Wednesday, 1 July 2020

State of Mind.

"You have power over your own mind - not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength."

Marcus Aurelius.

What are we able to change, and what can we not change. What can we control, and what can we not control. Outside events, at this time, are obviously beyond our control. We may wish to change them, because we see them as being part of an evil agenda, but we are actually powerless to do so because of the power and strength of the people causing these events. We can try to awaken others to this evil, but that is as far as we can go. 

We have to lead others by example, show others the right way to live, what is right and what is wrong, stick to the truth in a world of lies, and show strength in a world of weakness. Above all, we need to show courage in the face of adversity, not back down, because backing down to a bully never stops the bullying. We do have power over our own minds, and we can transform ourselves, especially at this time of crisis. 

Fear is a weapon used to control; this shows clearly in this present crisis because this is how the media and the press used the situation to promote fear in the masses. This has worked beyond measure, and some people are still afraid to walk out of their doors. If these people are in a high risk area, then that is fair enough, but many areas are certainly not hit badly so why fear going out in these areas? 

What we did some years before 2012 was to set this date as a time to have been as fully prepared as possible for any future crisis or catastrophe. Those that did were in a much better position when this happened than those that did not. But more important, these people were also prepared at a psychological level because they had spent so much time doing this, through training and practice, through stocking up and saving, and through educating themselves, that their minds were prepared and ready for the crisis when it happened overnight. This, perhaps, was more important than the physical work done, because it is the state of mind that matters at such times. Of course, the physical work is needed because this gives a sense of security when it does happen, even in a time of insecurity. 

Those who did this were actually practicing an exercise which was known to the Greek Stoics; they had an exercise that practiced making themselves familiar with the things that one is afraid of, practicing facing the things that one fears, either mentally or in reality. They would practice facing misfortune, and thus be ready for this should it at some future time happen. They would also imagine things that could go wrong for them, or things that could be taken away from them, thus being always prepared for disruption. 

Marcus Aurelius also said the following - You always own the option of having no opinion. There is never any need to get worked up or to trouble your soul about things you can't control. These things are not asking to be judged by you. Leave them alone."

This is one of the problems that occurs at such times of crisis, because at such times we tend to get worked up about things that are actually beyond our control. So, we are not going to change them - not at this time anyway. At such times, rather than getting worked up it is best to step back and see things as they are, in perspective, and then we can use the obstacles and adversity as fuel for our own potential

"The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way."

Marcus Aurelius.

If we try to change things that are beyond our means to change, or try to control things that are beyond our control then we waste valuable time in doing so. What we need to do is to realise what we can change, and what we can control, and then work on these, thus not wasting our own time. What we can do is to affect change in ourselves, and thus lead others by example in affecting change in themselves. 

"Let your credo be this:
Let the lie come into the world,
Let it even triumph.
But not through me."

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

The ethos of the Arya was Truth, the lie was always practiced by the polar-opposite to the Arya. Our society is riddled with lies and deceit, everywhere we look we find dishonesty and deception. We should try to be honest and truthful; amongst ourselves this is essential, and even outside the lie tends to create more lies until the lie becomes believable. Truthfulness leads to trust, a must in a Folk-Community. 

"We have to condemn publicly the very idea that some people have the right to repress others. In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousandfold in the future."

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Political Correctness - With this they tried to take our freedom of speech away.

Lockdown - With this they tried to take out freedom of movement away.

Social Distancing - With this they tried to break us from the 'pack', to isolate us as individuals.

The Marxist Mob (BLM) - With this they tried to take away our roots - our history, our culture and our identity. 

Bending the Knee - The mark of the true slave, the final aim of making our people into slaves. 

The Coronavirus has killed around 500,000 people worldwide if we are to believe the statistics we have been given by the press and media; Marxist Socialism was responsible for the deaths of some 130 Million people worldwide. Marx knew that revolution was impossible here in England at that time, his answer was that it should be imported - which it has. 'Cultural Marxism' was the means to achieve this without the revolution, and it has worked for them; but the last part of this is the Marxist Revolution which will entail the same kind of atrocities and bloodshed as in Russia, China and every other area of the world where this evil doctrine has been imposed upon the people. Marxist Communism has probably been held back specifically to achieve their final push for world domination and the 'New World Order'. 

One of the main obstacles to Marxism, and the first thing that these people seek to destroy is - Religion. There are four main things that form part of the Global Agenda -

  • The destructions of morals and ethics - these form part of any religion, and the Christian Religion in its time upheld these to some degree, hence its fate in the face of Marxism.
  • Destabilisation - The aim is to destabilise a nation, to get rid of security and safety.
  • A crisis - this is the 'trigger' for  creating fear and uncertainty, of creating panic, and the inability to focus and think clearly. 
  • Back to some form of 'normal', which is easily achieved when it is you who created the crisis in the first place. 
Both the coronavirus 'pandemic' and the 'Black Lives Matter' Marxist Mob have created a crisis, one after the other; they have also both created the instability needed to further their aims. Moral values were already being destroyed through the breakdown of the family unit, of family values, and that the formula Man-Woman and Children was the only valid truth, and that marriage between a male-female couple produces stability not just for the couple, but also for the children. The degenerate measures they forced upon the younger generation have reaped their reward in the problems we are now facing. The Christian Church is riddled with Marxist advocates, hence the lack of any morals or ethics in this direction, at least here in England in the main. This was inevitable for a religion based upon the same kind of slave-morality and 'Revolt of the Slaves' as this religion started out as. Folkish Wodenism must fill the void left as Judaeo-Christianity collapses. 

Marxism is, of course, anti-religious, but this must be seen in the context that this, as are many other movements, merely a tool to be used when necessary in a much wider Global Agenda. It is imposed upon a people, and has to be forced since it is an unnatural doctrine, merely a Doctrine of Destruction to be used to destroy Western Civilisation. When we consider a new 'World Religion' in this context it would appear to hold back this part of the agenda, but in order to replace the Christian Religion, which has done its time and purpose, there would have to be a swing back to a religious society eventually. In this respect, Islam fits the bill as a religion that believes in 'God' even if the name used is different, so maybe we have not seen the last word on this, since it is certainly a religion that would be imposed by brute force, just as Marxism does. Is this why Muslims have been pouring into Europe? Again, these people are a useful tool in this Global Agenda. 

A Folk-Nation has to be united by an Ideology and Doctrine; it has to have the sense of being a nation, of every individual belonging to a nation. All of the powerful religions of the world have some form of doctrine and ideology, and this goes for ours too. This is why it is not enough to revive a long-dead religion as it was a thousand years ago and expect this to achieve anything at all in such times as these. As I have stated about Folkish Wodenism, ours is the essence of the Ur-Religion of our Folk, whose form has been adapted to suit our era in history. Individual - Family - Tribe (Community) - Nation - Folk (Race); these are the most important things for a people, and these are the very things that Marxism attempts to eradicate. Marxism is not opposed by Capitalism, it is the Global Bankers who have always financed the Marxists. 

The English need a sense of identity, a sense of being part of a Folk-Nation; this Folk-Nation is based upon a sense of Blood-Kinship, something that runs deep within the Folk-Soul of a Nation. The Folk-Nation does not serve economics, economics must serve the Folk-Nation. The Folk-Nation cannot run on debt, money must be circulated according to the work-output of the Folk-Nation, and thus reward is given for service to a Nation. Greed and envy, the twin driving-forces of both Capitalism and Communism, must be controlled and transformed into the sacrifice of the individual for the Folk. 

In these times of crisis it is all too easy to think that what is needed is to create something new that will bring more and more people together in opposition to this tyranny. Yes, there is a great deal of opposition, and it is growing; but most of it is through the 'Keyboard Warriors' who are today slaves to technology. What we need now is to become more active in some way, active in a positive way that will achieve something. There are certain things that are out of our control, and as I said, these would waste our time and energy. But we need not look outside because where there are groups like ours the best way to advance this is to strengthen the group first, and this can be done by using every individual's talents and genius to the full. This I have started to do in a certain way, and I hope that this will lead to a stronger and more efficient group in the future. 

"Fear is a control tactic - Courage is contagious!"

We are faced by a barrage of fear, tactically used to control the masses; standing up with courage and confronting this, and not ignoring those who try to repress us, is the only way to increase our strength. When people see the courage of others they too will gain courage, and like a snowball rolling down a mountain this will become an avalanche. 

What we need to do now is to prepare ourselves for the next crisis or the 'Second Wave' that is being 'prophesied'. Something will happen, even if this is not the same thing, and this seems to be an ongoing thing aimed for a peak in 2030. Where we cannot continue as we were we shall adapt our movement so that it does not lose energy and power, and fulfils its Divine Mission here on Earth. But firstly we shall adapt ourselves in order that we can become more powerful and efficient individuals within the group. 

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