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The Fire of Ingwe - Part One

"By coming forward, he (Agni) has created kingship. He has conferred on you majesty and victory over your enemies."

Atharva Veda 13.1.4-5.

I have equated Agni with our own Ingwe because after years of study the two seem connected with the same Mystical Fire which is associated with Kingship and with Immortality. The Fire of Ingwe is the 'Solar Glory' or 'Solar Victory' and is a metaphysical reality and not mere symbolism. This 'Solar Glory' is the hvareno of the Persians. In Vedic Lore we find Agni-Vaishvanara as the Spiritual Fire that leads conquering kings to victory. This was associated with 'good fortune' and thus to the Heil recorded in Germanic Lore. At first there seems no link between Heil - meaning 'whole' etc. - and 'fire' but when we note that the Heil Salute invokes the Ken-Rune, the Rune of Fire, this becomes clear. This is associated with Sieg  and with 'Victory'. 

The 'Solar Glory' or Hvareno is said to belong 'to the Aryan Nations, born and unborn, and to the Holy Zarathustra'. In Persian Lore the Eternal Conflict is between the Arya and the Turanians (*) and in one legend it is a Turanian Shah who tries to steal the 'Glory' from a lake but it is Kai Kushrau the Aryan Shah who receives it by Divine Right. The tale is that of Hama chasing Loki after he has stolen the Brosingamen Necklace ('Necklace of Fire') and dived into a lake, into which Hama dives to retrieve the stolen necklace. This is the Necklace of Freya. The Persian Goddess known as Ardvi Sura Anahita is the equivalent of our own Freya, for it is she who owns the Hvareno just as it is Freya who owns the Necklace of Fire. 

(*) The Turanians are the Persian equivalent to the Vedic 'Dasyus' and the Eddaic 'Joten'.

The 'Fire of Kingship' is inherent in the Ken-Rune which has the following important concepts -

King - cyning/konungr/The Kon. The Sacral King.

Kin - the 'kin' and the 'king' are one.

Ken - Knowledge, wisdom and understanding bring this 'Kingly Glory'.

Kun - The 'Serpent-Fire' or 'Fire of Ingwe' which is the Kundalini or 'Candle Fire' which lies within the burial-mound of the AEthelinga (English Rune-Poem). The 'Chan' or 'Serpent' to which Votan belonged - the 'Race of the Serpent'. 

Kon - The highest caste as given by Rig-Hama (Agni-Ingwe). 

Kan - The Fire-Dragon or Fire-Serpent; the 'Khan' or 'Divine King'. 

Maegan and Hael (Heil) are qualities of the Sacral Kingship, especially the latter which meant 'luck' or 'good fortune', but which in esoteric terms denoted this Mystical Fire which is the Hvareno or 'Glory of Light'. In the 'Lay of Rig' we find that Rig teaches Runic Knowledge to the contender for Sacral Kingship. 

I have shown before how both Hama-Heimdall and Ingwe have many similarities; there are also overlaps with Woden too. We find in the Holy White Stone of Ing that the 'Gift of Ing' is Fire, and here the Ken-Rune is carved as an 'inverted Y' which is the Sacrificial Fire and the Sacrificial Smoke that sours towards the heavens and the Gods. This Sacrificial Fire is the link between Midgard and Asgard, as is the Bifrost Bridge and also Heimdall who links Man to the Gods. The Rune of Hama is the Man-Rune.

I am not going into the links between Agni-Ingwe-Hama-Woden but here I shall list some of the concepts attributed to Agni/Fire in the Vedas, through the work of Sri Aurobindo (*) -

  • Agni - The Inner Fire,
  • The Mystic Fire that raises Man to the Immortal, to the Great Heaven,
  • Agni is Higher Truth and the Path to Higher Truth,
  • Agni is Truth (satyam), Right (rtam), and Vast (brhat),
  • He is the One Truth, the One Reality,
  • The Flame of Agni is the Seven-Tongued Power of the Will,
  • God of Knowledge,
  • Mediator between Earth and Heaven (Midgard and Asgard), the 'Messenger' and the 'Traveller',
  • Primal Word of the Truth,
  • The force that pervades all - Agni Vaisvanara,
  • Purifying Fire,
  • Son of Force. Son of Energy,
  • The 'Immortal Messenger',
  • The 'Child of Energy',
  • 'Wide-Seeing' 'Seer of the Word',
  • Tongue of Flame/Ageless Flame/Flame of Energy/Flame-Seer/Ageless Fire/The Shining One/Fire that has come forth from the Truth.
  • The Winged Flame/God of Force and Fire,
  • The Flame - Child of Light.
  • Light of the Sun-World,
  • Lord of the Brilliant Flame,
  • Guardian of the Immortals.
  • Twice-Born Agni,
  • Child of the Waters, the most Strong and Mighty Fire,
  • 'Flame in Man',
  • 'Fire, the Son of Force',
  • Immortal Fire,
  • The Divine Traveller,
  • Rider of the Golden Chariot pulled by Red Horses,
  • The Golden Fire/The Luminous One
  • The Ancient One/The Young One/The Youth/Youngest of the Gods
  • The Flaming Arrow, High-Kindled, Universal Fire,
  • Priest of the Call, Priest of the Word, Lord of the Sacrifice,
  • The Horse of Power/Steadfast in Light,
  • Golden-tusked/' a beast with golden beard and tusks of bright purity..'
  • Fire who dwells in the house, master of the house...,
  • The Sacrificial Flame,
  • The Hawk of the Heavens,
  • The Mighty One,
  • Priest of the Word/ Carrier of the Offerings/Knower of all things born,
  • Flame born in Heaven/Flame born of the Waters/'Twice-Born',
  • Slayer of Darkness
  • Terror of the Destroyer/ Enemy of the Forces of Darkness and Chaos/ Enemy of the Forces of Division, of Lies and Deceit. Enemy of the Demon-Sorcerers.
  • Flame-Seer/ Son of the Wideness.
  • Fire of the Gelded Horse/Fire born from Atharvan,
  • The Living son of the Stone.
  • The Bringer of the Soma (as the Hawk).

These are enough to shown how Agni has many of the attributes of Woden, Hama and Ingwe, and many of the ancient Vedic Hymns are to Agni. Agni is seen to be the Fiery-Force that flows within plants and trees (sap) and the blood of Man. He is the 'Inner Fire' that gives life to us, for when we grow cold we die. As Rig-Manu he came to father the Castes of Aryan Man whence the 'Divine Spark' was placed within each of these Aryan Castes. Agni, like Hama, is associated with a 'Golden Necklace'.

Agni is sometimes referred to as Angiras and associated with him are the Angiras or Angirasas. The name is directly linked to Ang-Eng-Ing, the roots of Ingwe. Not only that, Agni-Angiras is said to be a 'messenger' or 'traveller' since he is the god who mediates between Man and Gods. Is it thus a coincidence that the 'messengers' of the Greek Legends were called 'angels'? That is what the term means, a term misused by the Christians, and today distorted anew by a new breed of 'New Agers' and 'Pagans'. The Greek aggelos, pronounced 'angelos' means 'angel' and I have mentioned how Ygg and Yng could be seen as linked - the link between Ygg (Ancient Name of Woden) and Yng (Ingwe).

The Chariot of Ing is most likely the Great Bear or Waen which has Seven Stars; the Sacred Number 7 is attributed to Agni over and over again. Agni is the 'Driver of the Waen' and thus perhaps Bootes, the constellation of Ingwe. Agni is associated with the Ram (Heimdall) and the Boar (Ingwe) as we see in the concepts outlined above. He has a 'Golden Necklace' and we find Hama seeking and retrieving the lost Necklace of the Brisingas, the property of the Goddess Freya. This necklace is the Necklace of Fire which is taken from the Waters. Ingwe is the Hero-God who is 'Born of the Waters' and arises from the Great Deep (Waters of Dissolution). 

We can perhaps gleam more knowledge of this through a rather unsavoury source - Aleister Crowley. As I have said before, I do not condone his life-style, nor his work, but I do see something important in his Book of the Law, and it is to this that I seek this knowledge.

We have seen the links between Horus and Ingwe, and in the Book of the Law Horus is featured in Part II as Hadit. This is, I believe, a Chaldean name, here used for some unknown reason within an Egyptian Text. Hadit is the Centre of the Sphere which is everywhere whilst his 'bride' is Nut/Nu/Nuit who is the circumeference which is knowhere found. The 'Centre which is everywhere and the Circumference which is nowhere' feature heavily in the works of Miguel Serrano, though I don't think he was a fan of Crowley. 

The key to this is in the statement -

"I am the Flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am Life and the Giver of Life..."

This is the basis of the Vedic God, Agni, who is the Flame of Life that burns within all life. He is termed 'the axle of the wheel' which is interesting since Agni is kindled from the friction of the Fire-Wheel around its Axle. He is of 'Force and Fire', as we see in Agni. He is also seen as a 'Snake that giveth Knowledge and Delight and Bright Glory...' which can also be seen as Ingwe (Serpent) and Agni (Bright Glory and Delight). 

Hadit is also said to be the 'Secret Serpent coiled about to spring' which is the Fire-Serpent or Kundalini, also associated with Agni-Ingwe. Just as Agni is both of Heaven and Earth, so is Hadit said to be one with Nuit when he lifts his head, and one with the Earth when he droops his head. Hadit is, like Agni, not associated with 'reason' but with the 'Will' -

'If Will stops and cries Why, invoking Because, then Will stops and does nought.

If Power asks Why, then is Power weakness.'

Hadit is the 'secret centre' and seems to have been symbolised by the Winged Globe, and he is the Winged Secret Flame. We have seen how Horus is the 'Hawk-Headed God' and Agni is also seen as a Hawk. The Winged Secret Flame is the Fire-Serpent. This is the Secret Fire that is within us, and this is the Fire of Ingwe. Hadit is called the 'Winged Snake of Light'.

In Crowley's Book of the Law we find the Stele of Revealing mentioned; this was (at least some decades ago when I visited Egypt) housed in the Cairo Museum, numbered 666 (significant to Crowley, of course). It shows Nut/Nuit arched over Hadit (the Winged Globe). Below these are (to the left) the figure of Horus as the 'Hawk-Headed God' with the Solar-Disc above his head.

There seems to be a problem in that Hadit is equated by Crowley with Horus, or an aspect of Horus he calls Heru-Ra-Ha which is a 'combination of twin gods' named Ra-Hoor-Khuit (**) and Hoor-Paar-Kraat. Yet those who have followed (or seemingly followed) Crowley equate Hadit with Set, the exact opposite to Horus, who is the slayer of Set. Thus the God of Darkness and Chaos has seemingly been substituted for the God of Light and Order. Admittedly, later in his work, Crowley seems to have given mixed signals and some of his evocations are definitely Dark Forces, but the Book of the Law is definitely based around the Solar-Powers.

(**) Ra-Hoor-Khuit is described as a 'God of War and Vengeance' and seems to be an aspect of Horus like our Wid-Ar the Avenger. His work is done through the Book of the Law - III.

There is a strange text within the Vedas which seems to shed light upon the source of the Servants of Darkness -

"O Fire, who are these who are binders of the Adversary, who are the guardians, the luminous ones that shall possess and conquer? who keep the foundation of the falsehood? who are guardians of the untrue Word?

These were thy comrades, O Fire, who have turned away from they, they were benignant and have become malign; they have done violence to themselves by their words spreading crooked things to the seekers after straightness...'

We refer to these as The Illuminati and their source seems to have been through the God of Fire and Light; they have fallen from the Light into the Darkness - the 'Fallen Angels' would be an apt term in light of this, especially as this term has actually been coined of the source of Evil in this world. 

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