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The Cosmic Joker

This post was sparked by an email from a supporter of WF and a keen follower of our work on the Last Avatar. The email asked some important questions about the Last Avatar, questions that I am afraid I cannot answer since the details have never been given to me. But a strange synchronicity followed today when I went into a 'charity shop' to look at the books there, and found a copy of Nostradamus & The Third Antichrist (Napoleon, Hitler & 'The One Still To Come') by Mario Reading. This was about the first two 'antichrists' - Napoleon and Adolf Hitler - and the 'Third Antichrist' ('The One Still To Come') as the title suggests. I will now look at the ideas in the book, or rather some of the ideas that concern our own work.

The title struck me straightway - 'The One Still To Come' - which is almost word for word from Miguel Serrano's - 'The Man To Come'. It also reminds me of Lord Lytton's 'The Coming Man'. Actually, I am not going to concern myself with the details of what he has to say, since I am certainly not certain about the ideas he gives. It is very easy to relate Nostradamus to Napoleon and Hitler since these are in the past, but to relate to something that has not yet happened is far harder and fraught with problems, since prophecy can only be fulfilled when it has actually happened. 

There are four specific prophecies that relate to Adolf Hitler, and these are not all covered by the author -

1. He is a man who came from Western Europe and who speaks loudly to the people.

2. His name is remembered more in the East.

3. He was sent by the 'Three Sisters of Destiny' - the 'Norns' - thus using Nuremburg ('Burg of the Norns') for his major rallies. 

4. His body would never be found, which it has not. He was thus, like Romulus, considered to be 'immortal'. 

These do not include the ones mentioning 'Hister' which are more suspect, and the name is not exactly similar as most authors of such works have declared. Other quatrains that have been linked to these two 'antichrists' have been added without any form of reason, and indeed added because they make these people look to be the 'evil monsters' that they have been declared to be. This sort of approach is typical, but does not make it the truth! And the truth is surely what we should be looking for. Anyway, this is not really the concern of this post, but mentioned in order to make the whole thing clearer.

The part which concerns us here is in Century 10 and near to the end of the prophecies. I would also like to give a warning here because most of us (including myself) have to at times quote from a source that may not always be accurate, simply because we do not have the original source, or the work is in a foreign language and we have to rely upon the translation available to us - which are sometimes (as I will show) not reliable. First I will give the French original and then the translations -

'Le temps present avecques le passe
Sera juge par grand Jovialiste,
Le monde tard lui sera lasse,
Et desloyal par le clergy jurists.'

(Original French by Erika Cheetham)

'Le temps present avecques le passe
Sera iuge par grand Iovialiste,
Le monde tard lui sera lasse,
Et desloial par le clerge iuriste'.

(Original French by Mario Reading)

'The present time together with the past will be judged by the great man of Jupiter. Too late will the world be tired of him and disloyal through the oath-taking clergy.'

(English translation by Erika Cheetham)

'Time present and past
Will be judged by the great comedian,
The world will tire of him when it is too late
Having forsaken its conventional clergy.'

(English translation by Mario Reading)

Clearly the second half of this quatrain has been given two different meanings, but this does not concern us here, and I am not in a position to state which is nearer to the truth. What does concern us is the difference in the first part, line two where jovialiste/iovialiste is given totally different meanings, one relating to 'Jupiter' (presumably linked to 'Jove'), and the other 'comedian'. I am not a French scholar but I would suggest that 'jovialiste' would relate to 'comedian' since it obviously stems from 'jovial' or 'jolly'. So you see here how we all need to be wary when using 'second-hand' texts - but this is only a sidetrack.

It is noticeable that Mario Reading uses the translation 'comedian' with a lower-case 'c', rather than 'Comedian', which would fit the French original which uses a capital 'J'. It may be that he wishes to get away from the idea of 'Jove', but I feel that is is an error, and would suggest that the translation 'Comedian' or rather 'Great Comedian' is the better version. I will explain.

I have many times given some details of the mystical experience (Solar Initiation) I had back in 1997, at the time of the appearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet. But there are certain points that I have not revealed, and one in particular that I kept back because I have to admit that I did not fully understand it. Behind the whole of this Solar Initiation was the figure of what I can only term The Cosmic Joker; this seemed to hint that the world is a joke played upon itself. This was hard to understand at the time, and made little sense, although it seemed to fit with the Divine Fool and also the Harlequin which is an aspect of the Wild Huntsman. This becomes clearer with the comments made of this quatrain -

'The final joke is upon us. Everything humanity thought would last will be lost in the mists of time. We are simply part of a whole, and relevant, even to ourselves, no longer. The Great Comedian has won.'

I am reminded of a strange dream that I recall from some years ago, a dream in which a kind of masked parade was led by a kind of 'joker' figure, a comic figure who lead masked dancers, dogs, wolves and other animals, and the whole thing was aimed at a mockery of the established order of things. Then I recall the strange laugh connected to 'Santa Clause' - Ho! Ho! Ho! - which is part of a call associated with the Wild Huntsman in Germania.

'When the Holy Father at Rome could only impotently lament before God the fate of the grex segregatus, the one-eyed old hunter, on the edge of the German forest, laughed and saddled Sleipnir.'

'Wotan' - Carl Gustav Jung.

I have said before that the English Awakening will not happen until after the Wild Hunt rides once more, led by Woden who will laugh and saddle up Sleipnir once more to create (s)laughter in the Islands of the Mighty. This is beyond Good and Evil and is part of the Archetypal Myth that is unfolding here in these islands. This is the role of Woden as the One-Eyed Hunter-God, and this role will be taken on by Wid-Ar the Avenger when Woden is finally swallowed by the 'Wolf of the Fens'. 

'When the great number seven completes itself
Games will begin at the Tomb side;
Not far from the turn of the millennium
The dead will rise out of their graves.'

Nostradamus 10:74

The term 'games of slaughter' is also used to translate Jeux d'Hecatombe, and using the term 'games' links to the above ideas on the Great Comedian or Cosmic Joker. 

In Norse Mythology there is no sense of total 'evil', rather forces working in different directions towards a common end. That common end is the 'Twilight of the Gods', the 'Doom of the Gods' and the 'Resurrection of the Gods'. Whatever sides are involved in this, this is the end result, and all part of the Cosmic Cycles of the Ages. The Great Comedian is naturally assumed to be 'Satan', but this is a Judaeo-Christian concept, and has nothing to do with Heathen Lore; Woden was indeed turned into 'The Devil' by the Christians in order to demonise our All-Father and replace him with the Desert-Demon, the 'Demiurge' of the Gnostics, the 'Anti-God'. 

The 'Antichrist' of these peoples comes under the same category, that of a demonisation of our True Gods, and a demonisation of the Last Avatar too, which naturally follows. This is why Friedrich Nietzsche wrote The Anti-Christ as a cock at the Established Church; he did not actually attack 'Christ' (or more precise 'Krist') since he suggested that the only 'true Christian' was the Christ slain on the demands of the Rabbis, and carried out by the Romans. Whether this was a man, or whether the whole thing is an allegory, really does not matter - the symbolism is there for all to see. It follows that Nietzsche condemned the Christian Church and thus saw this as the enemy of the Aryans or Hyperboreans. Thus, the 'Anti-Christ' is not the 'Anti-Krist', the latter being those who seek to destroy our Folk today the Dark Joten.

It is clearly stated that the Great Comedian will judge the 'time present' and the 'time past'; this was all part of the strange dream that I had of the Wild Hunt which contained judges which suggests the concept of justice. This, of course, is also the role of the Last Avatar who will bring back justice to this fallen and broken world - he will annihilate injustice and those who have ruled unjustly. This was also made clear in Hindu Legend of the Kalki Avatar, and Babylonian Legend of The Third Sargon. So this Cosmic Joker is also the God of Justice who destroys the 'evil' in order to reinstate the 'good'. 

'Time present and time past
Are perhaps both present in time future,
And time future contained in time past.
If time is eternally present,
All time is unredeemable.'

'Burnt Norton') - T.S. Eliot. (Quoted from Mario Reading)

If anything, the 'Satanic' figure today rules this rotten, corrupt, degenerate world; he is the 'Great Deceiver' and the 'Great Liar', the "Demiurge' of the Gnostics. Thus, the 'Third Anti-Christ' ('The Third Sargon) comes to destroy the Established Order, the New World Order ruled by this 'Satanic' force, or 'Saturnian Force'. In a sense, I see this 'Saturnian Force' being destroyed by its own force, a chaotic force wielded by Woden as the One-Eyed Old Hunter, or by his Son - Wid-Ar the Avenger! 

The Cosmic Joker is an 'Agent of Chaos' and we should recall that the Gods are part 'God' and part 'Joten' and can wield the Joten-Force against itself where this is needed. This 'Chaos' is a necessary part of the process, since any 'Old Order' has to be destroyed before a 'New Order' can become reality. This is the role of Woden, of Rudra-Shiva, of the One-Eyed Hunter-God. This force also leads the Army of the Dead ('the dead will come out of their graves'). 

August 11th 1999 and the solar eclipse ('Black Sun') heralded the conception of a New Age - the Age of Ing. The star positions nine months later (May 2000) symbolised the birth of the Age of Ing. This process also meant the conception and birth of a new god-force, a god-force that will (at some particular time) ensure the incarnation of the Last Avatar. At the present time all I can say is that this 'god-force' ensures that the way for 'The One Still To Come' is prepared, and the signs all point towards this happening here today in England - this is where the Woden Destiny is working out. 

The Hooded Man Mysteries, the HelgiH Mysteries, the Mysteries of the Son of Man, the Resurrection of The Fool, the Resurrection of Ingwe, the Hale-Bopp Comet Mystery - these all form part of a continuum, a pattern, an unfolding destiny, and above all a Divine Mission. Often I doubt these things myself, but then there appears new signs of this coming about, so the doubts clear - for now. If we do not doubt ourselves at times we can never reach the truth, and the truth is what matters today. 

The first signs of this appeared with the Robin of Sherwood TV Series, and this was Archetypal Myth arising anew, being 'resurrected' at this time because its time had come once more. Herne the Hunter, whose symbols are the Stag and the Snake, whose 'Son' is The Hooded Man, the English Folk-Hero who appears in the harshest times for the English Folk. This is a 'Folk-Leader', a leader of the English Folk. The 'Last Avatar' may be one and the same, though this is not always the case. This may be a figure who prepares the way, but it may also be a figure who embraces both the Folk-Leader and the Last Avatar; but it will be a 'resurrection', a new arising of the One-Eyed Hunter-God but this time in the role of a youthful Woodland Warrior. 

Also associated with the whole concept of The Hooded Man are the symbols of the Star & The Snake - the 'Hooded Cobra' and the 'Five-Rayed Star'. These are the Symbols of Woden, but they are also ancient symbols important to the 'Islands of the Mighty'. These symbols were said to be Druidic Symbols and here we cannot be sure as to what time-period the Ar-Kan Knowledge was stolen and distorted by the Counter-Initiation. This has to be kept in mind, since this seems very likely. It now seems possible that the Ar-Kan Knowledge was taken back to the Northlands from these islands, and thus to Iceland, making this part of the Sacred Eddas. The seat and centre of Druidism was said to be in Anglesey ('Angle's Island') and coincides with the people known as the Tegeingl/Deceangli ('Fair Angles'). This was the power the Romans sought to crush, so we are led to believe. What we do not know is whether this was because they held the Ar-Kan Knowledge - the Hyperborean Wisdom - or whether this had then been distorted. (*)

At some time much later than this, with the establishment of the 'Celtic Christianity', it seems that the knowledge was taken to the North, to the Vikings of the North, and thence to Iceland. This knowledge contained the Golden Section and Sacred Geometry, but we do not know what use this was made of, whether it was to retain the ancient wisdom, or whether its use was to further the control being established by the Christian Church. We should remember that the great cathedrals and churches used Sacred Geometry, as did the 'masons' which became Freemasonry

This is the next stage of our work, to unravel these mysteries and find the truth lying here; for this may well be the key to the reason why the English Folk have not only been denied their Germanic Identity, but also why the English Folk face the brunt of the destructive forces here, as well as the destruction of our lands. The Star & The Snake could be the key to this; symbols are neutral and these do relate to The Hooded Man in some strange way. 

We need also to consider that there was a 'Celtic Christianity' which existed alongside a 'Germanic Christianity' here in these islands, both of which differed considerably from the Catholic Christian Church, and both of which had to be crushed by the Established Church. Just a look at the Old English texts shows that in many ways they differed, and held within them many heathen beliefs which were incorporated (or hidden) within 'Christian' beliefs. I have used the terms 'Celtic' and 'Germanic' but these two may well have been from the same roots. I am not saying they were 'heathen' at all, but they were a 'bridge' to the new Christian Religion, but could have kept within them some of the hidden knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients

This is not something that has not happened, since we find the very same process within Hinduism. The ancient Aryan Ur-Religion was becoming distorted and the priesthood (brahmins) were, like all organised priesthoods, no doubt using their religion for the purposes of power over the people. This happened due to the intermixture of different peoples of race and culture, and so the Ancient Wisdom had to be saved by certain Initiates who withdrew into the forests, and decided to spread the wisdom amongst all castes in order to preserve it, yet with the knowledge that most would not understand the inner meanings. Thus Buddhism was developed as a further extension of this process. 

Guido von List postulated a kind of 'hidden order', in this case the Armanen Initiates, who passed on the Ancient Wisdom, and this type of 'hidden order' seems to have existed, under different names, for centuries, as an 'Initiation' and a 'Counter-Initiation', both working at opposite poles, and both working against each other. The 'Counter-Initiation' having stolen the Ancient Wisdom (perhaps in Egypt) and then continued the current into modern times. 

The 2012 Olympic Games or 'Games of Zion' were a parody of the true Olympic Games and a glaring case of indoctrination of the masses, as are all forms of games and 'entertainment' today. This was the work of the 'hidden hand', of the 'counter-initiation'. What the 2012 games showed was the extent that these people are going to in order to recreate 'Zion' ('New Jerusalem') here in these islands - as exposed by using the poem of William Blake. What we have to consider is whether they are 'recreating' some form of myth that they have distorted for their own ends. It is fairly obvious that they would resist at all costs the arising of a Folk-Hero that would lead the Germanic Folk to freedom, and that this applies also to the Last Avatar. All of the power of the Old Order must rise up against the One who would challenge and overthrow their corrupt and rotten world-order. It is here in these islands that we find the Archetypal Myth of Ingwe (Germanic) and Mabon (Celtic); the Archetypal Myth of the Son of the Sun. It is here that we await the Resurrection of the Son of the Widow - Hamlet, Parsifal, or The Hooded Man (The Pure Fool). 

(*) We have to remember that the English exist today but are ruled by an alien elite who seek to destroy us, not to guide us in our destiny. This may have been the case before, and thus caution is necessary when dealing with the ancient past.

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