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Babel and Bible

A book called Babel and Bible was published back in 1902 putting into print two lectures given by Dr Friedrich Delitzsch before an audience that included the German Kaiser. Dr Delitzsch was a Professor of Assyriology at the University of Berlin, and these lectures caused a great stir at the time. The theme of the lectures was that the Old Testament was, in great part, taken from earlier Sumer-Babylonian works, which to all intents and purposes is quite true for all to see. After the lectures attempts were made to discredit them by various scholars and theologians. 

The problem created by showing that these biblical works were taken from earlier sources was that the 'Bible' was deemed to be the 'Word of God', an inspired work of certain writers and prophets who wrote these down directly from 'God'. As such, the Bible was a work that could not be questioned in any way - it was deemed to be 'fact'. As such this aided the priesthood in their agenda based upon control; this book was the 'truth' and 'nothing but the truth', as suggested in these words used in British Courts. To swear an oath on the Bible was to swear an oath on the 'truth'. By showing that the Old Testament was not the 'Word of God' this brought into question the whole basis of a history that relied solely upon one book. 

What these lectures did was to iron out some of the problems that we can find in the Old Testament, where at one point there are 'gods' and at another 'God'. The Old Testament was shown to have been rewritten at a later time to suit an agenda, even though the writers had to mix together different traditions that were not at all similar. Even in Babylon, where a so-called polytheistic religion prevailed, the many gods were often seen as manifestations of Marduk, the Supreme God. Creating a monotheism caused some real problems that appears throughout the Old Testament. 

The Old Testament suggests to me a seething hatred of civilisation itself; the prophets, one after another, rail against Babylon, Assyria, Akkad, Persia, Egypt, and through the New Testament on to Rome. Every great civilisation of the ancient world is chosen out for attack, to be destroyed from within and then finished off by Fire and Sword. In the New Testament we find that Babylon is the 'Mother of Harlots', and then there is the 'Whore of Babylon'. And yet one thing stands out clearly in the title of the lectures, the book, and this post - Babel and Bible - two words having such similarity as to be of no coincidence. Even the name of this Judaeo-Christian work seems to reflect its true roots - Babylon. 

Even today we still find vestiges of the idea that the Bible is the 'Word of God', in particular the 'Jehovah's Witnesses' who staunchly believe this to be true. The essence of the Old Testament is that 'Jehovah' created the Earth for mankind alone, and that man should thus 'subdue' and 'dominate' the Earth. It really matters little if the original Hebrew has slightly different meanings, since it is the English text that is used to further Judaeo-Christianity in English-speaking lands. When we place the Hebrew letters of YHVH (Yahweh-Jehovah) on top of each other this makes the glyph of a MAN. 'There is no God but Man' - a typical Illuminati expression. 

It would seem that the Bible is a work of God because it contains certain accurate prophecies of the future. But so do many other works, the most famous of which are the Prophecies of Nostradamus; Norse Mythology, as we have shown many times, contains accurate prophecies, as do the Vedas of Aryan India, the Book of Sajaha, and ancient Persian texts. Much of Biblical Prophecy can be found outside the Christian Bible. Prophecy works through certain people who are 'inspired' to do so. Strangely enough there is not one woman amongst all these 'prophets' of the Old Testament - not one! 

According to Jehovah's Witnesses 'We are physical creatures, so no part of us survives death. When we die, our brain dies too, and our thoughts perish.' And - 'We are not spirits living in a body of flesh'. These people deny that we are spiritual beings, and yet it preaches 'resurrection' in the flesh. What this dogma ignores is the fact that consciousness exists within and without, and the human brain, as well as the heart (emotions) and the gut (instinct), are the physical means to channel consciousness. This is why the Gnostics, and certain other heretical Christian sects, saw Yahweh as the Demiurge who had chained mankind into the material world, and that Krist had been sent to free the Spirit of Man from this bondage. This 'resurrection' ignores the fact that when Krist is resurrected this is in the Astral Body, clearly shown when he tells his followers not to touch him. The lack of logic shows itself when we find that the 'resurrection' of the dead will be with a 'spiritual body' - which it has already denied! But this is only for those who believe and those who obey

Even though these things make no sense whatever they are the 'Word of God' and cannot be questioned. And when they make no sense we are told - 'God works in mysterious ways'. But it would appear that it is quite in order to alter the teachings to suit the agenda when necessary. A leaflet some years ago mentioned the necessity for a 'World Government' that had to be set up to prepare the way for 'God's Kingdom on Earth'. Today, it seems, some of these people are opposed to this, maybe due to new teachings? It may have become quite obvious that it was some Dark Force that todays works towards this end - time to change tactics.

According to this religious sect 'Babylon was the ancient city where false religion began after the flood of Noah's day'. In line with this doctrine whenever we see films based upon these ancient civilisations, mainly that of the Roman Empire, they are inevitably shown as degenerate, even though this only held true for the end of such civilisations. We can see a decline that spread out from the most ancient civilisations such as Sumer-Akkad-Babylon-Assyria, going from the most ancient Empires of Light based upon a true spirituality, through to the Greeks where logic and philosophy began to take over, and then to Rome which was based upon an even more physical and materialistic outlook. From there on the later 'empires' continued the decline into gross materialism. Luckily for us, the other 'arm' of the most ancient Solar Race in decline - Germania - remained somewhat 'primitive' and thus ensured the survival of the True Blood in the North. Empires rise and fall - a Folk can live on through the ages.

Of course, it seems plainly obvious to anyone else that the 'false religion' that is said to have begun in Babylon was there long before Judaism, Christianity or Islam were invented. And this did not begin in Babylon, but has existed as long as our race has walked the Earth. It was these 'slave-religions' that destroyed the ancient religions of the Earth, smashed down the sacred stones, broke up the stone circles, and hewed down the sacred tree-groves, not to mention the untold numbers murdered because they did not believe the 'Word of God'. And the process goes on........

The word Babel conjures up visions of the 'Tower of Babel' which is famous for its being the place where 'God' confused the ancient tongues to halt the building work, usually seen as being rather an 'ego-boost' for the people of the time, and disapproved by 'God' because it reached towards the heavens. This story came about due to the use of the name 'Babel' being seen as deriving from a Hebrew word meaning 'to confuse'. Of course, since the ziggurat ('Tower of Babel') was in Babylon it would be wiser to use the Babylonian word 'Babel' from 'Bab-Ilu' meaning 'Gate to God'. This seven-stepped pyramid structure was meant to symbolise the World Mountain in the Far North, from which the people of Babylon were said to have come from. We should beware that certain languages have words with polar-opposite meanings to our own Germanic Tongue, and such words are often used to replace the true meanings. It is interesting to note that some scholars see the Semitic word 'El' as meaning 'Fire' which changes the meaning somewhat. The true name of 'Babel' should be Bab-Ilu'. 

It would also appear that, despite all of the evidence to the contrary, this religious group still believe that human history has lasted for 6,000 years, although dropping the idea that the Earth was created 6,000 years ago, which was an earlier belief. It would seem that mankind has been allowed to rule for this time in order to learn that they cannot rule themselves without this 'God' ruling over them. This 6,000 year period is around one 'age' of a four-age cycle of 24,000 to 26,000 years which represents a Great Year Cycle. This is obviously the darkest era of the cycle. Clearly this period is made of three 2,000 year world-ages, each one descending further and further into darkness until we reach our own era. This belief tells us that the only history that we have is that of the darkest era of history, and ignores the evidence to the contrary which can be found in the 'Garden of Eden' and also in other parts of the Old and New Testaments. The Kingdoms of Light have been demonised and have become the opposite to their true nature. The Servants of Darkness have become the 'Powers of Light' - as prophesied in various texts outside the Bible. 

If we were to take this 'history' at face value mankind would have been created 6,000 years ago, would have had 2,000 years to become corrupt and evil, and would have been destroyed by a Great Flood around 4,000 years ago. After this Great Flood everything would have suddenly sprang up from nothing overnight and started again from scratch - great civilisations rising and falling one after the other. And if 'God' merely allowed a 2,000-year span from the creation of man, and then destroyed his creation, why then go on for twice the time (4,000 years) before coming to the conclusion that he should be the one to rule over the Earth? This time destroying only the 'wicked' - or rather only those who do not believe in him and obey him. 

The latest find that completely destroys these ideas is that of Gobleki Tepi in Turkey (previously Asarport in Armenia) which is dated back to 10,000 BCE; and there is the sunken landmass around the North Sea which date back to around 8,000 years ago (when it started to sink). Scholars basing their ideas around the Bible have long sought to push forward the dating for ancient structures such as pyramids scattered around the world. As time passes the history of mankind has been stretched further and further back into the mists of time - towards Atlantis. 

Of course, one of the main reasons that these attacks were made upon the lectures was that in suggesting that the Biblical texts were taken from earlier Babylonian texts - of all things - this would not have been acceptable to those who had demonised this civilisation throughout the ages. Babylon was the source of 'evil' rather than a high civilisation and a Kingdom of Light. Strangely enough it is these very areas of the world that are today in the throes of wars and chaos - Iraq (Babylon), Iran (Persia), Syria, Palestine (Philistines) etc. No doubt the destruction caused will erase more evidence of the true history of these areas.

Bab-Ilu or Bible?

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