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The New Feudal Order

Over many years our people have been warning about the futility of living in the past, especially in trying to go back to either 'Viking' times, or of going back to 'Anglo-Saxon' times. It should be clear to everyone that the 'English Awakening' failed because there were too many prominent people and groups who were trying to revive the old 'Anglo-Saxon' times in our times, at the same time totally overlooking the true nature of the threat not only to the English, but to all European Peoples, and going beyond this the many different peoples of the world. This is a global catastrophe of the highest level. We can learn from the past, and how our forefathers reacted to the threat of losing their freedom, and this seems to be the most important thing for us today. Let us look at this again.

Where did the problem lie in regard to the Normans? It was not the Normans themselves, since they were clearly 'Norsemen' and of the same blood-stock, but it lay in those who were the hidden driving-force behind them. They invaded England under the Papal Banner (Judaeo-Christianity) and were financed by the money-lenders (Global Bankers). And the system they brought with them was the Feudal System. Whereas the English up to this time had a system in which the individual owned land as a 'freeman', and worked this land for themselves, their families, and their tribes (extended families), the Normans imposed an authoritarian system which took the land away from the people, gave it to the Church and the State, the latter then having total control over the people. Rather than being able to work the land to keep their families, they had to work the land to pay 'taxes' (unknown in Germania) to the Church and State, having only what meagre food was left for themselves. This is the Feudal System.

This was not the first Feudal System to be imposed upon the peoples of Europe, since the Christian Franks had imposed this upon the Frisians much earlier, and had tried to impose this upon the Scandinavians after taking Frisia. However, the Vikings poured out of Northern Europe, effectively halting this invasion of the Northlands, and (for a time) reviving the Cult of Odin around Europe and elsewhere. That this seems to be true may be seen when we find that Denmark started to build fortifications against a Frankish invasion; they would not have done this for nothing. At this point I would like to point out that the revival of the Spirit of the Vikings would be most welcome today, since they had the strength and will (for a time) to oppose this tyranny with force and might, and things would have been different had they not done so.  

This, of course, also goes for the Spirit of the English who fought against the Norman and Breton Barons - the Church and the State - heroes like Harold Godwinsson who fought and died for his people and land, and then Robin Hood, Hereward the Wake, and other English Heroes who continued the struggle to regain their lost freedom. (We should always remember that Harold Godwinsson and Hereward the Wake were half Danish, the fusion of Angul and Dan in these lands). Robin Hood epitomised the Spirit of Woden which drove the English on to regain that freedom. Let us now look at this from a far deeper level.

As we can see in our times, the masses are led into believing that 'economics' is the major factor in driving this type of tyranny. Of course, this is a factor, since greed and envy are one of the main driving-forces behind this, but there is also a hidden factor that is invariably overlooked. If we look at The Vikings TV Series (not completely accurate) we find that the drive to acquire wealth is the motive given to the warriors to raid England. But is this the true motive? We see clearly how Ragnar Lodbrok is from the start guided by the god Odin into raiding England, and eventually setting up home in England. The first move was to sack the Christian Churches, just as the Anglo-Saxons did hundreds of years before this, so we have a clear motive for the 'hand of the Gods' in these invasions. I have often quoted the piece from Beowulf where Hengest is given the 'Hun-Sword', and it was Attila the Hun who faced and nearly broke the might of the Roman-Christian Empire. To me this is enough proof that there is a hidden hand from the Gods working behind this, or maybe we could call this the Hidden Hand of Wyrd. 

Unfortunately, far too many people were deceived into believing that 'Democracy' is the same as 'Freedom'. 'Democracy' is the rule of the 'Demos', the rule of the lowest over the highest, and it always leads to an authoritarian state, as we are seeing clearly today. Feudalism never left us, it was merely 'repackaged' in the name of Marxist Communism; and today it is being imposed upon the world in a very much stronger form. There will be no 'Utopia' as the Socialists and Communists would have us believe, because this is an illusion; what we are seeing is exactly the same Feudal System being imposed upon the world as a World State. At the top is an 'elite' made up of wealth and power, at the bottom will be a Marxist-Communist System for the masses - a huge produce-and-consume society, but no doubt scaled down greatly since - 'You will own nothing, and you will be happy' (Klaus Schwab). 'You will own nothing' because they wil, own everything, just as in a Feudal State. Nothing has changed, we are in the same position today as the English were when the Normans invaded.

I say 'nothing has changed' but this is not strictly true, since when the Normans invaded the English did not throw down their weapons and give up altogether, as most of the English have done today. 'We are the 99%' - not quite true since a good majority of the English, as soon as there was a local vote, rushed to the polling stations to vote for a 'conservative' party that had just taken their freedom away! Any 'Englishman' who tells the old 'French Gun' joke should take a good look at themselves today! We must not be led into thinking that we are stronger than we are, because what counts is not the numbers but the strength of Will of a small opposition. As Alexandra the Great once stated - 'I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep, what I am afraid of is an army of sheep led by a lion'. 

When we look at the world today we are still being led to believe that this whole thing is based upon 'economics', and thus overlooking some of the most important moves that have yet to be made, one of these being a 'World Religion'. Yes, we could look at Covid-1984 as a 'cult' or 'religion', just as in a certain sense Marxist-Communism was led by a religious fervour. But this is not put out as such, and the main protagonists are economists - Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates being the two pushed mostly - 'The Beast' and the 'False Prophet'. Behind this we have the Hidden Occult, and going beyond this another and even more secret level. Like 'Star Wars' we have the 'outer' war being waged between 'The Empire' and the 'Resistance', and behind 'The Empire' being 'The Emperor' - a very Dark Sorcerer. This is the structure I believe that we should recognise because there are secret ways by which these people can attack us - at psychic and spiritual levels. We must not be led into thinking that this is being fought at an 'economic' level alone, there is a far deeper war going on.

There is an example from the past which we can learn from, and that is the example of Arminius the Cheruscan, the Germanic Leader who led the revolt against the Roman Legions of Varus, and brutally crushed these legions at the Teutoburger Wald in 9 CE. Arminius united the warring Germanic Tribes against a common enemy, and in doing so these tribes were able to utterly route the Roman Legions. However, as soon as this threat was over the tribes went back to their warring factions again, refusing to make Arminius their leader, since it was not their way to have one authoritarian leader except in times of war. Fair enough, this was the Germanic way, but in this case this failed the Germans in that the Roman threat did not end with this epic battle, and they took more and more power, although never conquering the Germanic Tribes fully. Sometimes it is necessary to drop what is deemed to be 'cultural' in times of dire crisis, and this was one of them. It is sometimes necessary for everyone to fall behind a good leader and to accept a role as subordinate, even when one has a high position in society. 

This is in fact why our enemies foisted 'Democracy' upon the masses, together with 'equality' and 'fraternity', whilst at the same time never adopting such a crude system themselves. They created a strict hierarchical system or 'Pyramid System' where they were at the top and the masses at the bottom. We can see this in Freemasonry and its strict grade-system, where the 33% Freemason is said to be of the 'Illuminati' (Hidden Elite). The 'Common Purpose' seems to be more of a 'people's' secret society, working on the very same principles, where those who were seen as fit to rule within the 'New World Order' were chosen to do so. There is no other explanation for how at one swift move the global corporations became 'woke' (not a word I like but this is well known), even though they were supposed to be 'capitalists' - the 'enemy of the people'. And at every level they were ready to switch into a higher gear in the destruction of our Folk through subtle advertising promotions and other sinister means. This could never have happened overnight, and had to be a process of decades of secret infiltration into every level of society - 'Cultural Marxism' is a term used for this, but this rather confused the issue than made it clear what the aim was. 

So what we are seeing is not a new thing, but a tried and tested method of control over people over thousands of years, probably going way back into the most ancient times. We are at the end of 'Western Civilisation' and can thus expect this type of thing to happen, as it has done again and again in past civilisations, not only the decay and decadence, but also the 'multi-culturalism' which has always featured in the fall of empires. Julius Evola noted that this did not just 'happen', it was preceded by a spiritual decay which created a situation in which these forces of subversion could work, causing the eventual decay and death of a given empire. Evola was one of those people who could see the 'hidden current' that worked behind what seemed to be material and economic forces, and we too must recognise this if we are to counter these forces. That is our role as a religion, to awaken our Folk to these 'hidden forces' and to create a new Folk-Religion that will counter these forces and pave the way for the Coming Man.

Recently I have been working on a post on the subject of Woden and how this crisis should be used to our advantage, rather than dwelling upon the negative side of these times. Woden was an entirely different figure than many scholars would have us believe, and the way he worked was entirely different, and it is important that we use the means that Woden used to counter the Dark Forces, because the means he used were often not 'conventional', and in doing so he broke many of the 'rules'. He has often been criticised for this by scholars, but in his case the 'end justifies the means', even if at first glance we try to reject such a concept. 

The individual heroes of our Folk - Arminius, Robin Hood, Hereward the Wake, and other 'Outlaws' should be held up as examples for our Folk at this time, since it is the great heroes who resisted oppression who we look to for a way out of this disorder and chaos. 'Order out of Chaos' is a Masonic saying, one which clearly shows the methods they are using today; they create 'chaos and disorder' and the masses cry out for 'order and stability', and in doing so accept the loss of more and more freedom, giving control over to those who had created this situation in the first place. This is a very clever ploy, and one which has clearly worked over and over again for them - but there will come a time when even such a clever plan can backfire on those responsible. There are stronger powers that await their time to manifest on Earth to awaken the Folk to the Final Battle. The Einheriar have been preparing for this in Valhalla, hence the importance of the Viking era because this produced a dearth of great Aryan Heroes to fill the Halls of Valhalla.

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