue, grey or green eyes, some with fair or auburn hair. The language of certain tribes, if I recall Mandan/Sioux, spoke a language that contained words of Indo-European origins. It seems clear that the 'Red' Indians were not all red, nor were they all Asiatics. 

Then there is Kennewick Man and the various rune-stones found all around America, as well as well-documented stuff over there which refutes the establishment view on this. This book, from what I have been told, well documents the role of Europeans in these lands, and is a must-reading for all of us, since this is a subject that needs to be brought into the light of day. I shall certainly review this work when I have read it thoroughly.

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