Wednesday, 13 November 2019

The First English Awakening

Just over eight years ago the 'Great Englisc Folcmoot' was held in Wiltshire; Woden's Folk attended this historical event and a Wodenic Handfasting was held during the evening around the campfire. This formed part of what we could call 'Englisc Nationalism' which was never a political movement but one of culture and identity. The Steadfast Trust was an English Charity which helped English Folk and funded projects for the English Folk - not allowable today, hence the reason it had to be destroyed. Woden's Folk was the Spiritual Movement that was a growing power at this time. 

Woden's Folk held a Wodenic Handfasting at the 'Great Englisc Folcmoot' during the evening around the campfire. There were around 50-60 people who gathered to hear this which was quite remarkable for a Heathen Rite at a gathering that was not strictly heathen. This was a really powerful occasion for everyone who gathered there.

This gathering was truly amazing since it attracted a large number of people to it; even an attempt by some local liberal-leftie to call the police failed miserably and the event went on without hitch. These people never cease claiming anyone loyal to his people and land to be 'fascist' or 'neo-nazi', as well as 'hate-mongers' and 'intolerant' and yet they are the intolerant people who will not allow anyone who has a different view to speak out or to hold any activity they do not agree with. 

The reason why I have put up this video now is to emphasise what should have been an English Awakening but which did not come about due to in-fighting and squabbles that ended with the whole thing breaking down. Woden's Folk came out of this untouched and as strong and ever, but some groups were not so lucky, and Steadfast were soon to be targeted for attacks by the media and press which led to it being destroyed. Of course, the positive side is that those people who were part of this revival are still out there and no doubt most have not changed their views at all. 

What has come out of this first phase in the English Awakening is that the White Dragon has become the prime symbol of the English Folk and the English Awakening. As shown in the film this flag has become widely used, and it is also used outside this movement now too. 

This is important since a symbol is not merely an image, it has a power of its own, a power to unite. It is not well known that the word 'symbol' means 'to unite'. This brings me to another point, and one which is just as important in a wider context. Very often we think of 'The Devil' as being made up by Christians for the purpose of having an 'opposition', but there is something that seems to suggest that the name was used (originally, in older times) in the same way as the Vedic 'Dasyus' and Norse 'Joten'. The word 'devil' comes from the Greek diaballo which means 'to divide', so has a similar meaning to the Vedic and Norse terms used for the enemy of Gods and Men. A 'symbol' is thus the means to unite a people against a common threat to their survival.

What has distracted people in this scene ever since is the 'Christian Nationalist' movements that sprang up from nowhere, manipulated and financed by the Global Powers. Even within this movement we find the White Dragon Flag flying at gatherings of English people. This new movement seems to have slowed down very quickly here which hints that the Global Powers are pulling the plug out again; maybe it has for some reason served its purpose for them. 

Please watch this video right through to the end since it does show how, without financial backing, the English Folk can now and then put on something that is inspiring and about English Identity, Culture and Tradition. Without the backbiting, infighting and squabbles more would have come out of this, and much of this can be put down to 'social media'. When our Folk get out and do something as 'Activists' and not 'Keyboard Warriors' then we shall get somewhere faster. 

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