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Ingwe, The Stone and The Runes.

This is the Stone of At-al-land which was thrown up from the centre of the Earth when the catastrophe sank At-al-land some 7,000 - 8,000 years ago. The dating of 8,000 years takes us back two cycles of the Hale-Bopp Comet, each cycle taking around 4,000 years, the dating which most scientists take to be right. This is so important to us, in view of the date of April 23rd 1998 when Woden's Folk was created - the rebirth of Folkish Wodenism in England. 

This Holy Stone is linked to the White Stone of Ing which holds the secret of the Inga-Fire (Kundalini-Fire) or Agni-Fire. This is the Stone of Origins and Destiny and is the stone linked to Sceaf-Ing who is the Divine Ancestor of the English Folk. This is the Fire of the White Dragon which will awaken the English Folk to their true destiny. The Inga-Fire is the Dragon's Fire or Serpent-Fire which awakens the Arya

Ingwe is the Divine Ancestor or God of our Folk, and he is associated with the Kan-Fire or Kon-Fire. If we notice the Ing-Rune it is a rune that ever repeats itself, opens up to further expansion, a Rune of Fire. 

If this rune is extended through one more X-cross it becomes twin Edel-Runes joined at the 'head' - the Divine Twins. This version is the Ken-Fusion or 'Fire-Fusion' which represents the Beacon Fire which itself is the Fire of Awakening. This is the fire that awakens our Folk. This is a rune of ever-expansion, a rune of movement and active-power. Ingwe represents this active-power and this expansion. Twin Edel-Runes joined at the head symbolise The Hooded Man and his incarnation on Earth as Wid-Ar the Avenger. This once more is an aspect of Ingwe - an archetype - which appears in the Age of Ing.

England, whose ancient name was Albion, is the White Island but also the Island of the Elves - the 'Shining Ones'. Tolkien recognised that the English were closest to the Elves, and that they were the true holders of the Elven Mysteries in these islands. It is no coincidence that when Asbeorn found the Stone of At-al-land for me we afterwards did the Alfar Blot and one of the Elven-Race appeared to me on the Fairy Glen on the Moray Firth in Scotland. Ingwe is the 'Lord of the Elves' and 'High King of the Elven Race' - 'High King of the High Elves'. 

Indeed, this is the Age of Ing or the Age of Ingwe which is the 'Age of the Son', but which esoterically suggests the age in which the Kundalini-Serpent awakens in our Folk - awakens the Arya. The Seven Tribes of Ingwe came together in these islands - Isles of the Blest - in order to fulfill a great destiny, the destiny of the English Folk. Through the 'Anglo-Saxon' and the 'Viking' invasions this destiny was fulfilled, and today - at the End of Time - we have come to finally fulfill that destiny and the Divine Mission given to us by Woden. 

There are two types of people today, the Awakened Ones and those who are asleep and oblivious to their fate, like sheep waiting to become lamb chops, sheep to the slaughter. It is our Divine Mission to struggle, to struggle to awaken our Folk, to prepare the way for the Coming Man, and for the final appearance of the Einheriar - The Last Battalion. 

Ingwe represents the Kundalini-Fire or the Fire-Serpent and this is the secret contained in the runes on the White Stone of Ing - the 'Gift of Ing' is the Serpent-Fire (Kan-Fire) or the Kundalini-Fire which throbs through the veins of the English Folk and has taken them world-wide through the centuries, taken them as the sea-faring folk that they are - the Vikings

We have shown before how Sheaf-Ing goes back to the glorious Golden Age at the beginning of Time. Ingwe is a very ancient figure and one that still retains a memory here in England through the White Stone of Ing and through the legend of our 'Kin-Man' (Cuthman), despite the efforts of the Normans to destroy our English Identity through our Divine Ancestor. We have also shown how the Legend of Ingwe is not restricted to the English but occurs also in Scotland and in Ulster, amongst the Germanic Folk in these areas. 

There is also a very subtle and esoteric link between Ingwe and Woden, since the Gothic word for Ingwe is Iggws; in fact the 'gg' is sounded 'ng' in the Greek Tongue so here we have yet another esoteric connection. Ygg - Woden - Ing. This should be meditated upon. There is also an archetypal link between Ingwe and Hama (Heimdall) who are both Fire-Gods and whose roles are similar, though of a different archetypal nature. We should not try to intellectualise these ideas but let them freely flow as intuitive ideas. Different archetypes appear at different times of the Cosmic Cycles. 

Study this image very carefully and you will find the secrets of the Inga-Fire and the Necklace of the Brisingas - the Necklace of Freya. You will also find the Mask of the Wolf and thus the Secret of Fire. Woden is the Wolf-God who is the Great Initiator who awakens the Serpent-Fire. The Serpent-Fire is awakened in Bodn, rises through Son, and awakens fully in Odroerir, where Freya and Woden are united as One, and divided once more in order to effect the Resurrection of the Arya. The Serpent now has wings and flies as the Winged Serpent - White Dragon of Ingwe. This is the 'Fire-Dragon' - the awakened Kundalini. This is achieved through the power of the Kan-Rune - the Fire of the White Dragon. 

Now you can see how the Inga-Fire and the Fire of the White Dragon are one and the same, and how important it is to awaken the English Folk to their true destiny. Our enemies have seen how important the English Folk are and have thus set out to destroy us; whilst they have achieved their aim of halting an 'English Awakening' they have not foreseen the underlying and esoteric currents working against them. They can only work through matter and mind, through technology created by our Folk, reliant upon oil and electricity, through the physical means to control the minds of the masses - but the Folk-Spirit of our people is awakening as the White Dragon is awakening within that Folk-Spirit. 

Look towards the Spiritual Centre of our struggle, towards the Wrathful Wheel-Turner who will bring forth the Last Avatar - Wid-Ar the Avenger. He is the Silent God, for we have not spoken yet, but our time is coming and - 'The guilty shall tremble!' as it is written in The Hooded Man Prophecy. Know - Will - Dare - Keep Silent! 

The Cross of Ingwe & the Fire of the White Dragon!

Ben More Assynt - Holy Mountain of the Asen-Gods

(Not far from Ullapool, named after Ullr or Wuldor)

It is said that the Norse Gods raised the Sutherland Highlands, which suggests that the AEsir Gods were responsible for a great catastrophe that changed the whole of the Scottish Highlands, way back in the Mists of Time. The Scottish Highlands were split apart along the great fault-line that runs through the Moray Firth, an event that happened some 7,000 to 8,000 years ago with the sinking of At-al-land. 

Solar-Phallic God of the Germanic Mannerbund.

The One-Eyed Hunter-God.

Once these islands were in the shape of an Ing-Rune, at least according to two Roman writers, and thus they held the shape of the god Ingwe, his rune-stave. The diamond-shape is that of the Diamond-Crystal from which the 33 runes of the Hidden Runes of At-al-land appeared, given to us by Woden in order to understand our origins and our destiny. 

Jera is the yearly Cycle of Ingwe, moving sunwise through the twelve months of the year.

Isc is the 'sliding' movement upwards and downwards, the movement of the ancient Racial Lands, sinking and rising from the waters of the North Sea. Engulfed by the Frozen Ice, melting and rising again from the waters and the Great Flood. 

Ing is the Racial Homeland and the Race of Ingwe, the Race of Fire of the North, the Arya, the movement of our Folk from the Far North, towards the East and the South, returning to the North-West at the End of Time, towards the Setting Sun and the Final Battle. 

Daeg is the widdershins movement of Ing, backwards to Thule, backwards to the Golden Age, to the coming of Sheaf-Ing. The movement of the Folk from the East (Rising Sun) to the West (Setting Sun) - from the Morning Star to the Evening Star. Ingwe is of the Waene, the Folk of the Morning Star! As the Morning Star arises in the East at the Dawn-Time, so it sets as the Evening Star in the West at the End-Time. 

AEthel is the Racial Homelands, the sinking of the Racial Homelands, of At-al-land in the North-West, of the Isle of the Blest and the last post of the Aryan Mysteries. 

Heimdal reverses the movement of Ing, twisting backwards and widdershins, against the movement of Time, against the flow of Time, like the Salmon of Wisdom that swims upstream, against the Current of Time. 

Asc is the Upright Man, the First Man, the Inga-Man, the symbol of our Folk and the symbol of the Noble Man. This is the Tree of Iggdrasil, of Ingdrasil, the Tree of Woden, the Sacred Centre of which is Ing. Ing is the Inner Fire, the Core of Life, the Fire of Life - the sap in the plant, the Blood of the Folk. 

Quaert is the harmony of opposites, the stillness after the storm, the balance of Light and Darkness, the time of the Rising of At-al-land again, when the waters recede and the Racial Homeland rises once more from the seas of the North-West. Queart is the Inga-Fire, the Fire-Serpent, the movement of the Folk. Quaert is the Graal. 

Kaulca is the movement from Daeg (Day), the point of change, of tribal change and national change, the point of the Movement of the Hidden Sun (The Black Sun), the rays of which penetrate the Blood of the Folk, awakening the Blood-Memory. This is Saturn, freed from the Rings of Ice, freed from the chains that bind him to the Dark Forces, freed to return as the God of the Golden Age. 

Ihr is the Fire of Inga, the Inga-Fire, the symbol of Ing and Kan - the Fire-Serpent. The Diamond-Crystal poised above the Fire-Serpent, rising to the peak of Mount Me-Ru. 

Gar is Quaert, yet balanced by the Upright Stave, the Cosmic Axis, the Spear of Woden. The Spear enters the Graal (Quaert), and thus the Union of Opposites takes place, moving past, moving 'beyond', upwards towards the Black Sun and the way out of the Cycles of Time. 

There are four gods revealed in the Hidden Runes - Thunor, Balder, Heimdall and Tiw - but Woden remains as 'The Hidden God'. It is significant that Balder is found in this rune-row, since he is not found in the other rune-rows - he is the 'Resurrected God of the Golden Age', for he comes after the catastrophe, after the Ragnarok. 

Ing will sink, pulled down by the nith (Evil Forces), but the movement widdershins, backwards against the Flow of Time, will turn the tide, and the nid (need) will create a change, a turn, a return to the Sacred Centre, from whence a new Heildom (harmony of the Folk) will arise, and a new arising, a new 'Awakening', and the Spear plunged into the Graal by Parsifal - The Pure Fool - the World's Chosen - and the Rising of the Inga-Fire that will awaken the ashes into a new Flame of Freeedom. And the victory sign of Sighael, the Final Victory over the Dark Forces. The Lightning-Bolt that strikes fear into the enemies of Gods and Men. 

Most of the runes in the Hidden Rune-Row show movement whether this be upwards-downwards (12 runes) or cyclic (6); there are 11 rune-staves with the diamond Ing-Rune which clearly relates to Ingwe/Ing. It can be no coincidence that Ingwe if the God of the Inga-Fire and thus the God of Fire, of the Movement of Heat, of the Rising of the Serpent-Fire. Caan is the outward movement of this Fire, whereas AEuuas is the inward movement - the Inner Fire. 

Peorth is converted to Paertra, symbol of the upward-downward movement of Ratatosk, the Movement of the Fire-serpent. But at this time the movement is downwards (ALU), in order to spiritualise the Earth. The movement is downwards and inwards, moving into ourselves, moving towards the Ur-Centre, towards the Place of Origins. Only through a reversal of the symbolism can we move against the Flow of Time, break the Cycle of Time, and emerge, resurrected as The Immortals, as the Sun-Man. For inside this rune-stave is the Symbol of Life, of Lif and Lifthrasir, hidden within Iggdrasil, awaiting the Resurrection of the Arya, of Baldaeg the Sun-God. 

This may not be understood as yet, but it has been written down in the trust that there is one who can unravel these Mysteries, who can 'read between the lines' and see the Hidden Knowledge that these runes contain. There are clear links between various runes, such as Gaefu ('Gift') and Stahn ('Stone') both clearly linked to the 'Gift of Ing' - the Stone of Ing. The actual rune-staves I will not reveal as yet, not until their time has come. 

The Runes of the Age of Ing -

The 33 runes of the new row could be derived from ancient times and from the Lost Land of At-al-land, though since there are no less than eleven (one third) runes containing the Germanic Ing-Rune then we could also be looking at a new rune-row especially for the Age of Ing. Again, maybe both of these ideas have some truth. Tacitus stated that the area around Frisia, Holland, Denmark, Sweden etc. were the homelands of the Ingvaeones ('Friends of Ing'), and since these are the areas opposite to the lost lands then we can safely assume that the whole of the area around the North Sea, including what is today England, was the Land of Ingwe

The secret of the Stone of Ing is contained in the runic-sequence Gyfu ('Gift'), Ing ('Ing') and Ken ('Fire'). But the 'Gift of Ing' is the Kundalini-Fire! This is the Fire that burns within the AEthlinga (this is actually stated in the Old English Rune-Poem). The suffix 'ing' is always used for some kind of movement - do-ing, go-ing, walk-ing, hik-ing, mov-ing etc. etc. 

Ingwe's association with the element of Fire is underlined by the use of the term 'inglenook' for the area around the fireplace. The use of this term shows how ingrained in the Blood Memory is the god-hero Ingwe. When we consider that the name Ing stems from the Root ng which is one sound, but which today is broken into two separate sounds 'n' and 'g'. This 'broken' sense may reflect how the psyche of our Folk has lost its unity - the 'Broken Sword'. 

The English Ing-Rune is interesting in that it is made up of two 'Gyfu-Runes'; when we consider this in terms of the Greek Language the 'gg' is actually pronounced 'ng'. Hence why I link 'Igg' to 'Ing'. From the tales from Scotland and Ireland we find that the figures associated with the name 'Ing' are one-eyed, and thus Ing is an aspect of Woden in one sense, or maybe a more ancient form of Woden. Iggdrasil is the 'Sun-Dragon of Ing'. 

The Spirit of Ing guided the Sons of Ing across the waters to England, a process that took many centuries to fulfil. Under Hengest (Ing-Geist) and Horsa the Engel-Kin finally started the process of bringing together in these islands the 'Friends of Ingwe' together as the English Folk-Nation. In Wodenic Lore this refers to the Seven Swords of Wayland which are forged together into the English Nation - the Seventh Sword. 

In regard to the diamond-shape it is interesting to note the root of the word 'diamond' which is a corruption of 'adamant', from a Latin based word. The meaning is 'unconquerable' which, when we link this to Ingwe, is a very important concept to us. The diamond is indestructible too, which is an omen we should well consider. 

The English Ing-Rune is a spiral form, like the DNA Spiral, and is the Rune of the Blood-Memory. In the Old English Rune-Poem Ing is referred to as 'The Hero' (haele) and when we consider that hael can also mean 'omen' we can find a subtle link between these ideas. Indeed, the term hael refers to a particular type of 'hero' - the Hallowed One

The particular reference to the Heardingas in the Old English Rune-Poem is important, for this is the Haddinga-Tribe from which the last incarnation of HelgiH appears - Helgi, Prince of the Haddingas. Helgi Hundingsbane appears to herald the arrival of the Last Avatar - HelgiH the Heardinga. This obviously refers to the Resurrection of Ingwe in the Age of Ing.

I have mentioned before that in the Merlin series on TV, though grossly distorted, the Sign of Ingwe appears as the symbol of the 'Old Religion' whose centre is the Isle of the Blest. Within the Ur-Glyphic Ing-Rune is the 'Seed of Life' which represents the 'life-renewed' that will take place in the Age of Ing. The importance of the Age of Ing cannot be underestimated, and this is part of the Woden Folk-Religion. If this is not fully recognised in our time it will be in the time to come. We are not the only ones to recognise the awakening of the Fire-Serpent in these times. This is the Gift of Ing.

It is also important that the concept of the Priestesses of Woden is fully recognised, and that our women-folk step forward to lead the way in this era. This is important in view of the fact that some aspects of the Feminine Mysteries will be distorted by those who hold views opposite to the Racial Ideal that we uphold. Without this Racial Ideal the true Aryan Ideology will be subject to distortion and to eventual destruction. 

In Wulf's Prophecy we find that a Great Flood engulfs the South of England, though this has either the meaning of a future inundation by water or the 'Flood of Immigrants' that has already engulfed the South of England and created Chaos and Destruction as yet not recognised by the mass of people who have already started to suffer under the yoke of tyranny that has  been responsible for this. This may yet refer to a coming catastrophe we are unable to avoid because the English failed to wake up in time. If so the Hale-Bopp Comet was the Harbinger of Doom (justice) prophesied to come in our own era. In which case we await the Coming of the Wild Hunter-God! 

There is a clear message here - either the English Folk awaken and unite as a front against the Forces of Darkness and Chaos, or the Great Cataclysm will take place, and will force our Folk to unite under the Sign of Ing. The solution is in the hands of those who are the leading-lights in the English Awakening - it is now down to you. 

For those who have stayed loyal to the Sons of Ing I would state that our task has just begun, and that a true 'English Movement' will arise, perhaps today as the 'Seed of Life' but tomorrow as the vehicle of the Last Avatar who will lead our Folk to victory in the Final Battle against the Dark Forces. We await the coming of The Hooded Man or He-Who-Returns. 

Miguel Serrano trusted in Woden's Folk and we shall not break that trust which we not only uphold but strive to continue through our struggle in England and the Northern Lands. We recognise Don Miguel Serrano as a Master as was Guido von List, and that Serrano continued the work of von List within the Armanen Initiates that have guided us throughout the ages. 

I have accepted the changes that appear in this post, despite the continuous reversions that I have made. I leave this now to 'Wyrd' that is beyond and above 'Google' or the 'World Wide Web' and leave this open to the Woden Initiates of the future who will see this as the Eternal Truth.  The messages that appear here are for the future, and those that can reveal the Ancient Mysteries revealed here. Stay true to The Coming Man!

Wulf Ingessunu.

(Added December 15th 2015).

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