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The Awakening of Thule

"The submergence of Thule was not of the waters, but of the blood. Sooner or later its Adepts will seek to awaken Thule once more."

'Ultima Thule - The Vanished Northern Homeland' - Bernard King.

The Sun of Thule


The idea of a vanished 'homeland' immediately brings into mind the sinking of Atlantis under the waters; we know that At-al-land, in the North Sea around the area now known as 'Dogger Bank' once existed above the waters. But Bernard King here reminds us that the lost Land of Thule (in the Far North) was sunk into the Blood and not the 'waters' - what on Earth does he mean by this statement? First I would like to look at the word Thule and various root-words linked to this -

Thula (ON) - to endure, to tolerate, to suffer.

Thule (ON - a sage or a seer.

Thyle (OE) - a dandy, a jester, a buffoon.

The first two meanings are fairly straightforward, and we could well equate the lost Thule with 'suffering' in the physical and mental sense; we could also say that Thule has 'endured' since it has not been lost to us at all. The idea of a 'sage' or a 'seer' can also be connected to Thule, maybe even the Seven Sages of the Ancients. The third meaning, found in Old English, is a little more complicated, but perhaps the most interesting of the three. We shall go back to this later, since first I would like to point out the importance of the statement made by Bernard King.

What he is saying clearly is that Thule is within us, not something lost forever but something that can be awoken. This is a crucial concept to us at this time, for the Dark Powers use a very clever technique of keeping our attention to all matters outside and ensuring that people do not look within themselves for the answers we need to overcome the destruction of our people. 'Know Thyself' was the Delphic Oracle of the Greeks, and to do so we need to look within. The Krist exclaimed - 'The Kingdom of heaven is within', in contradiction to the church teachings. The Sacred Blood of our Folk is indeed the 'water' that flows around our bodies, but (as Don Miguel states) it was once the Igneous Blood of the Black Sun. 

Now let us look at the word thyle which means 'a dandy', 'a jester' or 'a buffoon' which all basically mean a 'fool' or 'simpleton'. The root-word tol  means 'fool' or 'simpleton' and gives rise to the name 'Tell' - William Tell is the famous Swiss Archer-Hero. William Tell is a form of the archetypal Robin Hood or The Hooded Man, and relates back to AEgil the Archer, brother of Wayland the Smith. Indeed, this also relates to a very early form of Woden as The Hooded Man; here he is an archer-god connected to Orion the Hunter. In a sense here we are seeing that the awakening of the archetype of The Hooded Man is directly associated with the awakening of Thule. There are other hints of this too, all connected to Woden's Folk and to our work over the last 23 years or so.

Gateway to Thule

The symbol of Thule, as shown in the runic works of Don Miguel, is the White Swan which in itself is the symbol of the Highest Initiation. The figure of the Long Man of Wilmington represents Cygnus the Swan, and faces north which hints that this is the Gateway to Thule. The figure itself is an aspect of Woden as The Waendal who is the Guardian of the Gateway to Thule (the 'gate' is represented by the twin-staves). In our Wodenic Lore the White Swan is symbolic of the Odroerir-Centre or Head-Centre of the ALU-ULA Formula, the runic-sound being Ansuz. 

The Herne Giant or Heil as the Saxons here in Southern England called him, represents the constellation of Orion the Hunter, and in the Tarot Card called The Fool the figure itself seems to represent Orion-Herne-Woden whilst the dog at his heels represents Sirius, the Dog-Star.

The Legend of Hamlet, which originally comes down to us from Denmark, is the Legend of The Pure Fool. This is indeed The Hooded Man, and some of the records around Robin Hood show a link with Orion the Hunter, what does not come through is the link with The Fool. This legend is widespread, even though it differs slightly in form; it is that of Osiris, Set and Horus in Egypt.

  • The father is slain by his brother, who sometimes takes his wife after this act.
  • The son swears vengeance for the slaying of his father, and so as not to alert the uncle to what he plans he takes the role of a simpleton or fool.
  • The son avenges the slaying of his father by slaying the uncle.

The 'Gateway to Thule' or 'Portal to Thule' is also represented by the Sun-Ship or Swan-Ship which sails upon the Waters of Chaos & Dissolution at the end of a world-age. Since we are in the liminal period between world-ages, passed out of the Age of Pisces, and as yet not entering the Age of Aquarius, this is the period when the Swan-Ship sails. This 'gateway' is the 'Gateway to the Gods' and is also seen in the Cweorth-Rune -

The secret of Thule is that of a complete transformation of Man into the Superman, the Sun-Man. Here we see the importance of the Black Sun which is symbolic of an implosion, and unfolding from within. It is from within that this power is awakened, and whilst our minds are totally focussed outwards this cannot be awoken. The secret of The Hooded Man Archetype is held in its inner concept of suffering just as the 'son' suffered through the murder of his father, and we today 'suffer' through the destruction of our Folk. Like the Archetypal Fool we have to 'endure' this, to 'tolerate' what is something that is not good for us, but which will in the end prove to be beneficial in that it provides us with the struggle needed to evolve. 

The Thule Swastika represents the turning of time, against the flow of time (again as Don Miguel pointed out), the backwards-turning flow of time against the time that moves ever-onwards towards decay and death. This represents the turning-backwards towards the Ur-Time, towards the Primal Time or 'First Time' (Ar-Var-Alda) - the 'Time of the Gods'. The symbol itself is a 'broken' wheel, a wheel that 'breaks' and is 'renewed' time after time after time, every moving backwards to the 'future' - a future time when Thule awakens and arises renewed from the Sacred Blood of the Folk. 

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