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Valhalla & The Archetypal Myth

Valhalla is one of the most important concepts within Folkish Wodenism; the ideas came for this post after a long conversation with our Garman, Raven. There is a need to clarify our position on the idea of Valhalla, and thus open the way to further promoting our Religious Faith as a means to uniting our Folk against the forces that seek to destroy us.
Valhalla is a place where the Fallen Heroes go after death, either a glorious death in battle (as in past heroic eras) or after death following a glorious life of struggle against the enemies of Gods and Folk. This has to be made clear, for today's era is most certainly not one of Heroes, and battle is not against the enemies of Folk and Gods, more for money, wealth, power and world domination - led by the enemies of our Gods and Folk. The only way to gain a place in Valhalla in today's world is in the glorious struggle for the survival of our Folk.
Some years ago it became clear that on all levels the dominance of older people was becoming plain, and the young folk of England cared little for politics, nor for any form of rebellion either - unless that 'rebellion' was organised and manipulated by the State Power for their own ends. There was a distinct gap which was not being filled, and the very real danger for the future of anything Folkish or Nationalist. This was admitted even by some elements of the so-called 'far-left' one of whom I spoke to in East Sussex and who was fully aware of the same danger. It appeared that young people were just not interested - in either 'left' or 'right'. All that has now changed!
Today there are young people here in England fully prepared to go out and do something to challenge this corrupt and alien state. Young people fully prepared to lose their freedom in order to do something. These young people have had to organise themselves because there was no-one to guide or organise them, and the importance of the 'age-set' began to become clear - a Young Movement was needed, organised by Young Folk. We have to say that it was the older generations who failed these young people, because they gave up the very thing that such young folk need - action on the streets! Here I am talking about street-action on a physical level, which is not anything to do with a religion, but I do feel that this is relevant to what I have to say.
When we were younger we too revelled in the street-action and the rush it gave to us; young people need action and adventure! Where is the adventure in canvassing and leafleting? This can be done by older people, whilst the young take up the street-action. The Volkish Movement in Germany and other parts of Europe prior to World War II was made up of groups who hiked, camped, trained in physical exercise, trained in the warrior arts, and much more. Young people seek adventure - young people need adventure.
So why have these young people suddenly started to rise at this crucial time in the survival of our Folk? Have we not entered the time of Ragnarok, the 'Fall of Troy', when the enemy have gained entry to our lands, when the enemy rule over our lands, and when the very survival of our Folk is threatened through a deliberate act of genocide? And when was it prophesied that the Einheriar would awaken, arise once more, leave through the 540 doors of Valhalla to fight the Last Battle here on Middle-Earth? Ragnarok! We are seeing this not only here in England, but around the White World.
Ragnarok is not a 'paradise' where people go to rest after death, it is a training- ground for the Warriors of Woden. It is a training-ground where the Fallen Heroes go to prepare themselves for the Last Battle, and in between for their next incarnation or resurrection on Earth. When the Fallen Heroes return to Earth they continue the Eternal Struggle against the Dark Joten, time and time again throughout the Cycle of the Ages. Their preparatory work is done in Valhalla where they fight each day, die and rise again as the Everlasting Army in the Everlasting Battle, 'cursed' to die again and again, and to be resurrected again and again each time they die.
What is the strength of the Muslim Extremist? It is his firm knowledge that winning a glorious death gives him a place in Heaven. This is the strength that the Muslim Extremist has and which our own people lack. Even Christianity had this type of belief at the time of the Christian Crusades, but today Christianity has lost a hold upon our people. It was a Christian belief that God would grant them a place in Heaven after they died in battle upholding their faith. And this is the key to this knowledge, since this concept did not originate in Judaeo-Christianity, nor indeed within Islam, for it came through our own Heathen Faith, in some ways through ancient Iran/Persia; at least this was most likely so in regard to Islam. It was a Heathen concept that the Christian rulers used to motivate their people to fight and die in battle.
Neither the media nor the masses can understand why young Muslims who are over here, or who were born here, will give up everything to go to fight for their brothers and sisters (metaphorically) in lands invaded by the 'West' - i.e. the Brit-Am Alliance. They do so because they have a belief, they have a religion that binds them, and they have the firm knowledge that they will earn a place in Heaven when they die in battle or struggle. Their firm religious belief in an afterlife and in the glory attained in death in struggle motivates their actions.
Please don't get me wrong here, I am opposed to Islam as much as to Christianity and Judaism, because they are all 'arms' of the same oppressive forces that seek the destruction of our Folk. And I certainly see nothing honourable in the wanton slaying of innocent people in the name of 'God'; to give one's life in suicide just loses another warrior in the struggle, and this is especially stupid when the 'enemy' are not those targeted. The result of their actions is what it is meant to be - to produce fear and terror in the masses so that they are more easily controlled.
My point here is that it is the concept of gaining a place in Valhalla through a glorious life of struggle for our Folk that matters. To not only believe but also to know that there is an afterlife, and that this life is not the only life, is to put the fear of death behind and thus to fear nothing, nothing at all. This is where the Archetypal Myth comes into play.
From my experience of the spring of 1997 I came to realise that the True Initiation is life and the struggle in life, and not some one-off ceremony alone. I also came to understand that my life was being lived as an Archetypal Myth with a pattern where events repeated themselves at different levels, and where certain synchronicities played themselves out time and time again. And that time and time again certain people are reborn to come together again, age after age, come together to renew the Ancient Eternal Struggle against the Evil Forces. Believing in an Archetypal Myth means recognising that there are certain things that are bound to happen, certain people we are bound to meet and certain events in our lives that match with Ancient Myth. Recognising these things is the recognition that our life is lived as an Archetypal Myth. We can then see who we are and what our destiny is.
The victorious movement has to have 'martyrs', those prepared to give up their freedom for their cause, and more so those who are prepared to give up their lives if necessary. There can be no glory nor victory unless there are those prepared to give up their lives, and more so those prepared to give their lives in this struggle. The enemy knows this, which is why religion is today losing its power, and a false 'religion' is being prepared to take its place, a religion based upon nothing but the physical world - One Life - Live It! This ludicrous phrase has been carefully placed in the feeble minds of today in order that there is no belief in an afterlife, which naturally engenders the fear of death since this is an ending with nothing but oblivion to follow.
The so-called 'paganism' of today has a belief in reincarnation, but it has nothing in terms of a glorious death in struggle. It is so vague as to be hard to decide exactly what it really means - reincarnation. The basis of 'karma' comes from Hinduism, but again this concept is so vague as to be rather meaningless, since what one knows as 'sin' to another is strength. What is 'evil' to one is 'good' to another. Christianity is a negation of all Aryan values as Friedrich Nietzsche so rightly stated. Christian values are the exact opposite to Heathen values. But the concept of Valhalla is as clear as the brightest light - it is for the brave and courageous who take part in the struggle against the Evil Forces of Chaos and Darkness struggle to maintain or to regain the Divine Order of the Gods.
Those who struggle will die, today more likely in this glorious struggle, but they will go to Valhalla to be welcomed by Woden, and there feast with their Fallen Comrades, to be 'resurrected' again in order to carry on this glorious struggle in a new life and a new time. The Warrior leads his life like an arrow, since this is the movement through life towards a given target. That arrow does not stop until it reaches the target, unless it's flight is distorted or stopped by something else. We have to be like that arrow, the life being the movement through our life, and the target is the Final Victory. We have to avoid distortion of flight and we have to avoid being stopped in flight, by bursting through any blockage, time and time again.
It is important to understand what Initiation really is; the word itself means 'to begin'. An Initiation is thus not the ending of a phase but the beginning of a new phase. We could say that it is the beginning of a journey along a path, or the beginning of the flight of the 'arrow' as used of the warrior. But this lasts through the whole of one's life, which itself is an 'initiation', a beginning or new beginning at each level. I can recall to this day the very last words of my brother who died of a form of cancer, and who did not share my beliefs, nor any beliefs as far as I know - 'Death is not the end - it is just a new beginning!' You could not put it plainer than that, and that was from one who knew!
Today we have young people prepared to give up their freedom for their cause and for their Folk. Our Folkish Religion goes further in promoting the idea that a glorious death in this Eternal Struggle will earn a place with the Gods, a place with the Immortals, the gaining of immortality in the sense that we are reborn, again and again, age after age, in order to fight the Everlasting Battle. Only a Folkish Religion believing in a life after death, an afterlife of training in Valhalla for the next 'round', can instil into our Young Folk the fearless courage necessary to achieve victory against overwhelming odds.

Hail the Glorious Dead!

Hail the Victorious Dead!

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