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The Dragon-Ing.

In the Edda of Snorri Sturlasson the Gods are turned into human beings, which is seen by many to be a Christian method of belittling our Gods. But it may be to our advantage to overlook this on this occasion, just so as to unravel some mysteries hidden in the text. Sturlasson sought to derive the AEsir from 'Asia' and from 'Troy' which is now called 'Turkey'. In doing so he used parallels between Trojan and Norse names. But what interests us here is that some of the work derives from Anglo-Saxon sources - from 'Sescef' (Sheaf) and Woden. According to this Woden led the people out of Troy into Saxony.

In Saxony Woden placed three of his sons in charge of the land and people -

Veggdegg - East Saxony.

Beldegg - Westphalia.

Siggi - Frankland.

We can see here that Beldegg (Balder) ruled over Westphalia, and since the name stems from 'West Phal's Land' (and not 'West Wallia' as some suggest), this makes some sense. Phal/Fal/Phol/Pol is Balder. Sigi is the progenitor of the Wolsungas, and since they dwelt in Frankland the idea I put forward that the Merovingian Kings were Wolsungas seems to be borne out.

Woden is then said to have gone north and there placed another three sons in charge of these areas -

Skiold - Reidgotaland. (Denmark).

Saeming - Norway.

Yngvi - Sweden.

So we have here six sons of Woden ruling the Saxons, Franks, Danes, Norwegians and Swedes. When the Hearth of Wayland was running one of its leading activists, The Wayland Cat, produced a ritual based upon the above names and areas - The Dragon-Ing Rite. This was based upon the logical conclusion that the above areas - Saxony, Francland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden - were home to the people who later merged into the English Nation. It was thus logical to link these with Ing and to the White Dragon as his symbol.

In this ritual these Six Tribes of Ing were forged together through the Sword of the Wolsungas. The ritual was a form of drama and was performed at Dragon Hill below the Uffington White Horse, and later at a National Moot of the Odinic Rite. The 'Wayland Cat' organised the latter as an indoor rite, whereas I performed the one at Dragon Hill at one of our Hearth Moots at Wayland's Smithy.

This idea developed further since the basis of this was that Six Tribes of Ing were forged together by the 'Sword of the Wolsungs'; but the Wolsungs were one of these tribes. To develop this further I brought into play the ideas that we had adopted from The Hooded Man Archetype. So the Six Tribes of Ing were forged into the English Nation by the Sword Albion - the Seventh Sword of Wayland. This was indeed part of the Dragon-Ing Rite since each representative of the Six Tribes held up a sword which represented the tribe he stood for. Albion, being the most ancient name of England, thus represented the English Nation.

Hidden within this work is the ancestor of Woden - Sceaf - which is also found in the Old English texts. It seems obvious that Snorri had access to Old English works in order to find these dynasties. Sceaf we also know as Ingwe, so the later Yngvi seems to have been taken from a far more ancient figure. Sceaf ruled Scandi - the 'Shining Island' - in the Far North; this was at the end of the Golden Age.

The aim of the Dragon-Ing Rite was simple; it was to re-enact the creation of the English Nation in a magical act that would recreate it from the ashes of its destruction in our era. By recognising and naming the original Tribes of Ing they would be brought together in spirit, which would have a powerful effect upon the physical world and regenerate the English Nation. Like the great Greek Dramas this would re-enact a Primal Myth, the Creation Myth of the English.

A quick look at the names of the individuals and the areas they ruled makes it clear that one of the most important  groups or tribes was left out - the West Saxons. This tribe came to become the most powerful group in England, and indeed had more of a hand in the creation of the English Nation than any other. And they were the ones who claimed descent from Sceaf. We are thus faced with the idea that there were Seven Mythical Tribes of Ingwe; I use the term 'mythical' purposefully since we are now recreating a new English Myth. It is these seven Tribes of Ingwe that are forged together by the Sword Albion, the Seventh Sword of Wayland, which must thus represent the Land of England (Albion) and the God of England (Ingwe).

The name 'Albion' can mean 'White Island' but it can also mean 'Island of the Elves', and who is the Lord of the Elves? Ingwe is the Lord of the Elves. This is why Tolkien suggested that the English had the most ancient knowledge of the Elves, and that Old English could be used to speak to the Elves. We are always being led to believe that the 'Celts' were the only ones to have the 'Fairy Lore'; Tolkien suggests this to be untrue and I am inclined to agree. Up until modern times some of the names associated with the Elves have been in common use, though maybe this is not so true today. One that comes to mind immediately is the name Alfred which means 'Elf-Counsel'. But there are many more of these that I cannot recall off hand. This link between the English and the Elven Race is most often overlooked.

We have seen how the name At-al-land means 'Race-Land', but when we see atal as being the Edel-Rune/Odal Rune, and when we recall the Bulgarian Legend of the Seven Aryan Tribes that survived the Ice Age, forming a tribal alliance called the Idel we can equate this name to the Edel-Rune/Odal Rune (*), and thus to At-al-land too. Thus, we have again Seven Aryan Tribes which take us back to the end of the Ice Age, and Seven Tribes of Ingwe that were forged into the English Nation.

Occult Legend has it that the Aryan Race was created in Atlantis, at a time when the people had become corrupt, degenerate, and ruled by men of evil nature (just as today's world, in fact). The title for these powerful but corrupt rulers was the Turanians according to Occult Doctrine, a people which were much like the Joten in their role. It would appear to be the case that in order to check the power of instinct, impulse and desire it was necessary to produce a new man with the new faculty of thought . In order to do this, it would seem, the Aryan Race was created in Atlantis; this entailed a 'leap in evolution', i.e. it entailed a short-cut in the natural evolutionary process. Within Aryan Man a self-consciousness was awakened. As this happened, the mutants and monsters created on Atlantis assailed the new race in the North of Atlantis but were defeated by the new Aryan Race.

These Aryan Tribes were led out of Atlantis (At-al-land) by the Aryan Manu (Rama), who led them into the Gobi where a new civilisation was created, after whose destruction they were led into Aryania (Iran and India) and the Himalayas (Tibet-India). The symbol of this Aryan Race was the Swastika. I have gone slightly off the subject here to emphasise the importance of the 'Seven Tribes' and also that there is an ancient link (again) to At-al-land.

Our roots within the Aryan Race are vital; in our struggle; today there is no 'Aryan Race' only the 'Race-Memory' that lies in the 'Blood-Memory'. We can understand the idea of a 'short-cut' in the evolutionary process, since the 'seeds' of such a change have already been sown in our own era! Once again, great Aryan Initiates appeared upon Earth, incarnated in the physical form of man in order to change the course of Man's Destiny - to create the Superman, the Sun-Man, the God-Man. Or to re-create this in a new and vital form.

The regeneration of the English Folk cannot be split from the origins and destiny of that Folk, as part of the once great Aryan Race. And the regeneration of the English Folk is linked closely to the regeneration of Europe and the White Nations of the world. These have to be seen as a whole, as being interconnected at all levels.

Having learned a good deal more about the subject there is now a possibility that we can revive the Dragon-Ing Rite in a new form that will be even more powerful. Bringing into play the Holy Symbols of our Folk - the White Dragon and the Fylfot-Swastika - and the origins of our people - At-al-land - together with the knowledge of the Northern Tribes that make up the English Nation, there is the blueprint for a new and revived rite centred around the same ideas that went into the original by The Wayland Cat.

The re-enactment of the Original Myth was one of the most important rituals in ancient societies; it was done to bring Order out of the Original Chaos. Since the English Nation is today in the throes of chaos and destruction this is the time to re-enact our own Original Myth which will regenerate the English Folk and the English Folk-Nation.

(*) Seven Aryan Tribes survived the Ice Age, forming an alliance called 'Idel'; their emblem was the Sarman or Surban (Swastika) which represented the Sun's victory over the ice. The mightiest of these Seven Aryan Tribes was the Alp-Buri or 'People of the Wolf'.

Strangely enough the 'People of the Wolf' were the Wulfingas, an offshoot of the Wolsungas. In the original version the Seventh Sword of Wayland was the Sword of the Wolsungas. It was thus the Wolsungas - 'People of the Wolf' - that forged together the Seven Tribes of Ingwe.

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