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The Aryan Avatar

The Wild Hunt

This post was sparked by a re-reading of one of Wotan's Krieger's posts on Aryan Myth and Metahistory. The above painting was by the German artist Franz von Stuck and is called The Wild Hunt. This was painted in 1899, ten years after painting a similar work called Die Wilde Jagd in which the figure he painted looks remarkably like Adolf Hitler.

Die Wilde Jagd (close-up)

As Wotan's Krieger has pointed out, the first is titled in German but the second is titled in English. Is this really a co-incidence? Wotan's Krieger suggests that the second painting is of the Last Avatar. The first painting - Die Wilde Jagd - was, as I said, painted in 1889 the exact year of Hitler's birth! The second was painted in 1899 and here lies another 'coincidence', for this is 100 years prior to the year 1999 when (as I have pointed out) the Black Sun (solar eclipse) brought back to life the King of the Angles (Ingwe/Wid-Ar). This prophecy was that of Nostradamus.

Wotan's Krieger has hit upon something of extreme importance here, if this is more than mere 'coincidence'. Nostradamus, a Jewish Seer, came very  close in a number of his prophesies -

'This man will be called by a barbaric name that three sisters will receive from destiny. He will speak then to a great people in words and deeds, more than any other will have fame and renown.'

Century 1:76

The 'barbaric name' was obviously 'Hitler' whose name is a variation of 'Heidler' meaning 'Heathen'. Since his forename means 'Noble Wolf' then the name in full is 'Heathen Noble Wolf' - you cannot get more 'barbaric' than that. He did speak to a 'great people' in his 'words and deeds', and 'more than any other will have fame and renown', few (even his sworn enemies) do not know his name, and his enemies bring back his name over and over again into our times. The 'Three Sisters' are the Norns or Sisters of Wyrd, the Norns give us the name of ths famous hub of German National Socialism - Nuremburg.

'In the deepest part of Western Europe a child will be born of poor family, who by his speech will entice many peoples. His reputation will grow even greater in the Kingdom of the East.'

Century Three: 35

The 'deepest part of Western Europe' is Austria and Hitler's speeches certainly enticed many peoples, not only in Germany. Indeed, although he has been demonised here in the West, in the East he remains a figure of great importance, indeed in many areas he was recognised as an Avatar.

'Various sects will arise in Germany which will come close to a happy paganism. The heart captive, the returns small, they will return to pay the true tithe'.

Century Three: 76

Germany became heathen and returned to Christianity after its defeat in World War II.

'Near the Rhine from the Norican mountains will be born a great man of the people, come too late. He will defend Poland and Hungary and they will never know what became of him.'

Century Three: 58

Some of this is certainly not true of Adolf Hitler, but he was 'born a great man of the people' and he fulfilled his Archetypal Myth when 'they will never know what became of him', just as Frederick Barbarossa and King Arthur, both of these being the Once and Future King, the Avatar that lies 'sleeping' to be awakened again when the time is right. when  the stars are aligned in the right position.

And moving onwards -

'A new set of philosophers despising death, gold, honours and riches will not be limited by the mountains of Germany, in their following will be crowds and support'.

Century Three: 67

Wotan's Krieger mentions a figure called Mabus who is named in the Prophecies of Nostradamus and who is sometimes seen as the 'Third Anti-Christ'. Mabus is a name that seems to be linked to the Welsh Mabon who is the 'Divine Child' whose name and essence is linked to Ingwe, for both mean 'son of' or 'offspring of'. Indeed, in the well-known version of these prophecies (Erika Cheetham' we find that the quatrain mentioning Mabus has the possible interpretation headed - 'WORLD LEADER POSSIBLY THIRD ANTICHRIST' and Century Ten: 72 mentioning the year 1999 and the 'King of Angolmois' has the interpretation headed - 'WAR IN 1999 - THIRD ANTICHRIST'. This 'Anti-Christ' would be seen as the enemy of the Old Order.

Die Wilde Jagd

On January 1st 1989 Woden appeared to me in a dream in which he showed me the Mysteries of the Star and the Snake and the Mysteries of The Hooded Man. The star was the Morning Star - the Star of the Resurrection - and the Snake was the Hooded Serpent or Hooded One who initiated these Mysteries. Indeed..........The Hooded Man is coming to the forest....

The Wild Hunt (close-up)

'In the year 1999, and seven months, from the sky will come the Great King of Terror. He will bring back to life the Great King of Angol-mois. Before and after Mars reigns happily.'

Century Ten:72

The sword Hunlafing Hildeleoman (Hun-Bequest - Battle-Flame) was placed in the lap of Hengest whose Wyrd bade him conquer the Islands of the Mighty and throw off the yoke of the 'Religion of Evil' (Judaeo-Christianity). The Sword passed from the 'Hun' (Germany - the Fatherland) to the 'Son' (England - the Land of Ingwe).

Not until the Wild Hunt rides here in England will the English Folk awaken to their peril and rise up anew to face their True Destiny. If what Wotan's Krieger says is right then as I have always maintained, the Last Avatar will arise here in England.

The Mask of The Terrible One

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