Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Covid-Vaccine & Animal Testing

One of the strange things in regard to the Covid-Vaccines is that there has been little opposition from Animal Rights Groups, especially since these vaccines have been tested on animals, and such tests on vaccines have been done for a very long time. 

'Animals are used in lots of different ways in the creation of the vaccines. Studies in mice, ferrets and primates showed that the vaccines were likely to work, and other animal tests showed the finished products were safe....'

Understanding Animal Research.

This causes a problem no doubt for vegans and vegetarians and in the Plant Based News we find -

'The Vegan Society added that in the 'unlikely event' that the vaccine is made mandatory a vegan would be able to request an exemption based on their beliefs.'

But they do not stand by their convictions -

'However, we would like to make it clear that The Vegan Society encourages vegans to look after their health and that of others, in order to continue to be effective advocates for veganism and other animals.'

There is opposition to animal testing, but when it comes to their own health this does not come into the question, hardly standing by one's principles. The problem lies here in that vaccines are seen as the be-all and end-all of stopping the spread of virus and bacteria infections, whereas the main thing should be to ensure that the immune system is strong enough to fight off infections. 

This is where I see the problem with all of this, and that is that Folkish Wodenism must recognise that plants as well as animals do have a form of consciousness, and are living, breathing beings just as animals and man. It has been recognised that plants respond to being cared for and treated with respect, and that they grow better for it. This is the secret of the 'Green Fingers' attributed to some people, which is in fact nothing more than the way in which some people treat their growing plants. If we accept this, as our forefathers did, then we should see all life as sacred. That is not to say one does not take life, which is all a part of the birth-life-death-rebirth cycle, but that when doing so it must be done with respect, whether that is a human being, an animal, a tree, or any other form of plant-life. 

Just because animal testing has been done in the production of vaccines for many many decades does not mean that it is right. But it would seem that this area has been completely overlooked by the 'Animal Rights Movement' who have concentrated on other sides of animal mistreatment. Any mistreatment of animals is wrong, and here we have to emphasise that this is also true of plant-life in food production. Where things go wrong is in basing all of this on 'rights' and thus trying to find some form of meaning for the term in regard to man and to animals - plants being left out, of course. This is not the point, what is the point is that 'rights' are a modern invention that replaces the true approach - duty and responsibility

We can see clearly in the Global Agenda as to how their aim is to stop the eating of meat, or at least for now to make it a 'luxury'. They can only do this by producing more and more plant-based 'fake meat' (which is already produced now) and the means to do this in such quantities would no doubt involve Genetically Modified Plant-Food. This is why vast areas of land around the world are being bought up by Global Corporations, so as to completely control the food supply. This move would eventually need to stop hunting and fishing too, since these would mean a freedom to catch one's own food. This would also prove a problem in that human food waste is used for household pets, so where would their food come from? Oops! I forgot, they wish to get rid of these too! 

If you take a look at some old buildings around the country, in ancient times, and even up to later times, some animals were kept in a part of the household dwelling. I had a friend and Odinist Comrade in the Scottish Highlands whose old Blacksmith's Cottage once had a section fo the cows and other animals that roamed around the household. This is how close the Germanic Folk were the their animals - but they were also close to their plants too, since their survival depended upon it. 

Where the problem lies is in Judaeo-Christianity and the other Abrahamic Religions which see mankind as the centre and dominant species of the Earth - to them the world is 'Man-Centred'. To Folkish Wodenists this is the polar-opposite to what we believe, since we see God-in-Nature - God-in-the-Blood which makes all life sacred and there is no difference between man, animals and plants except the degree of consciousness that each different species has in its essence and form. Seeing the world as 'man-centred' and that 'God' is separate and 'above' (in 'heaven') has caused so much misery and death upon the Earth, and has completely cut off the majority of human-kind from Nature and the Natural Order. 

Finally, rather than follow the path of some who are continually giving out false propaganda about Covid-19, which only serves to help those pushing this agenda by making them look stupid, there is a clear case for a backlash against the Covid-19 Vaccines on the basis of their being used in animal testing. There is enough false information from The System without taking notice of more and more outlandish claims that have no substantiation - we need to stick to what is understandable and true, and then the people may start to listen. 

"It is better to die with honour than to live with shame.' - Maybe we can gleam some truth from this, and stick to our principles no matter what.

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