Monday 31 July 2023

The Awakening!


I looked to the East, I looked to the West, I looked to the North, I looked to the South - Darkness! Nothing but Darkness! A wasteland, that is what they have made of our Earth - a wasteland! Black as a pit the darkness covers all, nothing but darkness! Life was barren, the land was barren, everything covered in the Darkness of Light. I stood silent, silent in a world of darkness, silent in a world in the throes of pain and decay, a world that is dying. Where are the sounds of life? Where is the Light of Day? Where is the Light of the Sun? Nothing........................

I stood silent...A mist arose in this darkness, neither as dark as night, nor as light as day...a mystical mist covering the land, blurring the image of decay and death...change! A veil seems to arise, and I am no longer in the world of darkness, but in a brighter world, standing before the mighty Gates of Valhalla. Slowly, the gates begin to open, slowly, slowly; at the head of an Army of Light, golden armour reflected by the Golden Sun, rode Woden on his Eight-Legged Steed. Spears glisten in the Sun, Swords glisten in the Sun, Shields held high, reflecting the Glorious Light of the Sun. All is Light! All is Light! 

Marching, marching out of Valhalla, the Great Army of Light, Woden riding at the head, Ragnar Lodbrok at his side - Gods and Divine Heroes side by side in this vast Army of Light. This world shone bright and the Darkness trembled, trembled in fear as the Gods and Heroes marched towards them. Giants, Monsters, Ogres, unformed Chaos, and the Dragons of Night. Swords against Shields, the Forces of Light marched, marched, marched; the Light blazed like a thousand suns, the Darkness trembled! 

The mist arose again, and I found myself back in the World of Darkness, back in the barren land ruled by Darkness and Chaos. Black as a pit, black as the Night, all life cowering before the Darkness, and yet there were 'solitaries', 'Lone Wolves' who feared not the darkness, who feared not the Forces of Evil, who stood tall and proud in a simple task - to do their duty! Honoured they the Gods! Honoured they the Goddesses! Honoured they the Forefathers! There seemed to me to be a glimmer of light in this Ocean of Darkness - HOPE. 

I see, I feel, I hear the Call of the Noble Wolf! I am not alone! There is Light in this Sea of Darkness, I know there is Light in this Sea of Darkness. I hear a sound, the sound of Silence; broken by the feint sound of buzzing, like a swarm of bees, buzzing, buzzing - humming, humming from the skies! The Darkness is broken by whirling Discs of Light, breaking through the barrier of the worlds, swarming like bees into the World of Darkness. S - W - A - R. 

S - W - A - R The Sun? The Sword? Pinpoints of Light, spring up hither and thither across the Dark World, pinpoints of Light. Like burning embers, fanned by the movement of air, pinpoints of Light in a Sea of Darkness. The Awakening! The Quickening! Arise - the Awakened Ones! A glimmer of Light, a glimmer of HOPE, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine....endless points of shimmering light as the Discs of Light pulsated sending out beams to the World of Darkness. The Awakened Ones - those solitaries in a world of darkness - gathered together to form the Army of Light. Black-Clad Warriors of Light, their weapons glinting in the Light of the Morning Star, the Light of Freya that had arisen to show the way through the Darkness of Night - HOPE is kindled!

Then the Darkness was broken from above by a Flaming Star, a Flaming Spear hurled across the heavens, blazing across the dark skies towards the Earth. The Spear of Woden! The Spear of Destiny! Or was it a Flaming Sword? Who knows? A Silent God stood waiting, grasped the Flaming Spear, or the Flaming Sword, and mounted his White Horse, grabbing his Dragon-Shield, and rode towards the Black-Clad Host, galloping past the host to take the lead in front of the Armies of Light. Wid-Ar the Silent had become Wid-Ar the Avenger! The Avenging God - the Bringer of Justice. The Golden Armour of Wid-Ar, Son of Woden, shone like a thousand suns - the Light of the Sun, the Light of the Son. 

A wild, rough army of monsters, ogres, misfits and miscreants stood before the, dancing up and down like wild orcs, screaming for blood, screaming for death and destruction. Thence the Army of Darkness faced the Army of Light, a terrifying mass of Chaos and Disorder....Terrifying weapons of mass-destruction were unleashed, Wid-Ar wielded the Flaming Sword, burning everything as it send flames of destruction in every direction. Everything burns! Everything burns!....

All is now the violet glow of the Black Sun, the Source of the Light, the Power of the Light, the Sun behind the Sun - the Black Sun. Pulsating with the Violet Light, the Source of the Power of the Gods. Silence reigned once more as my whole concentration becomes focussed on the Violet Light of the Black Sun. All was engulfed in the Light of the Black Sun. 

The rushing waters engulfed this world in flames, washing away the Fires of Surt, cleansing the world of the Evil Powers. This Earth was gone, no more, it had run its course. From the waters arose a New Earth, and a New Man, and the Golden Tablets where found in the green green grass of this green-land. This was a new world, and yet it seemed so familiar, so old, so ancient, as if the Cycle of the Ages had brought it to life again - to a New Life. Thus came to be the New Man, the Sun-Man, the God-Man - The Superman. 

This is not the is merely a new beginning...someone, somewhere in the future will begin to tell the tale of the Seventh Race of Man - the Spiritual Man. 

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