Friday, 1 November 2019

An Land - An Blod - An Folc

Some years ago I pointed out an old prophecy from the time of Queen Elizabeth I which went something like - 'When hemp is spun, England's done'. Hemp is, of course, from the cannabis plant, and this prophecy was fulfilled decades ago by the wife of Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, who came up with the idea of using the cannabis plant to make handbags - thus 'spinning' hemp. In reality, this was perhaps a couple of decades ago and this did indeed herald the 'death' of England. But, as with all Nature, death is never an ending, but should be seen as a new beginning. It is a transition period between great changes that are all part of a cycle. 

When we enter a period in which a void appears this is the time to fill that void, not see this as a negative time when all is lost. Because we are attacked for our views that are the polar opposite to the modern 'progressive' society should never make us back down - it should make us even more determined to struggle against all odds to create positive change. Change only ever comes through the few and never the many. And everything is always in a state of flux and change. There is so much said about 'Positive Thinking' but in line with society today this is invariably aimed at the individual; what we need is to extend this to the Group-Mind rather than as separate individuals working for their own ends. 

An Land - An Blod - An Folc is a battle-cry based upon looking forwards to a new English Folk-Nation based upon the only ideals capable of bringing back harmony and balance to a Nation and Folk. One Land - England! One Blood - Blood Kin! One Folk - The English Folk! And this, of course, extended to the other Folk-Nations of Kindred Blood. With the great onslaught upon our Folk this would seem a far-off aim, but in these times things can change quickly, as time itself speeds onwards towards decay and death - the decay and death of the Old Order! 

Because we live here in England we have to centre our work around the English, holding our activities here in England. But we recognise the need to work with all like-minded blood-kin throughout the world, and also to recognise that all peoples and races are threatened by this Global Tyranny, though we ourselves work for our own Folk. Despite this statement we shall be called 'Fascists', 'Neo-Nazis', 'White Supremacists' and everything else that the press, media and 'anti-fascists' (working with the press and media) can throw at us. Do we care - No! We are Folkish Wodenists who are reviving an ancient Folk-Religion suited to our times, a religion recognised in English Law and thus not a 'fake spirituality'  (*) as the ignorant would have people believe. 

The sprawling urban communities of the cities and large towns are soulless areas breeding a soulless people, a mass of human slaves chained to commerce and industry. This started here in England with the 'Industrial Revolution' which not only encouraged tens of thousands to move from Rural England into the cities and the 'Satanic Mills', but also changed the cities from centres of culture into a mass of slums. There must now be a 'Rural Revolution' whence the move should be from the cities to Rural England, something started between the two world wars by such people as Rolf Gardiner (co-founder of the Soil Association) and D.H. Lawrence, as well as a host of others who worked with the growing Folkish Movement across Europe. There has to be a 'Back-to-the-Land' movement that will start to recreate the old Folk-Communities that formed the backbone of our Nation. The aim of Rolf Gardiner's work was to 'rebuild a hill-and-vale economy along modern organic lines'; here, the economy would serve the Nation and not the Nation serve economics. 

Rolf Gardiner tried to do this by 'creating a reinvigorated stock of countrymen' from the unused (unemployed) material of the towns. I have no idea of what the people who attended his camps actually thought of this, or how they reacted to the ideas of song and dance that would create a comradeship and also a 'Strength Through Joy' (Wagner). These attempts were made to recreate the mystical link between the Blood of the Folk and the Soil of the Land.

An Land - An Blod

But to recreate the Heildom and bring harmony and balance to any society such a society must be centred around a harmonious working with Nature, and also a harmonious working with the Cosmos. As D.H. Lawrence said - 'We must plant ourselves again in the Universe.' We have to create a New Order in microcosm that will act as the 'Seed of Life' which will grow and flourish into a new 'Tree of Life' at the macrocosmic level. There are three things needed to achieve such aims -

  • Enthusiasm as a driving-force creating a fanatical religious fervour that drives us to achieve what we have set out to do - WODEN.
  • The Will-to-Achieve that drives and motivates, that pushes us on against all odds to overcome all obstacles and opposition to our aims - WILL.
  • The religious fervour or fanaticism that overcomes the 'I cannot' part of the human mind and drives us to achieve our goals - WEOH.

The White Dragon symbolises not only the English Folk-Nation (that which is to come) but also the Land of England. This White Dragon is marked out across the South of England from Winchester (the ancient English Capital and Capital of the Belgae) to the Long Man of Wilmington, as the White Chalk Downs known as the South Downs. The White Dragon is etched into the English Consciousness and the Land of England - it has to be fully awakened in order to awaken the English Folk. That awakening has started, even though this may not be recognised as yet; more and more groups and individuals are using the White Dragon Flag, a sign of an awakening that is growing in power. The increased suppression of Folkish Wodenism is a sign that there is a growing awakening of the English Folk, even though this is at a deep level at this time. 

(*) The only 'fake spirituality' is that already made up by the Old Order in order to ensure that the people do not find their own roots and their own destiny. This is 'fake spirituality' since it has no links to the organic origins of our Folk, and does not come from the Blood Memory. Much of modern-day 'paganism' and the 'New Age Movement' diverts the young people from their true origins and their True Religion. 

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