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The Haelend

Honour & Loyalty

One Land : One Blood

A growing darkness is descending upon our lands, the Eye of Sauron the Terrible moves endlessly, looking for signs of dissent, signs of pockets of resistance to the Evil Regime that has taken control of these islands, and which seeks to break us from our roots and thus destroy the English Folk. We stand, alone, against the mighty Forces of Darkness whose power grows by the day, and this we have to understand in the context of the Cyclic Time.

The spring heralds a 'New Dawn' and life begins to break out anew from the seeming death of the winter months. The seeds start to break into new life, followed by the summer of vigorous growth. Plants start to mature, and new seeds are formed ready for the next cycle. Then comes the autumn, the time of slowing down, of shedding these seeds, and the start of the decay of all things as winter approaches. Then comes the Yuletide, the lowest point of the yearly cycle, the point of death, yet the point of rebirth. This is the Longest Night, and yet this is also the time when the Sun is 'reborn', when the Power of Light starts to wax anew, when the Forces of Light begin their ascent and they start to challenge the Forces of Darkness. 

The winter period is the coldest, wettest and the period which is the most destructive, in which the weak are killed off so that the strong may win through and begin the new cycle. This is the time of greatest destruction, and yet it is the time when the Forces of Light are waxing, when the Sun's Power begins to climb once more, to counter the Forces of Darkness. When we consider that the years 1933 - 1945 were the Earth's equivalent to the Twelve Nights of Yule then we are today firmly in the winter period and the period of destruction. But we also have to recognise that this is the time when we see the Forces of Light arising once more - and this can be seen all over Europe and the areas where our Folk have wandered and settled. 

At this crucial time the Forces of Darkness know that their time is short, and they act accordingly by trying to crush all opposition to their position of power over the world. They know that the Forces of Light are arising, that the Light is growing, that the Solar Power will once more challenge and overthrow their Dark Empire. Their power may seem total, and yet this will not last since the wheel is still turning, and the Light is growing more and more powerful. These Servants of Darkness become arrogant in the knowledge they control all, and at such times they will make errors. It has always been said that gaining power is the easy bit, holding on to it is far more difficult.

The above is a drawing done by Steed, depicting the Last Avatar whom we see as Kalki Avatar, HelgiH or Wid-Ar the Avenger. But this is more than that, for it is not a sign that we should sit back and wait for a 'Messiah' figure to arise, to sit back and do nothing in the knowledge that someone will come along and do it for us. This symbolism is far more than that, and until more people see it for what it is we shall amble along on our path rather than arise like a comet bursting upon the world.

What is needed is a new Folkish Religion and one based upon a new Archetype; this has been stated many times but it needs to be re-emphasised because without the recognition that we need a new God-Force, a new God-Symbol, then we shall not awaken our Folk. To awaken our Folk needs a new religion, and that new religion has to have a new 'God' suited to the New Age. The old 'God', the Hanged God, a European Man hung in dejection, humiliation and defeat has been responsible for the overthrow of our Aryan Kingship, of the destruction of the people, and all because we followed the image of this 'God' who drew us down into the depths of destruction. 

We see in this image a far different 'God', a new Aryan Archetype, the image of a Warrior, a Hero-God, a strong and virile figure bound to the Sacred Centre (The White Mountain), carrying a Flaming Sword, and protected by the White Dragon (on the shield). He rides a White Horse, the horse being a powerful Solar Symbol, and also a powerful symbol of movement, of swiftness, of the Light and Sun, and yet the Light and Sun of Inner Illumination. The Comet is the Hale-Bopp Comet which heralded the birth of a New Age - the Age of Ing, the Age of the Crowned and Avenging Son. This comet heralded the sinking of At-al-land, and today heralds the arising anew of At-al-land. A new and powerful Star shines over North-West Europe. 

The West is the Land of the Dying Sun, the land of death, where the Sun sinks under the seas, heralded by the Evening Star. It is here, in the Lands of the West, that the final stand must be made; the East is the Land of the Rising Sun, where the New Dawn arises, slaying the Dragon of Darkness. When we 'worship' a god-form or archetype we do not bow down in submission; this is not what the English word 'worship' means. It means 'to emulate', and thus to take as a form that we will look to for guidance and to recreate ourselves in that form. This is the nature of such an image, and the nature of this new Aryan Archetype. It is there as a new ideal, there for us to try to emulate, to copy, indeed - to become. This image is that of the Warrior-Hero, the Warrior-God we know as Wid-Ar who today is silent in contemplation of the horrors going on in our lands. That silence will be broken when we accept and take up this new Aryan Archetype, when Wid-Ar the Silent will become Wid-Ar the Avenger.

The White Dragon is a coiled, winged, serpent having three coils and thus linked to the Serpent-Force known to the Hindus as Kundalini. This is the power of Ingwe, the Inga-Fire which illuminates as an 'Inner Sun', Ingwe also being the God of Force and God of Energy, as well as the Will-Seer. It is this 'Inner Fire' that must be awoken within our Folk. Ingwe is the god who represents movement and action, of the growth of the 'Inner Fire' and the movement of this 'Inner Fire of Illumination'. This 'Inner Fire' is kindled by friction, it is kindled thus by struggle; with ease and comfort this will not be kindled, only through constant struggle, struggle against overwhelming odds. 

There is a subtle symbolism here in that we have the Serpent-Fire which is coiled and thus 'dormant', but when this is awoken the Fire of Ingwe is kindled and becomes the Flaming Sword which is the sword that will slay the Dragon of Darkness. The 'Sacred Mountain' or 'White Mountain' in the background is not only the symbol of the Sacred Centre but also symbolises the arising anew of the Lost Lands of At-al-land out of the seas of the North-West. And yet again, it is also the rising power of Ingwe arising from the Waters of Chaos that have engulfed the worlds at the end of the world-age and the Cycle of the Ages. 

The White Dragon is the most ancient symbol of Ingwe - Lord of the High Elves; through the Power of Ingwe (The White Dragon) the English Awakening must and will come. This symbol has been the one uniting factor within a splintered movement, but that which is broken can be made whole again by the Haelend - The Man to Come. We do await the coming of the Haelend, the one who will unite us and lead the Forces of Light, but in order that this figure can arise we need the new Folkish Religion based upon the new Aryan Archetype, for out of this Chaos will arise a new and virile movement based upon the Religion of Wid-Ar the Avenging Son.

The Broken Sword is symbolic of the broken nation - Albion - and it is our task to reforge that Broken Sword. The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness are held within the blade of Albion. It is this balance that we must achieve, and this is done through the Haelend (at one level of meaning) which will achieve the haeldom. It is fire - the Inga-Fire - that must be used to reforge the Sword, and this Inga-Fire will be the 'Inner Fire' within the Folk-Nation, the 'Inner Fire' that will ignite and burst into flames as the nation awakens to its Divine Mission. 

The 'awakening' will not be the work of one man, but of a group of Woden Initiates who arise and come together working towards a common goal. Politics cannot right the problems we face, and the Enemy knows how to deal with political action - it has controlled it for so long now. Only a new religious movement will bring about the Awakening.

In the Vedas it is Agni who rules over and performs the sacrifice; this is not a 'blood-sacrifice' which is a later degeneration, but the sacrifice of oneself to the whole, the sacrifice of the individual for the sake of the Folk. This sacrifice is done through friction, through the struggle for freedom. This also involves the Divine Twins who also aid this task. This is the key to our work today, the task of sacrificing our own lives, our ease and comfort, for a Higher Struggle, for a Higher Purpose. Wisdom and Action. This hints at the Warrior-Thinker that we have constantly promoted, the idea arising from Jonathon Bowden's take on Byron's ideas of the joining of the Intellectual and the Fighter.

Light in the Darkness; the torches symbolise the growing Powers of Light appearing within an Ocean of Darkness. The Dark Powers are supposedly waging a 'War on Terror' and in a typical Orwellian fashion this is just the opposite of what they are doing. They are waging a 'War of Terror' against anyone and anything that stands between their total control of the world and their creation of the 'New World Order' which has long been foretold. But there is a growing Light in the Darkness.

The 'Hanged God' is dead! The Crowned and Avenging Son must take his place. The image of a god-form hung in dejection, despair, humiliation and defeat must give way to the form of a Warrior-God, a Hero-God, armed and militant, fierce and strong, wielding a Flaming Sword and riding a White Horse, sporting the White Dragon of Ingwe - Lord of the New Age. This is a true god-force, joined to the Sacred Centre, sprung from the Sacred Mountain of the Arya. This is the new Aryan Warrior-God. 

Honour & Loyalty!

One Land - One Blood!

The Land of Ingwe & the Blood of the Engel-Kin!

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