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The Aryan Krist Archetype


It was not until some 300 years after the so-called 'Death of Christ' that Judaeo-Christianity finally took a firmer grip on this new religion. Before this time there were many sects which were Christian (Judaic) or Kristian (Aryan), some of the latter being those who opposed the idea of Christianity where Christ is the son of the 'God' of the Old Testament. What seems the most important point to me is that the Aryan Archetype of Krist is what matters, not the historical account of an individual in the Middle-East. It is the Aryan Archetype that was taken and distorted, and this is of a Hanged God, which applied to such gods as Woden, Baeldaeg and Dionysus. 

Much of the work of the Armanen in Germany was based around the idea of an 'Aryan Krist', but I certainly do not go along with everything they said, though I do not actually reject some aspects since I have not studied these aspects enough to make a decision. Nor do I go along with everything that Miguel Serrano says, nor Aelfric Avery, though there are many aspects of their work that I do believe to be useful. My work in Woden's Folk ran parallel to this, and I only became aware of the work of Miguel Serrano in 2012 when Franz Berg sent me a copy of Manu - The Man to Come. He did so because the work of WF was becoming known and that it ran parallel, but was based around Northern Europe rather than South America. 

Indeed, one individual in the US implied that this work was a plagiary of that of Miguel Serrano, until I explained how it had been developed since the 1980s, and came to the same conclusions through a far different route. He did apologise, which I explained was not necessary since it was an easy thing to get wrong, since the routes are different but the conclusions so similar. But the route that I took on the 'Aryan Krist' did not come until later, even though this was an important part of the work of the Armanen. I will explain that now.

The point at which it became clear to me that the Aryan Krist was of importance, and was not through reading the works of others, nor via online knowledge, but through a sudden understanding of a piece found in the Norwegian Rune-Poem -

Hagall is coldest of corns,

Krist shaped

The former homelands.

Through further study it also became clear that our own English God - Ingwe - was associated with the concept of 'To Anoint', which is the root of the Greek word 'Krist'. This is just one of his aspects, but since I see Ingwe as the Vedic Agni, it is an important one. One of the Myths of Agni describes the 'Birth of Krist'. This is not even an 'alien' concept to the Hindus, since their Krishna is the Krist Archetype whose myth contains similar concepts, such as the Virgin Birth and the 'Slaying of the Innocents'. As even the Judaeo-Christians admitted, their 'Christ' was known hundreds of years before there was a historical figure, if there ever was one. 

Hail is the whitest of grains,

from heaven's height it whirls,

winds blow it, it becomes water after.

Old English Rune-Poem.

Hail turns to Water. Water is the 'messenger-carrier' that holds the 'memory', which it has been proven to do by scientists. Blood is the 'water' that pulses around the human body, and in this is carried the Blood-Memory. This itself is associated with Ingwe whose Ing-Rune is the Rune of the Blood - the Rune of the DNA Spiral. This is where Guido von List came to use the Hex-Crystal (Krist-All) as the basis for the Armanen Runes - this appeared to him whilst he took on the Wotan Archetype and recovered the Ancient Runes for the era prior to the coming of the Wotan Avatar

Some years ago I watched a YouTube video on a Christian Priest who had got to a point where he questioned his own faith. At this point of his life he took up the study of pagan and heathen religions, and after doing so he discovered that his own religion - Christianity - was firmly based upon these pagan religions. He did not give up his faith, but merely used his new knowledge to affirm it, and I assume that his teachings then took this paganism into account, hopefully helping others to see the roots of this distorted religion.

From the very start of Woden's Folk I emphasised that we were not created to revive any form of religion of the past, but to create a new Folk-Religion that was suited to the era in which we live. This era is the Age of Ing which is the transition-period between the Age of Pisces and Age of Aquarius, and was conceived in 1999, the last year of the old millennia. WF was created in order to prepare the way for The Coming Man and this requires a different approach than other pagan and heathen groups, most of whom do not recognise this concept, nor recognise the Wotan Archetype that came before to prepare the way at that time. 

It should be noted that the term "Krist' does not come into any of our rites nor into the work of the WF-C. This is the work of Esoteric Wodenism which is to study all aspects of the esoteric side in order to be able to create this new Folk-Religion here in England. In both my new book (which has gone to the publisher) and the latest Sword of Wayland (which has gone to the printer) I have gone into details of the changes that I have made, and explained in full detail how the work of Woden's Folk at an esoteric level is different from Northern Heathenism because it has to follow a different route. This is so because the world-age is changing and a transmutation is taking place at a very deep level - Woden-Krist (The Hanged God) is transmuting into Woden-Krist (The Warrior-God). It is through 'The Son' - Wid-Ar - that this transmutation takes place. 

"Further forward few can see now

than Woden fighting the Fenris Wolf."

Bringing into Esoteric Wodenism the concept of the Krist Archetype has been able to see things from a different perspective, and to be able to understand more of our Folkish Religion. I know that some are wary of even study of the 'alien' bible, but had I not studied this (after reading the work of David Lane Wodensson) then the Mysteries of the White Stone of Ing would not have been given to us, from which the nature of Ingwe as the 'God of Fire and Light' evolved. These things do not happen by 'chance', they come about at a given time, and they are given to us that we may fulfil our Divine Destiny. 

This also applies to The Hooded Man Mysteries which evolved out of work in the 1980s, inspired by the Robin of Sherwood TV series. We are today guided by Woden as The Hooded Man, and again, this is an Aryan Archetype that is working at the level of the Folk-Soul of our People. This is suggested by the figure of Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, who appears as 'Strider', complete with the Black Hood. This figure of 'The Hooded One' has appeared to a number of people over the past few years - this is how an archetype works. The HelgiH Mysteries, given to me in 1997, form the basis of the Last Avatar who will appear at the start of the Age of Aquarius. 

Those who have understood the concept of Valhalla-Shambhalla and Asgard-Asgathi which I have outlined on the WF Telegram channel will better understand what I am talking about when I speak of the Teacher of Righteousness Avatar and the Warrior-King-Priest Avatar and the piece in Beowulf where Hengest receives the Hun-Sword outlines this idea of the Warrior-King-Priest in the figure of Hengest as the 'Geist of Ing'. This formed part of Nikolai Tolstoy's book on Merlin, though he did not speak of the 'Avatar' aspect, but of the 'Wyrd of AEtla' as 'The Destroyer', since Hengest led the English Vikings here against the growing Religion of Evil (he did not say this either). The biblical 'Christ' appears as a Teacher of Righteousness at the start, whilst the 'Second Coming' is that of the Warrior-King-Priest. 'I am the Beginning and the End - the First and the Last' - a saying also placed by the Hindus upon Agni. 

Through the biblical Revelations we can also study the events of today, which shows an unfolding of the Archetypal Myth of the New Age. This is why I have drawn some conclusions from this, linking this to another work that I came across some years ago - the Book of Sajaha. The 'history' shown in the bible, including the Book of Revelation, is clearly derived from Babylon, where it was taken and distorted to suit the Global Agenda. the Book of Sajaha was found in Iraq (ancient Babylon) and taken to Germany, or so we are told. But, even if this is not a genuine ancient work it contains prophecies that could not have been known  prior to World War II, such as the mention of the ancient kingdoms of Iraq (Babylon), Persia (Iran) and Syria (Assyria) who were 'spent' and could not stand against the Dark Powers.  The 'pandemic' is clearly prophesied in this work, as 'wars, plagues and famines' appear in Revelation. The attempted genocide of our Folk is also prophesied, and a clear warning given to us to act to prevent this! 

The use of the Krist Archetype is certainly not distorting Folkish Wodenism, since it is a valuable part of understanding Folkish Wodenism at an esoteric level. At an exoteric level this is not important, since this level draws people into Northern Heathenism, but for the creation of the Folk-Religion needed to prepare the way for the Coming Avatar this is a vital part of our work. This is why I decided to change the role of WF and the WF-C, where the role of Woden's Folk will be mainly based upon the original purpose of creating WF back in 1998 - to create a Folk-Religion needed to prepare the way for the Coming Man. 

The use of the Krist Archetype is not necessary in the WF-C since this is an esoteric aspect, hence why no mention is made in rites and rituals. I have used the magazine, and my latest book, to try to explain this in simple terms, since it is important that everyone is open to studying this on their own initiative if they so wish. As I said, this forms the work of WF which is why I have tried to explain as best and simply as I can, since there are those within the WF-R who do have an interest in this esoteric side. This is why WF is now an Initiation Order, since this all 'speaks to the Blood-Memory' and this has to be done at varying 'degrees' to become fully understood. 

Aelfric Avery severely criticises 'Retro-Heathens', something I certainly do not go along with. There is a need for this side of Northern Heathenry to attract people back from the Abrahamic religions. But I created WF back in 1998 in order to create an Ur-religion of the English Folk, not to go back to the past, and this was because the new world-age requires a new Aryan Archetype that must replace that of 'Jesus Christ' as the 'Hanged God', hanging in dejection, humiliation and defeat - and, as Friedrich Nietzsche stated - promoting death rather than life. When some Germans stated 'Odin is Dead!' they were misinterpreted entirely, since what was being declared back in those times was that the figure of Woden as the 'Hanged God' was dead - this aspect of Woden, not the god Woden himself. The statement declared that a new Woden Archetype was needed, and this actually appeared on paintings and sketches in Germany during these years, which anyone can find if they look. This was a figure of a Warrior-King riding a White Horse. This is the Wid-Ar Archetype we use in WF.

As I said, the new book, and the latest magazine tries to address this, even before it seems to have come up. These need careful reading in order to get a clear idea of what I am saying. The stumbling-block we have with this is that the majority of Northern Heathens do not recognise the concept of an Aryan Avatar, nor do they recognise the appearance of the Wotan Avatar, hence why much of this cannot be understood, and is thus promoted as 'alien'. Tolkien tried to create a Germanic Mythology for the English, and in his works he does recognise the concept of an Avatar, as shown in the figure of Aragorn, and as shown in his version of the saga of Sigurd the Volsung. He also brings into play the legends of Thule-Hyperborea (Beleriand) and At-al-land (Numenor-Atalante). This is another thing I touch in the latest Sword of Wayland. 

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