Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Towards the Kingdom of Light - New Book

THIS latest work from Wulf Ingessunu is one of his very best and a slight departure from his previous eight volumes in the sense that it also functions as a working manual for those who are new to the mystical ideas of Woden's Folk. This involves learning how to view the natural landscape in a radical new way and to unlock the hidden secrets of our folk heritage. At the same time, the book's central themes draw upon the Babylonian prophecies of Sajaha, a priestess at the court of King Nebuchadnezzar II (605-562 BCE), who predicted the rise of a great northern kingdom. The author relates this to the mysterious legends of the Black Sun and its significance to the Hyperboreans, Sumerians, Greeks, Egyptians and even the Knights Templar. The book also includes a discussion of individual gods and goddesses, whilst exploring the power of ley- and spirit-lines and explaining how to locate them both on the map and through practical groundwork. Elsewhere, Wulf draws upon the work of Aelfric Avery, Wilhelm Landig, Kenneth Grant, Dion Fortune, J.R.R. Tolkien, Nigel Pennick, Alfred Watkins, Howard Lovecraft and many others. A highly recommended work for all true seekers of the Northern path.


This book is available for pre-order from the Black Front Press; this work discloses the nature of the Dark Forces that oppress the world today, and the means to combat these Dark Forces at an esoteric level. The Prophecies of Sajaha are shown to be true in regard to today's world, and also to show the destiny of Folkish Wodenism in today's world. It also shows the hidden relationship between ancient Sumer-Babylon and the Germanic Folk, a theme hidden in Tolkien's English Mythology. 

This work details the Prophecies of Sajaha in regard to the revived Empire of Light (1933-1945) when 'Hope' was destroyed and the Powers of Darkness took total control over the Earth. Then follows the 'Strong One' whose wyrd is to awaken the 'Heirs of Sumer-Babylon' in the North, heralded by the Hale-Bopp Comet. This is The Hooded Man Current  that radiates from the Isle of Albion as the Power of Light and Darkness at the Dawn-Time. There follows this, at some time in the future, the Day-Break of the Age of Aquarius when the Third Sargon appears - Sargon the Avenger, Helgi the Avenger, the Kalki Avatar, the White Krist - to destroy the Servants of Darkness and Chaos. 

Read this work and you will understand everything that we have done, everything that we are doing, and everything that is about to happen in this falling world. But, above all, this gives the means to combat these Powers of Darkness at an esoteric level. This work is directed towards the re-establishment of the Kingdom of Light that will come at some future time with the incarnation of The Third Sargon - Helgi H III. And he will wield the Spear of Woden - the famed Spear of Destiny. 

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