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White Dragon - Symbol of English Resistance


White Dragon of the English

In the late 1980s the White Dragon Kindred revived the symbol of the White Dragon as the Symbol of English Resistance. The White Dragon was the polar-opposite to the Red Dragon of Rome, the latter being the symbol of the oppression of the Germanic Folk through the Roman Empire and through Judaeo-Christianity which permeated the Roman Empire and spread throughout Europe. The White Dragon Kindred was absorbed into Woden's Folk which took over the role of awakening the English Folk through the symbolism of the White Dragon which is symbolic of the English Folk and their Divine Ancestor - Ingwe

Since this revival over 30-odd years ago the White Dragon has taken on a life of its own; the symbol has become 'alive' in itself and is now used by various groups and individuals, and is sold in various outlets not only here in England but also in other countries. The first depiction of the White Dragon was drawn for us by a Scottish lass who was a dedicated Odinist and as part of Odinism this symbol, from the start, represented the Heathen English and in particular Folkish Wodenism. The flag has even flown over Battle Abbey in Sussex, despite attempts by English Heritage to stop English Patriots from honouring Harold Godwinsson at the site where he was said to be buried. The flag flies amongst the enemies of the English People. 

Woden's Folk was not the first Wodenist Group here in England, but we were the first to create a Folkish Movement and a new Folkish Religion based upon the essence of the Ur-Religion but in a new form suited to the era in which we are living in today. The Woden Folk-Religion is in its infancy as yet, but it has taken hold in many parts of England and in areas where our Folk have settled over time. The Woden Folk-Community is the exoteric arm of Folkish Wodenism, and this not strictly speaking an 'organisation' but is something that grows organically from the seeds that have been sown in the past decades. There is no centralised organisation but there are groups and individuals that work for the same cause through the same struggle for freedom. 

The Ley-Lines said to criss-cross the land are sometimes called Dragon Lines and the Dragon-Pulse is the force that crosses our land. It is clear that the White Dragon pulsates through the Land of England, and its 'awakening' has come 500 years after the defeat by the Red Dragon - the defeat of Richard III by Henry Tudor. Richard III fought under the White Boar, the White Rose of Albion and the Cross of Fro-Ing whilst Henry Tudor fought under the Red Dragon and Red Rose. This was in 1485, and the revival of the White Dragon some 500 years later came exactly on time. It is no coincidence that the 'Great Red Dragon' of Revelation is the 'Dragon of Shaitan'. 

The Eternal Conflict between the Island Dragons has been mentioned by Gildas the Monk and others, and this is not something that has happened in the past, but is an ongoing Eternal Battle between the White Dragon (Germania) and the Red Dragon (Shaitanic Dark Forces). These islands are the centre of the Eternal Conflict and will be the hub of the 'Final Conflict'. This is the Unshaped Isle mentioned in the Norse Eddas, the place where the Last Avatar will arise to lead the Forces of Light in their destruction of the Forces of Darkness.

"And there appeared another wonder in heaven: and behold a Great Red Dragon, having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his heads....

....and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born..."

Revelation 12:3-4.

There are events unfolding that nothing can stop; the Web of Wyrd is woven by the three Sisters of Wyrd. Everything that is happening must happen, and though it may seem to be overwhelming, and that we fight against overwhelming odds, this is nothing less that what precedes what we have been preparing for - the coming of the Last Avatar. For the Avatar to appear, and for Hope to be kindled anew, these events must happen, they are inevitable. The concept of RAGNAROK and KORAN-GAR (Spear of the Koran) was the 'trigger' for all of this to happen, the foreknowledge of what was coming.The 'War in Heaven' that forced the Dark Powers to unleash their forces on Earth, because they know they have little time left, and they know that there is a far mightier force than they that will manifest itself here on Earth. Their pride will be their fall.

The symbolism of the dragon itself is of the greatest importance, since the original form of this is a Winged Coiled Serpent which in itself links to the meanings of the root-forms of the word 'dragon' -

'Dra' - To twist, to coil, to turn, to wind.

'Gon/Gan' (Kan) - Fire, Serpent, Fire-Serpent, Kingship, Kinship, Knowledge and Wisdom. 

The symbol of a coil has always been connected to the idea of communication between two worlds or two states of being - two dimensions if you like. This symbol, when whirled around, appears to show a 'tunnel', which is the entrance to another world. This has been seen by numerous individuals who have had 'after-death-experiences' or 'out-of-body-experiences'. Symbols can appear from another world and manifest here in Midgard; they then take upon themselves a life of their own. This is the power of the White Dragon; its ultimate power lies not here but in a Higher World. 

Too much is written of the evil side of the serpent symbolism; there is an evil side but this is just one side of this ancient symbolism. Of late I have been trying to put the case for the positive side, its links to our own Ingwe, and also to our National Symbol - the White Dragon. It is interesting to note the root meaning of the word 'dragon', which stems from the IE Root *derk- which means 'to see'. This root becomes *drk-on- from which we get the Greek drakon meaning 'serpent' or 'dragon'. Here again we find the subtle inference of the evil side in that this is taken to mean the 'dragon with the Evil Eye'. But the idea of 'to see' and 'seeing' would refer to the 'seers', the ancient Angiras Rishis or 'Seven Sages' and not to anything evil in essence. 

The ancient Fiery-Serpents would have been the original 'seers', those whose knowledge came from direct 'seeing' and 'hearing', and not from the same process of learning as we find in the 'academics', nor the earlier 'priests'. These were the Shining Ones and in Tolkien's works we find them as the Elves, and we find them inter-mating with humans, thus creating those of 'half-elven' stock. It was these people who built the ancient High Civilisation of Numenor (Atalante), and from which Aragorn descended. The High Kings always had supernatural powers over and above the rest of mankind. 

The Ing-Rune is the DNA Spiral which is also a glyph of Twin-Serpents; since Ingwe is the Fiery-Serpent this represents the Igneous Blood which is the secret held within the Blood Memory of the Folk. It is clear that our enemies are hell-bent upon destroying any vestige of memory of the Fiery-Serpent and the Secret of the Sacred Blood. The problem over this seems to lie in the distortions that are banded around about such concepts as the Annunaki and the ideas of 'genetic manipulation' which may well have some foundation in fact, but which have come down to us in a kind of mist. 

Genetics is neutral and could be used to enhance a people, to create a more healthy people, and to aid the evolution of a people. But it can also be used for the polar-opposite, to create a race of slaves; maybe this was the aim in ancient times of certain people, perhaps guided by the same Dark Forces that control the world today. The idea that comes through a section of the Occult in regard to the 'World Mind' - which I have mentioned before - has this as its aim, as do the ideas in Huxley's Brave New World. It is not that well known that one of the leading figures who has been driving the 'vaccine' propaganda here in England - Matt Hancock - openly claimed (at the 2019 Davos WEF) that he was involved in Genomics England, 'genomics' being the study of the human genes, and the manipulation of genes. Such people are more than 'politicians' and that they are is merely to further a far more sinister agenda. 

The White Dragon is thus far more important than merely a 'national symbol' because it is symbolic of our Divine Ancestor and also of the Sacred Blood and our connection to the Elves or 'Shining Ones'. It will become a unifying symbol of resistance to the tyranny of the Global Elite, and as such fulfil its role as the counter-resistance to the Red Dragon of Revelation. These symbols do not arise by chance, they arise as and when they are needed to fulfil their unique role in history. 

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