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The 'Giants' of Teutondom

Looking carefully at Norse Mythology and comparing this to Vedic Mythology we find that there are two and not one Race of Giants. In Norse Mythology these stem from the Giant Ymir whose name means 'twin'. To understand this better I will start with the Vedas where the Primaeval Being named Parusha (a giant being) was sacrificed by the Gods, and from his limbs was created the World Order or Cosmic Order -

His mouth became the Brahma (Priest),

His arms became the Rajanya (Warrior),

His thighs became the Vaisya (Free Caste),

From his feet arose the Sudra (Thrall-Slave Caste).

In Vafthrudnersmal (Norse Myth) we find that -

"A son and a daughter are said to have been born together under the hrimthurse's arm; foot begat with foot the strange-headed son of the wise giant."

Gylfaginning says - "Under Ymir's left arm grew forth a man and a woman, and with his one foot begat with the other a son. Thence come races."

Although the first account from the Rig Veda contains this very same idea it seems to have been altered in order to bring into play the Caste System created by Manu. The Norse Myths are nearer to the original since they hold the secret of a 'Sweat-Born Race of Giants', born from the arm, and a 'Low-Born Race of Giants' born from the feet, the area of the 'Thrall' or 'Slave-Caste'. The latter are the 'strange-headed' monsters or low-born caste. The former are the Clan of Mimir and his sister, Odin's mother, and the latter are Thrudgelmir and Bergelmir and their offspring. 

The 'Sweat-Born' idea, born from under the arms of Ymir, is similar to the idea of a 'Sweat-Born Race' mentioned in Mdme. Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine. This is a Noble Race of Giants. The High-Born Giants were responsible for Cosmic Order and World Order, and thus aided the Gods and Man in this task, whereas the Low-Born Race of Giants hindered this work and created disorder, chaos and unhealthiness in the world of men. Ymir could perhaps be seen as a 'twin' made up of Mimir and Wyrd (Urd) who are brother and sister. 

The Yr-Rune is the Rune of Ymir at one level, and the root of the mantra YM or OM which is the sound from which creation arises. This is not obvious in the rune-meaning 'Yew-Bow', nor in the Old English Rune-Poem. But if we dissect the rune above we find an Ur-Rune within which is an Irminsul (Ur-Man-Sul). This rune is that of the Primal Being Ymir who is 'The Twin' out of which the races spring - one High-Born and one Low-Born. These races are always at odds with each other as the Goden-Joten or the Arya-Dasyus. The rune is also symbolic of the UR or origins, from which arise the Irminsul, which here clearly shows two arms and thus represents the 'Arm-Born' or 'Sweat-Born' High Race of the Giants. 

The Thorn-Rune represents the Hammer of Thunor (Gods) but it also represents the destructive power of the Thurs (Giants). The Lightning-Bolt can bring fertility and growth in Nature when wielded by Thunor, but when wielded by his Thurs-counterpart it strikes the great Oak Tree in the most destructive way. Each force of creation in Nature has its equal and opposite destructive force. 

Yama (Jima) of Persian Lore was born together with the maiden Yami, making up the 'twin' aspect mentioned here of Ymir who is Yama/Jima. There is another figure of Teutonic Mythology whose name means 'twin' - Tuisto. The English name 'Tiw' infers 'two' or 'twin'. 

These ideas should make it easier to understand why the Gods and Joten were kin, and that their blood was mixed in the Divine Race. However, this applies only to the 'Sweat-Born' or 'High-Born' Joten, and not to the ignoble 'Slave-Born' Joten who are their polar opposite and counter-force. They both spring from the same origins, the Primaeval Being - Chaos - but one brings order and harmony out of this Chaos, whilst the other strives eternally to drag everything down into this Primal Chaos once more. 

Viktor Rydberg gives a very interesting account of the lineage descended from Ymir -

Ymir  = Bolthorn,

Mimir = Son of Bolthorn.

Mimir's Sister = Bestla,

Buri begat Bor who married Bestla,

Bor and Bestla begat Woden, Will and Weoh.

The oldest Giant Race (of the 'High Race') comprised of Nat (Not = Night),  Mimir, Bestla, and the Wyrd Sisters (Norns). Hence why the Teutonic Folk always worked through the Night (Nat/Not) giving birth to the Day; night always came before day, as Light always arise from the Darkness of Night.

There are so many cultures in which the Wolf-Totem belongs to the highest ruling line, and so it is not surprising that the name Buri is used in many cultures for 'wolf'. It seems obvious that both 'bear' and 'boar' are related to 'Buri' but originally the title was given to any wild animal, and in most cases through Indo-European Lore to the Wolf. The line of Woden descends through Buri (Wolf) whose son married the Giantess Bestla ('to bind' or 'bridle') who gave birth to Woden, Will and Weoh. 

Through an understanding of these ideas we can recognise the inner meaning of our struggle against the Joten, and we can see that although there is a shared origin for the Goten and the Joten they are polar-opposites in this Eternal Cosmic War. The High-Born Joten are kin to the gods and help them in this struggle whilst the Low-Born Joten are opposed to their Cosmic Order and seek always to disrupt and to destroy this order and harmony. The 'Low-Born' always incur the aid of the 'low-born', the 'slave' and the 'herd' and this fact tells us so much about the history of Europe over the past few millennia. The 'Revolt of the Slaves' is brought about by the Low-Born Joten through Judaism, Judaeo-Christianity and Islam, all of which are slave-religions that agitate the masses against their rulers. The French Revolution, Russian Revolution and Chinese Revolution show clearly the very same process but at a secular level when religion was losing its controlling hold over the world. 

Looked at like this there is no real problem in that the Gods and Joten intermarry and sometimes aid each other, whilst at other times the Joten are clearly seen as the enemy of the Gods (Loki etc.). This is because there are two distinct and opposite Races of Giants

The father of Nat is Narfi who seems to be the same as Mimir; the name 'Narfi' means 'the binder'. The idea of 'binding' comes into play with the binding of the Fenris Wolf who, when it gets loose, destroys the worlds of the gods and men. Fenris is an offspring of Loki and thus of the Low-Born Race. There is also a statment in Helgi Hundingsbane I where at the birth of HelgiH Neri's Kinswoman (Narfi's Kinswoman) cast one Golden Thread to the North and bade this hold forever; 'Neri's Kinswoman' is one of the Wyrd Sisters, obvious in the text. The inference again is that this High Race of Giants aids the work of the Goden against the Joten. 

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