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Hale-Bopp & Bab-Chomet

This post was sparked by a piece that Hamasson found in a work called Armanen Runes and The Black Sun in Modern Heathenry by Aelfric Avery. This piece not only confirms what we have written about the Hale-Bopp Comet and the creation of Woden's Folk, but also gives new insights into the creation of the Folkish Wodenist Movement here in England. This led to my looking at a German website which gave further insights; there are so many synchronicities involved in this.

'The god Bab-Chomet placed in the new universe the Black Sun, which no-one can see with earthly eyes; it is the source of God's Power in this world; around them is all. Thus the world-age was determined.'

Aelfric Avery.

This piece is from Sumer during the reign of Sargon I (23rd-22nd Centuries BCE), and is related to Illu Ishtar. 

Bab-Chomet is said to be a 'stargate' or 'Gateway to the Gods' which is remarkable when we have equated this with Baphomet and to the Hale-Bopp Comet. The Hale-Bopp Comet appeared in the spring of 1997 when I undertook a form of Shamanic Initiation by the Long Man of Wilmington (Woden-Waendal) and the HelgiH Mysteries were given to me. At the time I equated the Hale-Bopp Comet with 'Baphomet' for no real reason whatever. 

The gist of what we have said before, helped by work from Wotan's Krieger, is that the Hale-Bopp Comet appeared at the time of 'Noe's Flood' some 4,000 years ago, and reappeared in its next cycle in the spring of 1997. The comet heralded the sinking of At-al-land, and then the creation of Woden's Folk in the spring of 1998. Now we can go even further with this because into the same equation comes the Black Sun. The solar eclipse of August 11th 1999 we linked to the 'Resurrection of Ingwe' through the Power of the Black Sun, and the conception of the New Age - the Age of Ing. And here in the above we have stated - 'Thus the world-age was determined'. 

There was also seen a link between the Third Sargon who is to appear with an 'Empire of the North' and the Bab-Chomet whose 'vibrations' are said to bring this about. Here we have Bab-Chomet behind the Power of the Black Sun, and the Source of God's Power in this world. It was thus the 'vibrations' of the Hale-Bopp Comet that brought into being the new world-age - the Age of Ing(we). 

'At the top of the world stands the Midnight Mountain;
Its light is eternal.
The eyes of man cannot see it - and yet it is there.
Over the Midnight Mountain streams the rays of the Black Sun.
The eyes of man cannot see them - and yet they are there.
Inside us burns its light.
Only the brave and righteous still have within them the God-Head.

Aelfric Avery.

Then comes the link between the Black Sun and the Midnight Mountain of the North. To gain further insight I looked up 'Bab-Chomet' and found a German site - www.freiheitistselbst....(apologies to our German Comrades but the word was rather long) on which was the following -

'The White Sun shining over the world Earth - you give light to the day.

The Black Sun shining inside of us - you give the power of knowledge. Reflecting on the realm of Atland, which lay high at the Pillar of Heaven before the sea devoured it.

Reflecting the wise giant, those who came and taught from Thule.'

Atland - We have here the link between the Black Sun and the sinking of At-al-land. As stated, the last cycle of the Hale-Bopp Comet 4,000 years ago seems to have heralded the coming cataclysm that finally sank At-al-land or 'Doggerland' in the North Sea. 

Legend has it that the Divine Light was sent from God to the Earth in the form of the Goddess Ishtar (Eastra-Ostara). It is also said that the seer Irini (another 'synchronicity' which I will not go into here) had spiritual contact with Ishtar. Some see Bab-Chomet as a 'doorway' or 'gateway' through which the Divine Light ('Ray of Light') comes. The Black Sun is known as Ilu Ilum - 'Ilu' being 'light' as in our equivalent 'El' giving the word 'Elf'. 

On the Stele Naram-Sin dedicated to the King of the Akkadians, grandson of Sargon I, we find two suns, one being the White Sun of Day and the other the Black Sun of the Midnight North. 

The two 'suns' are at the top of the stele; the larger and taller figure is Naram-Sin, and it must be noted that he wears a horned helmet very similar to those found on figures in Bronze Age Northern Europe. 


White Sun - Black Sun

The one puzzle that remains with us, something that I have said before, is that the Baphomet which is usually shown as a horned goat was the work of Eliphas Levi, a French Occultist. His image is clearly nothing like the original Baphomet of the Knight's Templar which was, we are told, a severed head. Comets are often referred to as 'Bearded Stars'. The obvious link is with John the Baptist but there is also the link with Mimir's Head and the 'Well of Memory'. Rather than linked to 'Mahomet' it seems that 'Bab-Chomet' is a more likely origins of this word. There may, of course, be no links whatever but even then there is a synchronicity in the two words that cannot be overlooked. The Knight's Templar are said to have gone to the Americas, taking with them the Holy Grail. 

Woden's Folk was formed on April 23rd 1998, one year after the appearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet. The mystical experience I had in the spring of 1997 ended on April Fool's Day (April 1st) when I looked up at the Long Man of Wilmington (Woden as the 'April Fool'). The area around the Long Man seems to be a kind of 'Time-Clock' set to awaken certain forces in our era of the Cycle of the Ages. As I have said before, there is even a comet-shaped long-barrow ('Hunter's Burgh') to the east of the hill-figure, and a White Horse to the west of the figure. 

Note: I have laid out the whole of this Sun-Initiation in my latest book from Black Front Press. This has been set down before but this latest piece puts in a great amount of stuff left out before. 

The Stone of At-al-land

Added 27th August 2019.

Elum - The Light of this world.

Ilum - The Light of the Otherworld.

The Black Sun is the source of the Divine Light in this world.

Male Ilu-Force

Female Ilu-Force

Joined they become Iluhe.

The Light of the Black Sun is led over the star Venus to the Earth. This fits with the ideas of Don Miguel Serrano. This is also the He/She or El-Ella of Miguel Serrano. It is the union of these two forces we speak of. 


Question that needs an answer - Is there any connection between ALU and these ideas here? ALU is said to be a 'Magical Force' and forms part of the above sequence. The Old English name AElla can also form part of this sevenfold sequence. 

On one blog I found a reference to the Black Sun being located in the middle of the constellation Crater from where the 'Divine Light' is led over the star Venus to Earth. The name 'crater' means 'cup' or 'chalice'. The Old English Calc-Rune means 'cup' or 'chalice' at one level.

The word Vril could be rendered Ur-Il meaning 'The Primal Light'; there is also a kind of synchronicity here since the ideas around Bab-Chomet related by the Seeress Sahaja which we have touched on before are associated with the god Marduk whose image is that of a bull - Bo-Vril. Before World War II a number of occultists were working around 'channeling' from areas such as Sumeria and Babylonia. 

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