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The Legend of Scef-Ing

I have gone into the Legend of Scef before but will need to go over what I have said again in the light of new research. The basic ideas that I put forward was that this goes back to the very dawn of time when the Golden Age finished, and when a young Divine-Child - Scef, also called Ingwe - was sent by the gods to the English Folk to be their king and to aid them in their struggle as the Golden Age ended and a colder and darker period set in on the Earth. 

  • Scef-Ing comes in a small, oarless boat, or a boat pulled by Swans, to the Island of Scand(z)i.
  • His head rests upon a Sheaf of Corn; he thus brings farming to the Folk-Community, needed because the Golden Age of Peace and Plenty has ended, and mankind must now grow crops to survive. 
  • He brings a Lighted Taper - Fire - which is needed in order that the Folk-Community may get warmth in the growing cold, and cook for food which has to be hunted. 
  • On the boat are weapons which can be used to hunt and kill for food, and maybe also in the growing wars that would occur due to the Folk-Wanderings which come after the Great Cataclysm.
  • On the mast of his boat is the Sun-Disc, a Golden Disc which represents his divine nature and Solar-Nature. 
All of these ideas make a great deal of sense because they fit with the idea of a change fo world-age due to the Cycle of the Ages, and the growing need for food to be grown and caught, fire to get warm in the growing cold, and to heat the food caught. Weapons are needed to hunt and kill for food, and also maybe for the growing struggles with the movement of peoples after a Great Cataclysm expected with the change in world-age. 

However, after reading the work The Secret of the Vedas by Sri Aurobindo it dawned on me that there could be an underlying symbolic meaning to this English Myth. Sri Aurobindo, as I have actually shown in an old post, gives a totally different interpretation to the Vedas which I find to fit with our own world-view, and which has been overlooked by most scholars. He also seems to agree with Tilak in that this is the Knowledge of the North which was taken into India and other areas of the East. Now let me look at this from a very different angle, from a spiritual perspective -

  • The basic theme of Aurobindo's interpretation of the Vedas is that they are the means to a higher state of consciousness, and that this is a 'Higher Light' which has been 'stolen' by the Dasyus and hidden in their Cave of Darkness. Although they have this 'Higher Light' they cannot use it because they are the 'devourers', 'the 'wargs', 'the dividers', 'the obstructors' and 'the confiners' and they are the powers that hoard this to keep it away from mankind, specifically the Arya ('Twice-Born'). This 'Higher Light' is symbolised by the 'Cows' (Cattle) and 'Gold' ('Gold Hoard'). The stealing of the 'Cattle' or the 'Gold' is a very Primal Aryan Myth and can be found in various different myths in different areas, and in the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, as I have shown in the earlier post. The Legend of Sigurd-Siegfried is one example of the hidden symbolism of the Gold Hoard which is the 'Divine Light of Higher Consciousness'. 
  • Aurobindo sees this 'higher realm' as Swar which stems from the Aryan Root *swar/swal meaning 'to shine'. 'to glow', 'to burn' or 'to speak', all of which, as we shall see, are relevant to this idea of gaining access to the highest state of consciousness. It is thus significant that the name Scand(z)i comes from the Aryan Root *scand- meaning 'to shine', 'to glow'. They both have the same basic meaning. Thus, could not the term Scandi refer to this higher realm of consciousness too? Let us go further into this.
  • The boat or ship in which Scef-Ing goes to the Island of Scandi is in some accounts drawn by Swans. In the Vedas we find the Aswins (Divine Twins or Horse Twins) move about in a chariot drawn by horses, but when they ascend (i.e. to the higher realms of consciousness) their chariot is drawn by Swans. This seems to be no coincidence, because it means exactly the same in both accounts. There are, in English Lore, links between Ingwe and the Divine Twins, since Hengest (an incarnation of Ingwe) and Horsa are our Divine Twins. 
  • The Sheaf of Corn could be symbolic of the 'Golden Rays of the Sun' and thus to the Solar World of Scandi/Swar. Gold, as stated, is the symbol of the Sun. The Golden Corn is also related to the Corn-Goddess, Sif, which is her 'Golden Hair'. Here, once again, the myth in which Loki cuts off the Golden Hair of Sif could be taken in a physical sense that today we have left only a form of artificial corn, or it could be taken in the spiritual sense in that Loki 'cut off' the Golden Light from mankind, and (in this version) replaced it by an 'artificial light'. 
  • If Scef is indeed Ingwe then his totem-symbol is the Golden Boar whose Golden Bristles are symbolic of the Sun's Rays, the Rays of Light that pervade Scandi/Swar. The main 'characters' in the Rig Vedas in regard to the finding and taking back (by force) the Divine Light are the Angirasas, the Sons of Agni. I have shown how Agni is Ingwe in previous posts. 
  • The 'Lighted Taper' is here symbolic of the Sacred Flame (Agni-Inga) kindled by the Need-Fire; this is the Fire of Sacrifice which has to be kindled, and which is symbolic of Agni (Ingwe). Although animals (cattle especially) were 'sacrificed', i.e. slain (humanely by stunning and then cutting the throat, contrast this with some forms of killing cattle today which are nothing but cruel and evil) and then eaten as a physical 'offering' to the Gods. The True Sacrifice is not even the slaying and eating but is the sacrifice that the individual makes in order to gain access to the Higher World of Being. Kindling the Sacred Flame is symbolic of birthing Agni-Ingwe in the 'Cave of the Mother'. Agni is the 'Great Sacrificer' who performs The Sacrifice. 
  • The Sun-Disc on the mast is symbolic of the 'Golden Sun'; the Light of the Sun is the Light of Truth contained in 'The Vast', 'Swar', 'Scandi' which is the highest Realm of Truth and Light. The 'Light of the Sun' is the Aryan Light, it is the Light of the Aryan Gods and the 'Light of the Arya'. The Truth is called Rita whose mysteries are found in the Rit-Rune (Rad-Rune). 
  • The Dasyus/Dasas/Pani etc. are the Powers of Darkness and Ignorance that oppose the Aryan Gods and Aryan Seers (Angarasa Rishis). These Aryan Seers are the original semi-divine beings who first found the 'Aryan Secrets' and passed them down through the generations that they may not be lost, even though they would become misunderstood. The Aryan Gods and Aryan Seers (now the Divine Heroes or Weras) have as their quest to find the Divine Light (within), to take back that Divine Light (by force of arms usually, or by trickery as when Woden gains the Sacred Mead), and to bring the Divine Light to mankind as a whole. Thus the 'weapons' in the boat, and thus our Spiritual Struggle using the same 'weapons', which struggle leads to the Truth and Immortality - to Valhalla! The Dasyus, Dasas, Pani are the Joten and Thursar of Norse Mythology, as well as figures like Loki who is the 'Enemy Within' or the 'Joten Within'. 

Just as in the Norse Myths the Gods are born of the Cosmic Mother or 'Cosmic Cow' - Audhumla - they are born of Aditi who is the Cosmic Mother or Cosmic Cow. She is Infinite Consciousness and is the Infinite Mother. All of the Gods are thus born. The Dasyus or Danavas are born of Danu, born from the Darkness of Night - the Cave of Darkness. 

The Quest for the Hidden Light.

'But this journey, if principally of the nature of a quest, the quest of the Hidden Light, becomes also by the opposition of the Powers of Darkness an expedition and a battle. The Angirases are heroes and fighters of that battle...' 

Sri Aurobindo - Secret of the Vedas.

The 'Angirases' are today what we would call the Weras (Viras) who are the Divine Heroes who struggle to find the Hidden Light, who wage a 'Holy War' against the Powers of Darkness and Ignorance (a Spiritual War). The life of the Wera is one of -

  • A sacrifice or self-sacrifice.
  • A quest or journey.
  • A battle.

In fact, we can see here how these ideas link to those of the much later Graal Mythos which contains exactly the same ideas. This is a Spiritual Battle, a Spiritual War, a Spiritual Quest/Journey. This is certainly not for everyone since it does entail a great struggle with all the dangers involved. In a world based upon gross materialism and the consumer economic society where everything is based upon greed and envy there is not room for a spiritual struggle. And here the Vedas and the Eddas (and other Sacred Texts) are clear in that this is a 'struggle' and a 'battle' because to gain the Spiritual Light the Forces of Darkness and Ignorance have to be defeated because they block access to this 'Higher Light' as can be seen in todays oppressive world where these powers are the dominant powers. Every form of 'education' is designed to push into the background our Intuitive Powers which are the key to accessing the Higher Worlds of Light and Truth. The rise of the economic consumer society and mass-consumerism is designed to block out the Higher Light or Spiritual Light. 

Aurobindo tells us that there are four eternal worlds hidden within the super-conscious, and that these have to be brought into being, created. These select worlds have been closed to us by the 'movement of Time' (Cycle of the Ages) so they have to be rediscovered, revealed, conquered, created by us in the 'movement of Time' and 'yet in the sense against it' (Aurobindo) - against the Flow of Time, hence why we are 'Men Against Time'. 

This Hidden Light is found in the subconscious mind; it is the Hidden Sun or even the Black Sun. Its rays are 'blackened' because it is hidden within the dark realms of the subconscious mind. 

The Black Sun - The Hidden Sun

In the Vedas we find the figure of the 'Hound of Heaven' named Sarama; whenever people encounter the realm of Hela or the Subconscious Realms they encounter the figure of a hound or dog. Sarama is , according to Aurobindo, a super-conscious power which 'leads us to the Hidden Light in the subconscious' - she is the Intuition. Now, the secret that lies within these ideas is surely that of the Wolf, the wild ancestor of the dog; the Wolf has always been associated with the Moon and with the Intuition. In Egyptian Lore Anubis is the Jackal-God, the same as the Wolf-God who was the original form of this god-head. He is associated with the 'Underworld' - the subconscious mind. This is why, in so many ancient mythologies, this 'God of the Underworld' or 'God of the Dead' rises to become the 'High God' simply because the Hidden Light or Hidden Sun is concealed within the Subconscious Mind. Thus the Wolf-God is the 'High God' who is the power to gain access to this Hidden Light which is the 'Eye of Woden' contained within the 'Well of Memory' in the Subconscious Mind. It is thus the Wolf who is the guide that leads us to the Hidden Light, the Hidden God, the Black Sun which is in the Subconscious Mind and which has to be brought out into the Light of Day.

In certain Celtic Myths this Hidden Light is termed 'Mabon' who is the equivalent of Ingwe-Agni - the 'Son of the Sun'. He is in fact 'imprisoned' and has to be freed and brought into the light of consciousness through this same 'quest'. We have the same idea held within the 'imprisonment' of Baldaeg in the Underworld, imprisoned by the 'Witch of the Eclipse' (Loki); the symbol of Baldaeg in the Underworld (Subconscious Mind) is the Fylfot-Swastika. (*) The aim of the 'quest' is to free this 'God of Light' who has been taken from us by the whiles of Loki the Joten. 

(*) Is it thus any wonder that the Powers of Darkness and Ignorance are trying so hard to suppress the Fylfot-Swastika which is a symbol of the 'Light in the Darkness' which will free the world from slavery and thraldom. 

The Aryan Gods and the Aryan Seers (The Seven Rishis) represent the Straight Path of Truth and Light, whereas the Dasyus-Dasa-Panis-Joten represent the Crooked Path of Falsehood and Lies, lead by the 'Father of Lies'. The Aryan Law is the Law of Light and Truth. Straight is the Truth and crooked is the Falsehood and lies - hence why our Sacred Runes are always drawn in straight lines and the access to the Higher World of Truth is through the Straight Road and not the 'Crooked Road' of the crooks, liars and cheats that hold sway in our world today. 

In the Gnostic Mysteries the Divine Light is hidden away from mankind; it is Sophia (Goddess of Knowledge) who sends the Krist to reveal this Divine Light to mankind and to allow mankind access to this Divine Light. It is the 'God' of the Old Testament that denies mankind access to the Tree of Life and thus access to the Divine Truth and Immortality, whereas the Krist (of the New Testament) tells us the 'to him that overcometh' will he give access to the 'Tree of Life', i.e. to 'become as gods', to become immortals, to gain access to the higher realms of Truth and Immortality. 

This 'hidden light' is symbolised by the Torchlight Rituals where we portray this image of the Light in the Darkness, this Hidden Light which we are 'stealing back' from the Powers of Darkness and Ignorance. Just as we have been 'taking back' our Sacred Sites and our Sacred Land through such Rituals of Light and the concept of our English Resistance (to resist the Forces of Darkness and Ignorance) we have been enlightening the Sacred Land of England and the Sacred English Folk. By kindling the Flame of Ingwe we have been awakening the White Dragon of the Inga-Folk and thus awakening the Sacred Land which is being destroyed by the Forces of Darkness and Matter. 

The Light of the Sun is the Aryan Light which is the 'Light of Truth', the 'True Light', and the 'Golden Light of the Sun'. Rita is 'The Truth' and the land named Swar or Scandi is the 'Shining Island' which is the Light of Truth and the Solar Light ruled by Surya. Yet Surya is also the Black Sun, the 'Hidden Sun' within the Subconscious Mind of Man. This is the 'Eye of Woden' (Eye of God) contained within the 'Well of Memory'. The 'eight Surya' (Martandas), born of Aditi (The Cosmic Mother) is the 'black' or 'dark', the lost or Hidden Sun. The Powers of Darkness have concealed in their Cave of Darkness, and the Aryan Gods and Aryan Seers must release him. Surya is Baeldaeg, imprisoned within the Underworld until we free him once more and bring the Light of the Sun back into this world of Darkness, Ignorance and Chaos. It is the Wolf - the 'Hound of Heaven' who is the Super-conscious power that leads us to the Hidden Light which has been 'imprisoned' in the Underworld (Subconscious Mind). The Wolf is the Intuition (The Moon) which can lead us to 'The Light'. 

The 'key' to this access to the 'Hidden Light' lies in the following -

  • The kindling of the Need-Fire (Nyd-Rune) which is the "Fire of Sacrifice' and the Creation of Agni (Ingwe). 
  • The offering of the 'Bread' and the 'Soma' (Sacred Mead - Madhu). That which became 'Bread and Wine' through the Judaeo-Christian Church. 
  • The Chanting of the 'Sacred Word' (Os-Rune) or 'Mantra of Power'. The 'Sacred Word' was known by the Ancestors or the Seven Sages. This is the 'Lost Word' of the Freemasons, simply because they cannot use this 'Word' themselves, even though they have stolen this Ancient Knowledge from the Arya. The Arya alone can access and use the 'Lost Word' it is the 'Word-Sword' that proceeds from the mouth of the Aryan Krist. This is the mantra/gealdar that attains this Higher State of Consciousness and gains access to the Higher Realms of Swar-Scandi. 
In studying this I have discovered a further 'secret' hidden within the work we have been doing within Folkish Wodenism. In the Hidden Runes revealed to a Woden Initiate in 2012 there are two runes with similar (not the 'same') names, that is NiD and Nid. Here we may see the importance of these Hidden Runes because the idea of 'Need' as being friction (i.e. as those who oppose and try to hinder the progress) is here countered by the idea of the 'Friction-Fire' (Nyd-Fire) which overcomes these obstructions. These are represented by the NID-Rune (nith in Old English being an 'evil' force') and the Nid-Rune which overcomes this 'evil' force. It is the Invocation of Ingwe (Agni) which counters this Force of Evil (Anti-Life). 

in his Secret of the Vedas Sri Aurobindo outlines the battle of the Arya and the Aryan Gods against the Forces of Darkness, Ignorance, and Matter. This is a 'Cosmic War' undertaken by our Ancestors and taken up in our era by ourselves. Our 'quest' is to 'discover', to 'find', the Solar World of Light and Truth, to undertake the 'journey' that leads us along the Straight Path leading us to the World of Truth and Right. This is a Spiritual Battle or Spiritual War because this 'Right Path' is blocked by the Forces of Darkness, Ignorance, and Matter. We wage our Spiritual War against these forces. 

As found in the 'New Testament' this battle fought against the 'Great Red Dragon' (Satan) resulted in the defeat of these Dark Powers at a spiritual level, resulting in the eruption of this 'Satanic Force' upon the Earth. This is clearly explained by Don Miguel Serrano in his works. The Earth is now the place of the 'Final Conflict' between these Powers of Light and Truth (The Gods and the Arya) and the Powers of Darkness, Matter and Ignorance (The Joten, Thursar, Dasyus). We have consciously taken up this Eternal Struggle for our Gods and our Ancestors. 

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