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The Black Sun & the Resurrection of Ingwe

"When the Ice of the Darkest of Night melts away under the Fire of the Black Sun of the Inner Earth, the poison apple will fall away, and the Sleeping Goddess shall awaken, throw off the White Wolf Skin, and arise renewed by the Golden Apples of the Immortals. When the Moon is under her feet and she is clothed in the Golden Sun, she shall bring forth the Divine Child of Light who will lead the English in their Divine Mission against the Children of Darkness."
'The Prophecy 88' - November 9th 2014.
Researching more about our English past and that of the Divine Ancestor of the English I realised a point that has been obvious but which I overlooked in these works. In the above prophecy, given to me about two years ago, it is the Black Sun that awakens the 'Sleeping Goddess' (Idunn) who then brings forth the 'Divine Child of Light' who is the Last Avatar, of course. Past research has linked the Divine Child to Wid-Ar, The Hooded Man, HelgiH and to Ingwe. It is to the last one of these that we shall look at now - Ingwe - whose name means 'son of' and who is 'The Son of Man'.
To understand what I am saying here we need to return to an old part of the work dealing with one of the Prophecies of Nostradamus. This is the one quoted below -
'In the year 1999 and seven months, from the sky shall come the Great King of Terror. He will bring back to life the Great King of Angolmois. Before and after Mars shall reign supreme.'
Nostradamus : Century 10.
I have looked at this before but to make things clear will go through it again. In August 1999, one month out from the prophecy, the Solar Eclipse over Europe occurred; this is the 'Great King of Terror' mentioned by Nostradamus. This is also the Black Sun. This, it is said, brings back to life (i.e 'resurrects') the 'Great King of Angolmois', this, in the text I have, being an anagram of the Old French 'Mongolois' - which it is certainly not since the letter 'A' is missed out and an 'o' substituted! Far easier to see this as it is  - Angol- mois - 'Angol' being the English. Here we have the Great King of the English being 'resurrected' - this is the Resurrection of Ingwe.
The Prophecy 88 thus renews that of the one of Nostradamus, and not only that it's content also link to the Solar Eclipse of August 11th 1999 since we have the Black Sun in Leo the Lion (in the White Dragon in Wodenic Lore); in the same house of the zodiac we also had the planet Venus which is the woman 'clothed with the Sun, and the Moon under her feet'. Venus is here seen as the Goddess of Dawn linked to the Waene-Goddess, Freya. Indeed, although the phrase 'when the Moon is under her feet, and she is clothed with the Golden Sun' refers to a time of the year when, at dawn, the planet Venus is seen this way, this also applies to the time when the Sun and the Moon are 'conjoined' (Solar Eclipse).
I have shown the following runic-formula on many occasions but it is necessary to repeat it here to show that this fits in not only with prophecy, but also hidden within our own rune-rows -
Tiwas - The Sky-Father/The Sun.
Berkana - The Birth-Mother/The Earth Mother/ The Moon.
Ehwas - The Divine Marriage of the Sun and the Moon (Solar Eclipse).
Mannaz - The 'offspring' of the Divine Marriage - the Manu of the Aryans.
Lagu - The Flood/The Great Dissolution/The Waters of Chaos.
Ingwas - The Son/The Son of Man/The Divine Child of Light.
Dagaz - The New Dawn/The Rising of the Golden Age.
Odal - The Rising of At-al-land (Atlantis)/The Coming Race.
The coming of the 'Son of Man' (Ingwe) is after the flood, but we have shown that the 'Flood' may be more symbolic of the 'Flood of Migrants' (words from the press and media) into Europe - the Land of the Gods. The Bifrost Bridge was broken and the outlanders entered the Land of the Gods. Significantly, the above rune-row is the third and the last in the Common Germanic Futhark. Perhaps the Fourth AEttir of the English Rune-Row is the means to win the struggle?
In Norse Mythology it is Loki the Joten who is responsible for the theft of the Golden Apples and the abduction of Idunn. The gods have to force Loki to undo his dirty work and get her back. The symbolism of this myth is interesting, for she is turned into a 'nut' in order to get her away from the 'Giants' (Joten). The 'nut' is in itself a 'seed' and thus the symbolism suggests the 'Seed of Resurrection' or the 'Seed of Rebirth'. In the alternative version of Ragnarok, 'Odin's Raven Song', Idunn is equated with Nanna who is a Moon-Goddess and wife of Baldaeg. So well-known was Nanna at one time that the term is used for a Grandmother.
It is also interesting that none of the gods can awaken the 'Sleeping Goddess' (Idunn-Nanna) and under the orders of Odin they have to 'sleep on it', i.e. they have to let Wyrd take its course. This suggests that Odin recognised that she would awaken only at a certain time of the Cosmic Cycle, just as an Avatar appears at his appointed time. They could not force the matter! In this case it was the Black Sun of the Solar Eclipse that would awaken the Sleeping Goddess, who would then bring forth the 'King of the English' - Ingwe. This would bring into being the New Age - the Age of Ingwe.
Around the Solar Eclipse is always a 'halo' or 'corona' - a crown. This is an interesting part of this happening since the Guardian Goddess of England wears a White Wolf-Skin and a Golden Crown - according to a certain Initiate who was with us many years ago. 'Britannia' is the Guardian Goddess of England, and the Wolf-Goddess is the Guardian Goddess of the English, as we have see from past articles which refer to Norse Sagas. Both of these should be seen as facets of the same - Idunn.
Hamasson has also suggested that the English Ing-Rune is the Edel-Rune with a 'Crown', which is the Crowned and Conquering Son or the Crowned and Avenging Son. We have the crown linked to the 'Sleeping Goddess' and to the 'Son'. We also have the motif in Norse Myth of Woden Being swallowed by the Fenris Wolf; here we may see Woden (The Sun) being 'swallowed' by the Wolf (The Moon - wolves howl at the Moon). As in the Egyptian Rite of the Opening of the Mouth Wid-Ar prises open the jaws of the Great Wolf and allows the Spirit of Woden to escape. The Spirit of Woden enters his Son, Wid-Ar who is thus akin to Horus, son of Osiris. At a galactic level this could have been played out with the 2012 Sun moving into the Dark Rift of the Milky Way.
As I stated before the Solar Eclipse of August 1999 was the 'conception' of the Age of Ingwe; just nine months later (May 2000) was the planetary conjunction of the 'Cross of Ingwe' which was the 'birth' of the Age of Ingwe. Of course, before and after the 1999 Solar Eclipse wars were waged on the planet, as prophesied by Nostradamus in this quatrain. Mars, of course, is the God of War mentioned, but his Greek name is Aries. The name 'Aries' must be associated with Arya/Aryan and his Ram-Totem suggests a link to Hama-Heimdall.

In this clipping which I have shown so many times before Mars and Saturn are seen on the horizontal plane, the planets of War and Disaster. On the vertical plane are the Sun-Moon union (with Venus, not shown) in the House of the White Dragon, and the planet Uranus (*) in Aquarius, the ruling house of the New Age. The planet Uranus has always been associated with the Sky-God and with the Gods of Light & Order. The symbol of Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, shows her spilling the Waters of Chaos upon the Earth, the Waters of Dissolution, and we are witness to this today in the Dissolution of the Races. This is our greatest challenge, not to lose the Aryan Gene that is the basis of the creation of the New Man - the God-Man. In the midst of the Chaos around us an Age of Heroes is born, the Age of Ingwe. We can see the Germanic Ing-Rune in the clipping, as well as the Cross of Ingwe.
(*) Uranus = Ur-An-Us = The 'Primal Master of Fire'. UR means 'primal', AN means 'master' and Us means 'to burn'.
There are those who would cast out the English Cross, but when we consider the symbol of the Tegeingl (Deceangli) whose were based in Engelfield which is now Flintshire/Dyfed in North Wales, this is a Black Cross (Black Sun?) and four black birds which was associated with the 'Angli' or 'Ingl'. The 'Fleur-de-Lys' is the Irminsul of the Saxons.

The Cross of Ingwe

In the above Black Sun Crop Circle the four 'balls' are positioned as a 'Square', but if they are joined by two lines across the centre they make an X-Cross. The newspaper clipping is twisted from the normal zodiac by putting Leo the Lion at the top, thus making a +-Cross. The above X-Cross is still made up of the 'Four Beasts of the Apocalypse' - The Lion (leo) - The Man (Aquarius), and The Eagle (Aquila, which became Scorpio the Scorpion) - Taurus the Bull. The above positions this as the Solar Zodiac would be with an X-Cross, but it also has the Polar Zodiac through using the four Sig-Rune 'extensions' to the outer ring.
There is also a hint of something else here, since the four extended Sig-Runes come at points which cross at the junctions of two signs each -
Capricorn-Sagittarius and Cancer-Gemini.
Libra-Virgo and Pisces-Aries.
The Capricorn-Sagittarius area is the 'Gateway to the Gods' as I have shown before, and its 'anti-centre' is Cancer-Gemini. Pisces is the world-age we are now leaving, as we move into the Age of Aquarius. Aries was the previous world-age associated with the Ram. Here Capricorn-Sagittarius is at the north, the polar region.

The Resurrection of Ingwe comes at the same time as the Resurrection of At-al-land; they are connected since Ingwe would have been the God-Man who ruled over At-al-land. There is another interesting point about the name 'At-al-land' which I think I have mentioned before. There is another meaning to at-al -

at - to go (connected to the period gone through the revolving year).

al - beyond.

At-al-land is thus the land that goes 'beyond' the 'revolving year' - the zodiac. It is 'beyond' in the sense of being in another world or dimension, just like Hyperborea was said to be 'beyond' the north winds, beyond 'boreas'. This is why Hyperborea cannot be reached 'by land or by sea', since it exists 'beyond' the physical world. At-al-land is outside the Cycles of Time.

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