Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Aesir & Vanir

Established scholars, and also many more 'enlightened' scholars of Norse-Germanic Mythology, Celtic Mythology and Hindu Mythology invariably see a pattern in the 'invasion theories' which abound in these areas. The theme of these goes somewhat like this -

Peoples who worshipped gods and goddesses of peace and plenty were suddenly invaded by a warlike, fierce people who worshipped gods and goddesses of war and slaughter. The latter were usually the 'Nasty Aryans' of modern dogma. 

Common sense should tell us how stupid this idea really is, and that any form of 'invasion theory' built around this is unnecessary. Let us imagine a people in times of peace, worshipping gods and goddesses of peace and plenty, such as the Vanir-Gods. It does not take an invasion to change things, merely a change in circumstances. Why would such a people not worship gods of peace and plenty? But why would they do so threatened by invasion of their lands or being pushed out and having to move due to invasion or catastrophe? They would then take up the worship of war-gods and gods of battle. No change in people, merely a change in circumstances. 

I have mentioned how the union of Ingwe & Woden is necessary, and this is clearly the background to the First War in the World when the AEsir (Woden) fought the Vanir (Ingwe) and thus fused together as one set of gods, usually under the name AEsir. 

Today there is a dire need for the worship of Ingwe as a god of virility and fertility since our people are threatened with sterility and thus destruction. But we are also in a situation where our survival is threatened and times are growing more and more violent and oppressive, thus the need for the worship of Woden and the AEsir-Gods. Hardly a time to celebrate gods of 'peace and plenty', though the fertility and virility aspect is vital. 

The addition of Sulphur (Ingwe = Sun-Fire) to Mercury (Woden) is necessary for the transformation of Lead (Saturn) into Gold (The Golden Age and the creation of the Sonnenmensch). This is an important concept to meditate upon.

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