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The Heildom

What we refer to as the Heildom or Haeldom is a society or community that is 'whole', that works together as one without division and conflict. This type of society does not exist today, but it is our duty to recreate the society based upon a New Order - The Heildom. There are certain terms that should be understood in regard to the meaning of heil or hael -

- OE hal = base of the word halig which means 'holy'; means 'whole', 'healthy', and 'hale'.

OE hael = 'good luck', 'well-being', 'health', 'happiness'. 

OE haelend = 'saviour', but in truth used in a specific way since the true meaning is 'the healer' or 'he who makes whole'. The 'saviour' is 'he who creates the haeldom'. 

Variants to this are haelo/haelu which are used in the same way. The terms have an 'otherworldly' hint and should not be taken as material 'luck' but as a 'gift' from the Gods - gifu auja. The word auja means 'I desire' and 'denotes a boon granted by the Gods'. (*) 

The phrase Waes thu Hael or Waes Hael is not merely a greeting wishing 'good health' but more of a request that the Gods grant their heil to mankind or to a specific individual, that they favour us through granting such a blessing. Again, this is not a blessing that is specifically 'asked' for, which seems to underline the Judaeo-Christian idea of prayer, but a 'blessing won by correct observance of religious ritual' (*). Here it should be noted that this is the correct ritual and the correct sacrifice which, as I have said before, is a self-sacrifice in that we 'give' in order to 'receive' - the basis of the Gifu-Rune. This is not just a matter of getting the ritual right, but of offering ourselves to the Gods as a 'sacrifice'. This is the essence of the word 'sacrifice' which means 'to make sacred'. (**)

A community or society that is heil works in complete harmony, each section being a part of the greater whole. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in the Aryan Social Order -

The Kon - The king or Sacral King. He is the 'head', the 'brains', the Man of Knowledge (Sage), the 'ruler' (the one who 'measures' and thus makes holy and sacred), the leader who is the incarnation of a God-Force.

The AEthlinga - The Princes or Nobility. These are the caste from which the Sacral King emerges, or in later times the King is elected. They are the Warrior-Caste and the 'arms', the force of action and movement.

The Ceorl - This is the Farmer-Provider Caste, the landsman, the group dedicated to virility and fertility, the 'groin' area which is the area connected to virility, fertility and the continuation of the Tribe, Nation and Race. 

The Thrall - These are the 'legs' of the body; the manual-caste, the 'workers', those who do the hard and manual work. This caste should not be ignored, nor seen as 'inferior' (except in regard to this hierarchy) because they are a necessary part of the whole. Those within this caste (at this time) should try to raise themselves above it, of course. 

This social order is what we see as the heildom where each part is an essential part of the whole, each part knowing its place within the whole, each part working as part of the whole, and for the whole. This is the only society that can work correctly, it is the Right Order of things. When this takes place the Haelend appears, naturally, and his role is to recreate this Right Order, to recreate the Haeldom. When this happens happiness, joy and good health return to a society, the people are happy and there is Strength through Joy.

We can see how this society does not exist today, where our 'multi-culti' society is nothing but conflict, and which has no cohesion through the ties of Blood and Soil. Ill health abounds, illness is indeed seen as 'natural', and even 'wished' (no doubt to attract attention in some). Dis-ease abounds, there is no ease and relaxation, there is only strain and stress. People brag of the illnesses and dis-ease they have, and that their offspring have; they worship dis-ease, bad health and pain. Those who are ill and unhealthy are set up as something to look up to, something to worship - even though much of this is based upon nothing more than an unnatural 'pity for the weak'. 

Conflict between white and colour, conflict between man and woman, conflict between boss and worker, between the rulers and the people, conflict between one religion and another....all of these conflicts have been deliberately created. The cause can be found in one simple idea - Global Socialism and Global Communism. These are but secular extensions of the religious conflict created with the introduction of Judaeo-Christianity. The 'Revolt of the Slaves' as Julius Evola put it, the destruction of the harmony of the Natural Order, the Caste Order, by turning the lower castes against the higher castes (lower in terms of their position in the 'body'). In order to understand the role of Marxist Socialism or Marxist Communism, and thus 'Cultural Marxism' it needs to be recognised that this is nothing but a means to 'divide and conquer'.

Now we must look at the another way. Everything within this 'multi-culti' society is divided, is seen as a 'part' without being able to see the 'whole'. This is like splitting the atom, so that it is now in parts, and can only be seen in parts, without a knowledge of the whole, without seeing the whole 'picture'. This is how we all see things today, we see the parts but we do not see the whole, we break everything into parts and there is no wholeness. One particular case of this is the way that modern man sees the world as a material and physical thing, rather than a Living Being. Modern man has lost touch with the other worlds, has ignored them, or worst still no longer believes they exist or the a 'God' exists. As Nietzsche said 'God is Dead!' - man has killed 'God'. The cosmos is no longer seen as a Living Being of which we are a part, an integral part that should be working in harmony with it. The same goes for the Earth, of which we should be an integral part, should be working in harmony with, not pillaging and raping its resources, and killing off the Earth as this is done. 

In ancient times politics, society, magic, mysticism, & religion were seen as being part of a wholeness, each being necessary and each having a function within the wholeness of that society. This is not so today, and these are all seen as different, as not being linked to the others. The functions of these things were the role of different individuals within that wholeness, each one knowing his place, his role, his part of the Divine Order. When these are seen as separate, as not being linked, then in step the forces that divide, that break apart, that create disorder and chaos. All that is needed is the 'seed' which is introduced into the mind of the masses, the seed known as Christianity where the meek and weak are put above the strong and healthy, the seed known as the 'Communist Manifesto' where the lower castes must overthrow the higher castes, the seed known as 'Anarchy' where leaders are deemed to be unnecessary, the seed known as 'Equality' where no-one is any different than another, and thus no-one has any form of role within a Divine Order, no one can be higher and thus no one can raise himself above the mediocre. (**)

The essence of the Ancient Vedas, as I have been working on lately, is that of the Eternal War between the Forces of Darkness and the Forces of Light, between the Dasyus (Daisyus) and the Arya. Sri Aurobindo gives two roots connected to the name 'Dasyus' -

dasa - 'servant',

das - 'to work'.

This reinforces the fact that these Forces of Darkness were responsible for the creation of Judaeo-Christianity, Marxist Socialism, Marxist Communism, Left-Wing Anarchism, Egalitarianism, etc. since we have here the clear indication of the 'Revolt of the Slaves'. This also infers that these are 'servants', i.e. the 'Servants of the Darkness'. They serve in that they bow down, they obey, they fall beneath the Will of the Dark Lord, as opposed to the Arya who 'worships' his Gods in the sense not of bowing down but the true sense of emulating

Etymologists are often wont to dismiss certain similar roots, and this seems to infer that they cannot see the 'whole' but again only the 'parts'; there are some root-words that do seem to be the same, even though the meanings are different. We should see the heil-ness which is involved in what seems to be different, but is merely a part of the whole. Consider the following -

IE Root *da/*dai 

This seems obviously the root of dasyu/daisyu and it means 'to divide'; not only does this mean 'servant', 'slave', but also 'to divide' or 'those who divide'. We can extend this somewhat. It is quite possible that the Dews who are the enemies of Ahura Mazda and the Arya have the name rooted in *da/dai and are also the 'dividers', those who break up the wholeness. 

These forces are the Joten of Norse Mythology, the Eoten of English Lore, the 'eaters', the forces that 'eat' the souls of the dead, that devour, that return them to the Primal Chaos, that halt the upward evolution towards Immortality. These are the forces that divide, that break down, that devour, that 'eat away', that stop mankind from 'eating of the Tree of Life' that they may 'become as Gods' (the role of Yahweh/El Shaddai in Genesis). These forces 'eat away' at society like a rat gnawing, breaking down, destroying, and then 'leaving the fallen house'. They are the Dasyus, the Dews, the Joten, the enemies of the Arya, the enemies of the Ancient Solar-Race, the enemies of the Divine Light. Indeed, it is the Divine Light that destroys the Joten (Giants), that 'turns them to stone', i.e. that stops them from being active in their role. In Hinduism the Dark Powers became the 'Asuras' which is a word that may be connected to the AEsir; but it is also possible that the A-Suras were the counter-forces to the Suras - the Force of Light (Surya = the Solar Light). The prefix A- negates the meaning of the rest of the word. (Hamasson pointed out that A-braham may well be a negation of 'brahman', the counter-side to the Holy Brahma.)

Most Egyptologists recognise that the high Egyptian Civilisation arose suddenly from nowhere - it appeared as if overnight. Civilisations do seem to appear as if from nowhere, arising as if some higher force were acting within its people. There seems to be some sort of connection, a connection to the Sacred Centre, a connection that had been lost, broken, divided. When reconnected to the Sacred Centre, to the Source, a people appear to become higher in form, producing genius where there had been none, producing people who had a higher consciousness, a higher being. The Heildom is created; but it takes the Heiland to appear to bring about the healing of the people and the land.

From reading between the lines when the Arya conquered lands they seemed to infuse the land with their Sacred Light. They formed a bond between their Sacred Blood and the Sacred Soil on which they lived, the soil taken in conquest and toiled upon in later generations. The Arya were the Ancient Solar Race, the race that Rama was said to have sprung from, as told in the Ramayana. There are strange accounts of very tall men whose countenance shone like a beacon-light. 

This was in the far distant past, since which time this great race fell from grace, mixed its Sacred Blood with other peoples and declined bit by bit over thousands of years until today only the degenerate remains can be seen, and the Power of the Arya dormant in the Blood, awaiting the time for it to awaken again to re-create the Sun-Man, the Sonnenmensch, the Arya. And then the Heildom will be created once more.

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