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Hale-Bopp Comet Mystery

Wotan's Krieger's German ancestry has allowed him to translate many German texts into English which has helped tremendously in our work. One of these was part of the Prophecies of Sajaha which are certainly an eye-opening to us, being almost exact as to how our modern society is - corrupt, degenerate and ruled by an evil power that seeks our destruction. I am not going to try to cover these prophecies but to make mention of a certain part of this which is up on a site by David Icke.

"Of all the realms/empires one returns twice - and always in a different location. The vibration derived of the Bab-Chomet causes this."

The 'Bab-Chomet'! Immediately I thought of the 'Bop-Comet' or 'Hale-Bopp Comet' since this is very much the same. This might not be obvious to others but to me it stuck out because of the experience I had in the spring of 1997. At the time I was meditating on the Comet and the thought of 'Baphomet' came into my head, and then 'Bopp-Comet'. Indeed, here we have the prefix 'Bap' in the name 'Bab-Chomet'. The interchange of 'c' and 'h' are valid since we find such words as 'Cerne' and 'Herne' being mere differences of culture and area.
As a matter of interest I tapped the name 'Bap-Chomet' into Bing Search and it came up with 'Baphomet'. Most people probably know 'Baphomet' as the satanic figure of Eliphas Levi, but the original was said to be worshipped by the Knights Templar as a severed head. So it would appear that these two are totally different conceptions, the Knight's Templar obviously being the more exact, since they actually used this image.
Getting back to the above quote, it refers obviously to Babylon, and in particular to the Empire of Sargon which would be 'resurrected' in the North. This part of the prophecy suggests that it is the Hale-Bopp Comet that sends out vibration to cause this to happen. What we have to remember is that the Hale-Bopp Comet showed to me the Mysteries of HelgiH and in the Third Sargon we have the same archetype - the Last Avatar. Fancifully, we could break down the English version of his name - SARGON - thus -

S = Sieg = Victory.
Ar-Gon = Aryan.

We have thus, in the name SARGON - Aryan Victory! The root words do give this as anyone can check, since Ar-Gon is the same as Ar-Gan, and Gan is a more southerly form of the Germanic 'Kan', thus Ar-Kan, and the suffix '-yan' is Gon/Gan/Kan. Of course, this is mere 'coincidence', perhaps 'meaningful coincidence'.

As I have shown before, the Hale-Bopp Comet is linked to the coming of the 'Son of Man' which will be as in the time of Noah and the Flood, i.e when the Hale-Bopp Comet came past before. It is thus linked to the Third Sargon who again is the same archetype. There is a strange tale written about the Knight's Templar, one which features the severed head of a woman. It seems that the figure of the head of a woman was found by the Inquisition. We shall now look into this mystery.

The head was of silver and inside it were two head-bones which turned out to be that of a small woman; they were wrapped in white linen with a red cloth around it - Red and White are the colours of the Templar Cross. A label was attached on which was written - CAPUT LVIIIm. (*) This translates as 'Head 58m', which seems rather obscure. But it may be that the 'm' is not a letter but the sign for Virgo, which is like an 'm'. Thus the meaning would change to - 'Head 58 Virgo'. On interrogation one knight told the Inquisition that this head had nothing to do with the male head worshipped by the Templars. A later story seems to give the name Yse to the woman of the head.
In the list of charges brought against the Templars some of them concerned the Severed Head, and in reading these it would seem that they are similar to the properties given to the 'Holy Grail'. There may be a link to the Cauldron of Bran which some Celtic scholars equate with the Holy Grail. Whatever the case we cannot but see the Norse God, Mimir, as being linked through his Severed Head. Woden consults this prior to Ragnarok. The woman's head and the head-bones are symbolic of the Death's Head or Skull & Crossbones. This developed into the flag of the 'pirates' which features a one-eyed figure (Woden?) having a patch over the other eye.

Unfortunately, the subject of the Knight's Templar is so complicated since there are so many different and conflicting opinions as to who they were and what they were doing. It would appear that they were linked to a sinister organisation called the Priory of Sion (Zion) but broke with this to go their own way; we do not know why this happened. Some of the stuff here has come from The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail' which is a rather spurious work which seeks to show that the 'Bloodline of Jesus' was within the Merovingian Kings and thus pave the way for a 'Jewish Messiah' in our times. The 'proof' of this seems to contradict this and prove that the Merovingians were Wolsungas and nothing to do with the 'Bloodline of Christ'. However, we are concerned here with the coming of an Aryan Saviour.
The inference here is that the 'Severed Head' is actually the Hale-Bopp Comet, which is sometimes seen as a 'Bearded Head'. Just to the east of the figure of the Long Man of Wilmington is a comet-shaped mound named Hunter's Burgh. This is connected to Herne the Hunter as Woden. I have mentioned before how I see this area as being a 'Time-Clock' which would be awoken by the appearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet. It has the following markers to this -

1. The hill-figure which is Waendal-Woden and is shaped as the Ear-Rune/Cweorp-Rune/Irminsul.
2. A phallus-shaped mound just above it, which is a long mound with a round area towards the North.
3. The phallus-shaped mound points towards the White Horse on 'Hindover Hill' - the White Horse of the Last Avatar. There is also a mound on Hindover Hill.
4. To the East is Hunter's Burgh which is the comet-shaped mound.
5. The 1600-year old Yew Tree in Wilmington (World Tree).

We have here a clear connection between Waendal (Woden) - The Hale-Bopp Comet - The Last Avatar - The White Horse - The Severed Head. I have mentioned that I considered the Comet to be Sleipnir - the Eight-legged Steed of Woden - and here we have a White Horse and Phallus (Windover Hill Mound). I feel that we are nearer to the point considering the area as a Time-Clock of the Future than a marker of the past, since the symbolism seems to be that of the appearance of the Last Avatar, and thus the end-beginning of a cycle. Since the comet would seem to have appeared last at the time of the sinking of the last remnants of At-al-land then it could not be a remembrance of this due to the differing symbolism. The Avatar appears at the end of this cycle.

Looking through some of the posts on Aryan-Myth-and-Metahistory by Wotan's Krieger I noticed that he mentioned that the 33-Rune row may have been earlier than the CGF, something I hinted at in one of my last blogs (I had not noticed his then). Looking at his remarks it does seem feasible that the rune-row was shortened just as was done with the Younger Futhark. Whatever the case the Rune of the Long Man only appears in the 33-Rune row. Do we perhaps have a clue as to the area around the Long Man being far older than the scholars suggest - maybe as far back as the last remnants of At-al-land?

The Empire of Sargon 'returns' but not in the South; it appears again in the North, by the Midnight Mountain. It's return is heralded by the Hale-Bopp Comet whose 'vibrations' cause this to happen. It has to be significant that the clues to this are held in the South of England, in the South Saxon Mark, where it's appearance is etched into the landscape. If Baphomet was a 'severed head' then this was symbolic of the Great Comet; it is thus not so strange that this 'Severed Head' poured out the Mysteries of HelgiH when it appeared in the northern skies.

At the same time as the Comet appeared I had the dream of it being 'sent by Morgana' and that it was linked to the 'Horn of Plenty' - Capricorn. Looking once more at this there are some new links here -
  • The 'Horn of Plenty' is linked to the 'cauldron' and thus to the Holy Graal.
  • The 'severed head' is linked to Bran, whose 'cauldron' has been linked to the Holy Graal.
  • The last four runes of the 33-Rune Row are the Graal-Runes/Four Hallows. Thus they are linked to Tir Na N'Og which is the 'Land of Youth', also known as the 'Island of Apples', a land which (like At-al-land) sank beneath the waves (Wotan's Krieger relates more of this). The link is through the Tuatha de Danaan who came 'from the Isles in the North' or 'from the skies'. It should be noted that the name 'Tir Na N'Og' has the word 'Og' meaning 'youth' but this could be interpreted as the 'Land of Og' - the Land of Igg/Ing?

Interestingly, the Four Hallows come from this lost land - the Sword (Cweorth), the Dagda's Couldron (Calc), the Stone of Destiny (Stan) and the Spear of Lugh (Gar). These came from - Gorias, Murias, Finias and Falias. These were the Four Mystical Cities of this land. Somewhere hidden in all this is a mystery linked to the Holy Graal. I have mentioned before about a work by S.F. Bennett who suggested that the area around the Long Man is a setting for an episode in the Petit Saint Graal a story about Peredur, a Welsh version of Parsifal - the Divine Fool. I will not repeat this here as it is in an earlier blog, but suffice it to say here we do have a link to the Holy Graal. There are some interesting symbols that we can look at though -
  • A Chessboard. This has 64 squares, 16 pieces for each side, all connected to the Sacred Number 8. It I also connected to the Square of 4 (16) and the Cube of 4 (64). So we are also concerned here with the Number 4.
  • The Star Woman wearing a Red Dress strewn with sparkling stars; she has inherited the Chessboard of Morgana, according to Emma Jung. The 'Chessboard of Morgana' - was not Morgana the one who was said to have sent the Comet to us?
  • The Hind - Hindover Hill where the White Horse is to be found.
What we do not have within the tale is reference to 'Hunter's Burgh', although Peredur acts as a huntsman so maybe there is a hint here. The other symbols, a river, a sacred grove and an uninhabited castle can also be found in this area of Sussex, so here we do seem to have a re-enactment of part of the Graal-Mythos in the landscape. Parsifal is The Hooded Man or the Pure Fool and the Long Man of Wilmington is the April Fool. It is not quite clear how the 'chessboard' features in this landscape. We have to remember that the counter-initiation always counterfeits its work, stealing from the True Initiation, and thus we find the 'chessboard' features prominently in Freemasonry. It is certainly symbolic of the battle between Light (White) and Dark (Black). Just for the record, in the tale Peredur defeats a 'Black Man' who appears from the mound. Here we have the triumph of Light over Darkness. His other acts seem to be centred around his foolishness as the 'Pure Fool'.

It would seem that the 'vibration' of the Hale-Bopp Comet awoke ancient forces centred around this area of the land. Forces that would ensure a new Imperium, a new Empire of the North. This is linked to the 'Resurrection of Ingwe' and the Rising of At-al-land which come with the process of the return of the Third Sargon (Aryan Victory). The Third Sargon will bear within himself the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness, the Sun and the Lightning, but his Second Coming will be that of a God-Force that will be more Lightning than Sun, since he has to be strong enough to deal conclusively with the Forces of Evil.

 (*) Here we again have a certain 'synchronicity' since in this post we are dealing with The Hooded Man and the Last Avatar. 58 is the number featured in The Hooded Man Prophecy. It adds to 'R-O-B-I-N in English Gematria. Virgo is 'The Virgin' who brings forth the Divine Child. It is also noteworthy that the term 'CAPUT' adds to 61 which is the number of WODEN.

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