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The term withstandan is Old English for 'to resist' and gives us our modern word 'withstand'; withre is the Old English word for 'resistance'. When we know in our heart that things are wrong we are bound by our honour to resist these wrongs, and to seek to show others what is wrong in our society today. The Wolf-Hook Rune is the Rune of Resistance, and the god Wid-Ar is the God of Resistance. One of the great turning-points in English History was the conquest of England by William of Normandy, sanctioned by the Pope of the time, and financed by the money-lenders of that era. The English were conquered but they were never entirely beaten.

Out of this by-gone era arose the figure of Robin Hood, whose name 'Hood' shows that he was the archetype of Woden ('Hooden"). This figure was one of many Folk-Heroes who arose to fight against this new oppression, another famous figure being Hereward the Wake, the latter an Anglo-Dane. The major change to England through the Norman-Breton Barons was that the king, originally 'King of the English' became the 'King of England'. The king now owned the land. Through this move the land was taken from the English and given to the robber-barons and the church. The old Germanic System was replaced by feudalism.

Of course, there is little point in bemoaning this situation which was nearly a thousand years ago; I point this out because it is necessary to show that today we face much the same oppressive rulership over the English Folk. But this is not just oppression, it is a complete change for the worse, and today's society is decaying, degenerate and devoid of justice, truth and light. We live in the Age of Darkness. We are not alone since almost all nations have the same type of problems and the same type of rulers.

The enemies of our people have no logical arguments to give in favour of the individual parts of the Great Agenda that is being forced upon us. Because they have no logical nor intellectual arguments to give, the only means that they can enforce this agenda is through increasingly oppressive measures, through the law (where they can) and through intimidation and even violence where necessary. 

The State System is geared to control the people through the Consumer Economic Society, where Global Corporations have almost complete control over where we live, what we eat, what we wear, the energy supplies we need to survive, and almost everything the individual needs in life. 'Almost', since there is a growing trend towards more self-reliance and self-sufficiency, and a growing resentment at the loss of free speech here in this land. 

Government bodies and local government bodies have the same mind-set, and that is that we - The People - cannot do anything for ourselves and thus need them to do things for us. They naturally try to interfere in everything that we do, as if they are the only ones right, and we are wrong. This arrogance on their part needs to be resisted by the people striving to become individuals once more, striving to become self-reliant and as self-sufficient as possible in this land. This is the only way for the majority of people to go now, to break the yoke of slavery through their own efforts. There are more of 'The People' than there are of 'Them'. They rely upon the loud-mouthed minority of 'activists' that they manipulate and finance - the 'Mob' is in the main neutral, and it is their 'herd-mentality' that can be manipulated. 

This is why, at the particular time, we advocate the revival of a new form of Tribalism based upon the age-old concept of Blood and Soil. The basic family has always been the backbone of a Folk-Nation; the landsman and has always been the mainstay of a Folk-Nation. The family is being eroded, and the landsman is today being eclipsed by 'agri-business' rather than Natural Farming. None of this has happened by accident. But, again, there are pockets of resistance to these changes, and in respect of farming there are more and more people moving to natural and organic food supplied locally, although this as yet has not gone far enough. The problem lies in persuading people that moving to natural food and organic food may be a bit dearer but there are ways that anyone can do so, even if it means cutting down a bit on meat. Add this to food-growing and this is not such a hard step as it seems. Woden's Folk encourages its followers to take this step and to make that small difference. A snowball soon turns into an avalanche!

Folkish Tribalism is based upon blood-kinship through the extended family; the basic unit must be the family - Man, Woman and Children. When we hold Folk-Moots most of them are based around Wodenic Families. A Folk-Moot is a 'tribe' coming together. At the same time we also encourage the individual to improve himself/herself through self-discipline, self-reliance and becoming as self-sufficient as possible - but always bearing in mind that the Wolf is part of the Wolf-Pack.

The answer to the problem that young Englishmen face lies in the revival of the ancient Germanic Mannerbund - the Cultic-Warrior Bunds or Brotherhoods, which were age-sets based upon the Heroic Ethos. Of course, here in England this, at the time I speak, is an impossibility due to the liberal-left thinking which relies upon meekness and weakness. Where strength is allowed is through 'social violence' but never when strength is directed towards resistance to wrong and to the concepts of Light, Truth and Justice. Drunken, drug-induced violence is part and parcel of this Age of Chaos. State-sponsored or state-condoned activities are fine, outside this they are deemed to be the work of 'extremists' - yet these are the same activities. The British gutter-press howl with rage when a political group holds 'Boot Camps' and yet a women's prison in Birmingham holds 'Boot Camps' for the inmates, and nothing, of course, is said - what bloody hypocrites! Fitness groups all over England hold 'Boot Camps' so where is the problem? What I have said here holds a solution to that problem.

We should not be at all surprised that such double-standards exist within such a society because this society is full of half-truths and downright lies. There is no such thing as law and justice for all, merely laws that suit some, protect some, and are used against those who 'buck the system'. This age of ignorance works through ignorance and injustice. Those who uphold such a system work through 'agendas' which they stick to rigidly; when one 'agenda' is brought to fruition it matters little if the next one tramples those who upheld it into the ground - thus causing more friction, even amongst their own kind. 

It is not hard to take children out into the local woodlands and practice simple bushcraft and survivalism; this should form part of the upbringing of one's children. It helps to make them self-disciplined and more self-reliant. They should also be encouraged to take up some form of Martial Arts which again makes them more self-disciplined, and better able to cope with the modern violent world. Doing these two things can, to some extent, replace the need for the Germanic Mannerbunde which is not viable as yet here in England. When I say 'Germanic' here this type of Cultic-Warrior Brotherhood was known throughout Indo-European Societies. 

The most important change we need to strive for is a Spiritual Revolution which must come about since the sickness of the people today is a soul-sickness. The Folk-Soul of our people has been distorted, and today this situation is worsening by the year. Yet again there are signs of resistance to this, but rampant technology has enslaved the minds of the people, as well as their reliance upon the Consumer Economic Society. We have advocated a revival of the Ur-Religion of our Folk through Folkish Heathenism. It is a fact, discovered by Carl Gustav Jung, that the Germanic Collective Unconscious contains 'archetypes' which, although he could not say it, are the Gods, Elves and Dwarves etc. These are not just in the mind, they are vast numinous beings that are all part of 'The One' or 'God' if you wish. But our Collective Unconscious has a 'part' of these archetypes or gods, and we can invoke these within us and they will give to us their power and strength.

The name Woden/Wodan means 'Wod-' (The Woda-Force or Life-Force) and the suffix '-an' (Master of); thus Master of the Woda-Force. Of course, this force is an aspect of the 'Astral Light' or 'Life-Force' that permeates the multiverse, and it has specific uses. Woden, as master of this force, confers it onto his Woden Initiates. This is one specific example and there are many more that I could add, but space does not allow this. 

The Ur-Religion of our Folk is based upon God in Nature - God in the Blood and the belief in one Universal Being from which everything came from. The 'gods' and 'goddesses' of our Folk are our Racial Gods, exclusive to our race, or at least exclusive in terms of being different in form within different peoples, as Carl Jung discovered. The great problem with the Christian Church (at least here in the West) is that it places total emphasis upon the afterlife, and thus the Earth, our Mother and Nurturer, does not matter at all. 'Heaven' comes to those who believe, the rest go to 'Hell'. The problem is that the teachings of the Krist say otherwise - 'The Kingdom of Heaven is within'. This is a Heathen concept - 'God in the Blood'. 

When the Judaeo-Christian Church took hold of our Folk it did so through altering the archetypes but this works only at the level of the Folk-Mind. This does not work upon the Folk-Soul of a people, since this is at a very much deeper level. This also applies to modern techniques of control, which also work at the level of the Folk-Mind. Science knows that the human mind actually develops as it goes along, but again this has been discovered by materialistic scientists. Symbolism works upon the subconscious mind, but it also works on the "Collective Unconscious' or the 'Racial Unconscious' as we prefer to call this, since there are differences in peoples. The most powerful symbols are the Ancient Runes because they are exclusive to our Folk, and were discovered by Woden at such a time so that his Folk would be able to use the runes in the great struggle he knew was coming upon us in the Age of Pisces. 

The Edel-Rune is the Rune of Blood & Soil; it is here seen to be made up of two Sig-Runes, one white and one black. Here it represents The Hooded Man wielding the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness - this is the essence of the era we are living in today. Used as above it is thus a very powerful symbol of our era, since it 'goes with the flow of time'. According to Nigel Pennick's Runic Astrology the rune Sigel rules over the period between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius, which also fits with these ideas. The Sigel-Rune represents the Lightning-Flash and the Edel-Rune is a double Sig-Rune where the light (and energy) comes from the Golden Sun and the Black Sun. 

The Edel-Rune is the Rune of Woden, and of the Woda-Force, as the CGF name Odal infers. Both names stem from the IE Root *at-al meaning 'family', 'tribe' or 'race'. From this we get the Old English 'AEthel' used in many names such as AEthelstan ('Noble Stone'), AEthelwulf ('Noble Wolf') etc. The power of the rune is embodied in the individual with the name. 
According to Nigel Pennick the era we live in today, the transition period between the Age of Pisces (Fish-Age) and the Age of Aquarius (Water-Bearer) is the Age of Sigel - Solar-Age. This rune is symbolic of the flash of light penetrating the Age of Darkness. Although we live through the hardest part of the downward cycle we should view this as being a positive thing because we are moving towards great changes for good, even though this will take time. A people need purpose and even though the Folk-Nation is seen today as being a bad thing, globalisation will show itself for what it is - unworkable. It will collapse into tribalism. 

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