Tuesday, 14 July 2020

The Destruction of Rural England

"There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak. Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel - by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution."

Aldous Huxley.

What I feel we need to understand is the ongoing Global Agenda is merely a continuation of the Communist Revolutions of the past but in a brand new form wrapped up in 'liberalism'. Rather than outright bloody revolutions like the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and the Chinese Revolution we now have 'revolution by consent'. The element of terror is still there but has been changed in its form to suit this new way of thinking. 'Black Lives Matter' is run by 'trained Marxists' which is quite telling. For a time the spotlight was on 'Islamic Terrorism' but has switched back to the Marxists for the time being. This shows how each individual 'movement' is merely something to be used at that time, and seemingly opposing 'movements' are merely part of the whole Global Agenda. What I am going to look at here is their agenda for Rural England - or the lack of it, should I say.

There has been a concerted attack upon Rural England as there no doubt has been in other areas of the world. To understand why we need to look at the Marxist Revolution in Russia because this is a prime example of Marxism as it really is. Nothing at all is taught in the schools about the estimated 130 Million people who died in the name of Marxist Revolution. In Russia we see a planned movement of the people from the rural outlying areas into the larger towns and cities; this was done forcibly through a process of terror and starvation in which some 60 Million people died as well as a great number who ended up in the 'Gulags' - Concentration Camps. The people were forced to give up their private land and thus driven towards movement into the cities. The land was taken by the State System and thus private property abolished. 

The main reason that this happened is because the masses are very easily controlled in the large towns and cities, and it is almost impossible to control a population in small rural communities. The Global Elite know this and that is why their plans entail moving people out of the rural areas into the cities, which destroys the Soul of the Folk. But this again has to be done in a different way, as 'Cultural Marxism' replaced 'Marxist Revolution' here in Western Europe, the USA etc. It would seem that this is being done under cover of Agenda 2030. There is a carefully planned agenda that has been unfolding here in England, and this is aimed at fulfilling these plans. 

  • We can see how new housing estates are springing up all over the place, making small towns into larger and larger towns by building between the outlying villages. Everywhere 'green-belt' areas are now being built upon, and this produces larger and larger urban areas, destroying the outlying rural areas of England. This, of course, is what happened in ever ancient civilisation as it started to decline and decay. 
  • Over the past decades the village shop has almost disappeared; people tend to travel to the nearest supermarket or buy online. Most of the old village shops, the butcher, the baker, the fishmonger, the fruit and veg shop etc. have long gone. The problem is that many tend to see this as 'progress' when in reality it is a carefully planned agenda to destroy the English Village. It is noticeable that the one thing that remains until last is the Estate Agent, even when there are no shops selling essentials in the village.
  • The village pub which was always the centre for social gatherings started to decline with the 'Drink-Driving Laws'. Village pubs were forced into providing meals rather than being an 'ale-house'; this attracts outsiders in because many of these old pubs are very much different and more appealing than the city-pub - they have an 'Old English' feeling. The latest 'Lockdown' must have increased the process through many independent landlords not being able to continue, opening the way for the large breweries to take control. 
  • Whatever peoples individual views on the banning of Fox Hunting, this had nothing whatever to do with the poor fox, but was yet another Marxist attack upon Rural England. This was a clear attack upon Rural English activities, and through carefully infiltrating the movement that opposed this, nothing strong enough to counter this could stop what was happening. Half a million rural folk marched through London in support of Rural England, and myself and some other Folk-Comrades were there trying to do our bit. 
  • The Conservative governments we have had have done nothing for the people of Rural England, the people who have long supported them, and who still are not realising that they will never be supported by any government because they are controlled by the Globalists and their Global Agenda. Successive governments have found that they are best looking to urban areas for their 'votes', where the majority of people live. 
  • Each area of Rural England had its villages built from local materials, and thus each area, each village, had its own unique character. Not any more. Modern building techniques standardise everything and no longer fit in with the character of the village, thus destroying this forever. This standardisation means that there is very little benefit in living in a particular village or area since they are all the bloody same! They are no longer unique but are all of the same character. 
  • Another thing that has been lost is the village industry, where local villages produces the goods needed for rural life. The farms of now 'agri-businesses' owned by large companies, and thus divorced from the rural people. Rather than local farms producing local goods, with animals slaughtered locally, we now have giant corporations owning farmland and shipping their produce to different areas. The old blacksmith has gone, even though there would still be the need for metalworking, though not so much horse-shoeing as was the need in olden days. People in the villages go to work in the towns or cities because there is no local work.
  • One of the things that does not stand out so much as the above points is the subtle propaganda aimed at rural life in England. The TV Series Midsomer Murders is a fairly typical example of this blatant propaganda, though few would probably see it as such. A small rural English village called Midsomer, and other small English villages around it, were the scene for a series of horrendous murders, each one depicted in all their gory details. Obviously, such a depiction of small villages tends to make people feel that this is the 'norm' in rural England. Does such propaganda work? Some years ago my youngest son wished to camp out with some mates on the South Downs; he was about 14 years old, as were his mates. One of the lads could not go because his father told him how dangerous such areas can be. Now, his father was a policeman, and as any policeman should know the large towns and cities are rife with violent crime, since they must often be called to these. Even faced with the facts this man still believed that the rural areas are more dangerous than the urban sprawls. This series also portrayed country people as being rather stand-offish, aloof, and even in some cases outright perverts. This is typical of the propaganda used against rural areas.
  • Another series based upon the English countryside was Emmerdale Farm which started off based around village life and the farmer's life, and changed drastically to portray rural people as the same as the urban degenerates. The name was changed to Emmerdale to fit the change from farming life to a more urban look.

It would seem that Agenda 2030 is aimed at moving people out of the rural areas into the urban sprawls, just as was done through Marxist Socialism, but this time in a far more subtle way. This will still be forced, of course, since in some cases people are rather stubborn when faced with tyranny. But looking at the easy time the Globalists have had with the 'coronavirus' affair their task would not be that hard when persuading the mass of people to conform. But things do not always work out their way, as was proven during the moves to shift the Russians from the rural areas to the cities. Millions died through being starved out, having their crops taken from them, and losing their land to the state. But in one case, I think in the area around Siberia, they tried to do the same thing, leaving the Russian Peasants to die of starvation; however, these people were so hardy that they survived and built a thriving community, thus escaping misery and death. 

The reason that I am tackling this is simply because we need to recognise what is coming upon us and be ready for such moves. We have the advantage of history here, knowing that they are about to make the same moves but in a far different way than outright revolution. And they are now clearly stating their plans due to their growing confidence and outright arrogance that nothing can stand in their way. 

When this does happen those who value their freedom and do not wish to be a mind-controlled zombies will be forced into becoming the solitaries that I have spoken of. Such people will be forced out of this corrupt, rotten and degenerate society to become the Lone Wolves that will herald the appearance of the Sun-Man at some future time. Lone Wolves must also remain at times a part of the pack since this is their strength; since we can now guess what is to come we would be rather foolish to do nothing about it. 

An example of what can happen when such measures are forced upon a people is that of some Russian Peasants in an area of Siberia. During the Communist Revolution they were left in the wild to starve, but instead of this happening the community lived on and eventually thrived in the most unexpected way. Obviously, these Russian Peasants were hardened folk used to harsh conditions in which they were forced to survive against the elements. But this does go to show that a dedicated and strong Folk-Community could survive in such circumstances, although it has to be admitted that Siberia is a vast area of wilderness, and we do not have that here in England. 

Make no mistake about it, these Dark Forces that are now in control will force the rural people to move into the urban areas if this is their plan. They have now shown how powerful they are in terms of mass-control, and they will not stop at engineering another problem that they already have the solution for. Of course, it will matter little that were we today living in hamlets, villages and small towns the type of pandemic we are experiencing would not so easily take hold as it does in the large cities. But today the lunatics are in charge of the asylum, and no amount of telling such people will do any good. This part of the agenda is yet another means to control the people, and this needs to be recognised now in time to act accordingly.

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