Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Wolf and the White Dragon

Thesis vs Anti-thesis = Synthesis

This was the basis of the doctrine of both Hegel and Karl Marx, postulating that there will always be a 'Conflict of Opposites' which will result in their fusion thus forming the basis of great change - that 'conflict', of course, not necessarily being a natural occurrence since it could be (and has been) carefully planned conflict which seems to be true of wars for many centuries. And not only wars but also ideas, since we can see proof of this in the conflict between Capitalism and Communism which resulted in their fusion into what has been termed as 'Communitarianism'. When opposites come into conflict they will merge into one. Same must war against same - that is the game!

The Wolf (Woden) must struggle with the Wolf (Fenris).

Creative Fire (Hama) must struggle with Destructive Fire (Loki).

Creative Fire (Ingwe-Frey) must struggle with Destructive Fire (Surt).

The Divine Serpent (Sigurd) must struggle with the Evil Serpent (Fafnir).

The White Dragon (The AEsir) must struggle with the Red Dragon (Dark Joten).

At the End of Time these forces conflict on such a level as to destroy each other, sowing the seeds of a true New Order. It is the symbol of the White Dragon that will unite the different factions of these islands, and is becoming reality through its use by more and more groups, many of which do not share the same ideology, but all of whom struggle for our Folk in some way. The White Dragon was never revived as a symbol of English 'civic nationalism' and has now moved beyond this into a symbol for all of the Germanic Peoples of these islands - the conflict of the White Dragon of the Gods and the Red Dragon of the Dark Joten has taken a new turn. The English Revolution has taken a new turn!

***** Sometimes when things are done the results are not quite what was expected, and when the Old Order were hell-bent on stopping the rise in English Nationalism and in creating false movements they would not have been aware of their actions resulting in something they never dreamed of - what is broken splinters, and the splinters fly in different directions, taking with them their ideals and ideology - and their symbols.

The Serpent itself is a symbol of the Earth, it glides upon the Earth; the Winged Coiled Serpent is still a Serpent but if flies towards the heavens. It is no longer 'Earth-bound' but flies to the realm of the Gods - The Divine Powers. The Coiled Serpent unfolds and moves along the Column of Irmin, upwards to the heavens, upwards to the Eye of Woden. The White Winged Coiled Serpent is awakening (as prophesied) after 500 years of slumber, and today the symbol flies as the Flag of the English Folk once more, coming to replace the Christian Cross in the Islands of the Mighty. In 1485 the Red Dragon (Tudors) defeated the White Boar (Saxons), the Red Rose (Red Dragon) defeated the White Rose (White Dragon). In the 1980's (500 years after, symbolic of The Phoenix) the White Dragon and the White Rose arose again as symbols of the English. The White Rose of Ancient Albion represents the Germanic Folk of these isles (or maybe At-al-land) who dwelt here and whose descendants also dwelt here, their blood 'topped' up by the so-called 'invasions'. The White Dragon represents the English Folk who must now reclaim their ancient land and its holy sites. 

Under the White Dragon the Seven Tribes of Ingwe have come together, their unity symbolised by the Seven Swords of Wayland, with the Sword Albion that will be wielded by The Hooded Man. The Fenris Wolf symbolises the all-devourer who is fast devouring everything we hold true to, and who is destroying our lands, turning them into The Wasteland. The Wolf must now confront the Wolf. 

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