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Death and the Afterlife

Materialistic science denies the existence of spiritual realms, believing in the material world around us, the world which the majority of people see and experience. What cannot be seen does not exist - how many times have we heard this statement. There are plenty of things that cannot be seen, such as air, gases, electricity, magnetism etc. but these can be measured by electronic means, so to materialistic scientists they do exist. What about the 'Black Hole'? No-one has ever found a 'Black Hole' for this concept is merely a theory. Scientists can merely measure other factors and surmise that these are caused by a 'Black Hole'.

Quantum science has discovered that matter can pass in and out of the material world, and thus surmise that there must be other worlds. This is one step towards recognising that there are other worlds, and that these are peopled by other types of being. A step in the right direction. It has also been discovered that the universe is linked by threads, very mush like the Web of Wyrd which our ancestors believed in. Rather than a mechanical universe, it is more like a 'giant thought'. Basically, as the ancients knew, everything is linked, and everything has consciousness to some degree.

This is where the Aryan Science differed from today's materialistic science, for ancient science was based firmly on consciousness, states of consciousness, and how to attain higher states of consciousness. In the fabled Golden Age, higher beings would walk the earth of the Ur-Lands of Hyperborea, beings known as the Shining Ones because they were far more spiritual with bodies that were translucent and not dense as ours are today. After the Great Catastrophe the Ur-Lands of Hyperborea were removed into a different dimension; simply put the vibrations of this land were changed from that of the material Earth.

The cause of the Great Catastrophe seems to be the mixing of the Igneous Blood of the Shining Ones with the lower species of mankind upon the Earth. Thus the Shining Ones who mixed their blood with the 'daughters of men' became famous and renowned, but they had lost their true spirituality and their ancient powers would atrophy as the ages rolled by, until today these powers are at their lowest, and there are so few Higher Men here on Earth. Miguel Serrano suggests this was a deliberate plan by the Gods to counter the growing power of the Lord of Darkness - the 'Demiurge' as he puts it.

Those who remained pure would have remained in Hyperborea, but those who were left upon the changed Earth would have lost much of their power, and would thus have needed some form of spiritual training in order to hold on to what powers they had left. As the ages passed this training would have been more and more necessary, and only for the Elite of the Race. Only the higher castes were based upon the Sun-Initiation. The lost Hyperborea is probably the  same as Odainsacre based in Hela's Realm, a pure land of Light and Life where Baldaeg the Sun-God rules. This is the Inner Earth of Miguel Serrano, a world parallel to our Earth.

If we look at the Buddhist texts we find that the concept of the bodhisattva is that of a Higher Spiritual Being who incarnates at will in order to aid mankind at some stage. Whereas the Buddha achieved what is known as nirvana through his spiritual enlightenment, and thus reached a stage where he moved into a higher dimension, the bodhisattva moves to another world but awaits his time to resurrect upon the Earth in order to aid mankind. This concept we can find in our own Valhalla, which I am going to look at here.

Materialistic science insists that consciousness can be found only in the physical body; this seems to have been proven wrong through what are termed 'near death experiences' (NDE's) where the subject is clinically dead and yet later revives having a knowledge of what happened, or having seen things that would seem impossible to see unless consciousness was still present. The idea that consciousness exists only in the physical, and thus dies with the physical body, was totally alien to our ancestors who believed wholeheartedly in life after 'death'. The idea of a 'heaven' came into being at a later time through Judaeo-Christianity, and this had nothing whatever to do with Valhalla but more to do with a means of controlling the people. This concept of 'heaven' distorted the true belief in afterlife that our ancestors held to.

We can surmise that there are different realms of the 'afterlife', each of these being totally different -

Realm of the Gods - This would be where the Higher Spiritual Beings such as 'Buddha' would go to after attaining enlightenment. From this world mankind is still guided by the Shining Ones.

Valhalla - This is where the Fallen Warriors go, those who fought and died in the Eternal Struggle against the Joten. The Saxons and Vikings struggled in their time against the growing power of the Religion of Evil which had begun to dominate Europe at that time. The need for the Heroic Warrior to go to Valhalla, to train with the Gods and then to 'resurrect' again on Earth to continue the same struggle seems obvious. The Gods wage this war at a higher level - the 'War in the Heavens' - but there is obviously a need for the Heroic Warrior on Earth to fight the battle on the material plane. This is why Valhalla is such an important concept to us. This corresponds to the idea of the Bodhisattva or Tulka who incarnates at will in order to return to aid mankind. The Einheriar are the Chosen Warriors of Woden who fight the Everlasting Battle; these are the warriors that either prepare the way for a coming Folk-Fuhrer or an Avatar, or fight beside the Folk-Fuhrer or Avatar.

Ancestral Realm - The Solar Heroes would gain a place in Asgard or Valhalla, but there has to be a realm where those who do not struggle in this battle are reborn or reincarnated into their family or tribe. This seems clear from experiences people have had with being reborn into a family. It is usually said that the grandparent is reborn into the grandchildren, but we have no proof of this idea.

Hela - The 'Evil Dead' - the White Traitors and those who commit the most vile crimes, those who have been 'ground' by the 'Eaters of the Dead' (Eoten), will go to the Dark Hel where they return to the Primal Chaos, return to the source whence they came. This is not the place of 'eternal damnation' which the Christians distorted it into, but a return to the Chaos whence all things arise. We have to remember that Hel is said to be the offspring of Loki the Joten and is both black and white, light and dark, alive and dead. Hela has different realms of the dead.

The key to the idea of immortality is the recreation of the Astral Body or Star Body which has been lost through the mixing of the blood with lower-mankind. According to Miguel Serrano not everyone would have this Astral Body and only through an alchemical transformation can this be re-built. This, he says, is the 'Son of Man'. We can, of course, equate this idea with the runes Mann and Ing but this will not concern us here.

It is clear that the level of consciousness and thus the vibratory level that controls the 'afterlife' experience and entry into the realms of the dead. What we need to remember is that our own tradition shows us the way here, for the term Wyrd means not only 'to become' but also 'worth'. Thus, our lives are in a state of Eternal Becoming, and it is through our deeds that our 'worth' is assessed, and when we lead an honourable life, a life dedicated to the struggle of our Folk and our Gods, we can enter Valhalla and feast with the Gods. There we shall train with the Einheriar for the Everlasting Battle, and be resurrected upon Earth to fight again on this level.

Death is not an end but a new beginning; it seems to be a change in the vibratory level of the individual. There are those who will be devoured by the Primal Chaos - the White Traitors and those who have forsaken their race and their gods. These are not our concern. These we have no time for. It is the remnants of our Folk who are still open to new ideas, who are not self-centred and uncaring as to what happens in the future.

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