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A New Order


Friedrich Nietzsche proclaimed that 'God is Dead!' and in this he seems to have been absolutely right - mankind has killed off 'God' and the results are becoming rather obvious today. Let us simplify our times by recognising the fundamental battle that we face today, a battle between Material Man and Spiritual Man. Those who today have gained control over the world and our lives have clearly stated that man has no 'soul' nor 'spirit', and has no 'free will'. As such man is no more than a 'programmable animal' or as one Israeli Professor stated, a 'hackable animal'. We can now see the reason why they have developed the internet and created the smart-phone, so as to be able to monitor everything and everywhere that we go, and everything we do, as well as our likes and dislikes etc. etc. With an individual file on each person they can 'understand us better than we do'. 

So the stage we are going through now is the death of democracy and its replacement with a Chinese Communist style government that will be far more 'efficient' for their agenda. Hence why everyone must suffer further and further harshness and discontent until everyone has their spirit of revolt crushed, and they can easily put into place the World State. Rather than the messy revolutions of the past much of this today is done through the 'consent' of the masses, who are so dumbed down that they cannot see the wood for the trees. Those who conform can be used to crush those who do not, and we are seeing this in action today. 

Nietzsche saw this in the light of the 'Ultimate Man' who would be the dumbed-down slave, those who willingly give up their freedom, and the 'Over-Man' (Superman) who would create within himself a 'Master Morality', throwing off the shackles of slavery and becoming the 'solitary' in the first stage, from which in time would develop the Superman. The latter would be those faithful to the Spirit of Man, the former a material shell alone, devoid of soul and spirit. 

This is where we have to step back and think on something that I have said over and over again, and that is their lack of the ability to work within the World of Spirit, which for now they can do only through the cooperation of the traitors of our own people who have aided them in this agenda. This is why I see no point whatever in confronting such a vast power on the material level alone, and in working at the same level as they are doing. If we read into our ancient texts, and the destruction of the world by fire, then perhaps this material world is doomed to destruction anyway. This does not mean the destruction of everything, since the Norse Eddas (and other ancient myths) tell that the Greenland will arise from the cleansing waters that put our Surt's Fire. Greenland was an ancient term used for the Inner Earth so often mentioned by Don Miguel Serrano. The difference between these two worlds lies in the different vibratory levels, the Greenland obviously being a higher spiritual level

The secret of the rising of the 'Inner Earth' lies in the Norse Eddas which tell of a place named Odainsacre which is peopled by the Race of the Asmegir ('Asa-Might'), and which is where dwells Baeldaeg, awaiting his return after Ragnarok. This was the place which was protected after the end of the Golden Age, and where no evil may dwell, since the peoples of this land will repeople the world after the Great Catastrophe. Lif and Lifthrasir dwell in this Holy Land, and they will appear after the Nine Worlds are cleansed by the Fires of Surt. 

According to Madame Blavatsky, in her The Secret Doctrine, the true nature of The Krist was very different than that preached of by the established church. In this alternative view Sophia (The Celestial Virgin) sent Kristos (her emanation) to the help of a perishing humanity from whom Ilda-Baoth (Jehovah) and his Six Sons of Matter were shutting out the Divine Light. This is something that every ancient Indo-European Myth centres around, the stealing of the 'Light' (Cattle or Gold in symbolism) by the Dark Powers. When Ilda-Baoth discovered that Kristos was bringing to an end his Kingdom of Matter he stirred up the people into putting him to death. After three days he arose, clothed in his Body of Light (Astral Body), which is stated in the New Testament. 

She gives us a piece from the Gnostic teachings -

'When he (the spirit of Kristos) shall have collected all the Spiritual, all the Light (that exists in matter), out of Ildabaoth's empire, redemption is accomplished and the end of the world arrived.'

Is this today not exactly what is happening, since those who are faithful to the Spirit of Man and to the Divine Light (The God-Head) are today moving further and further away from the decaying and dying material world, its servants and its corrupt and evil rulers. There is a great rift, a great divide, coming between those who conform with this 'New World Order' and those who oppose it and seek to create a New Order (Spiritual Order). In reality this is not a 'New World Order', it is the culmination of thousands of years of the Old Order, whose time is short, hence why we are seeing such a rush to keep up their agenda and 'finish the job'.

Throughout the last few decades we have been programmed to accept the idea of a take-over by machines or robots - 'Artificial Intelligence'. H.G.Wells brought this idea into being with his 'War of the Worlds', and since he wrote a book outlining a 'New World Order' it does not seem too far fetched to see him as being one of those pushing this agenda. The latest of this type of thing is the 'Zombie Apocalypse' type of stuff, and again this is being pushed to make people aware of what is coming so as to allow them to get used to it before it even happens. That is what the film industry is today about, having nothing whatever to do with entertainment. 

Even with the most well prepared plans there is always something that could go very wrong, and it has done in the past as history has shown us. In any card game there is always the play of The Joker which can change things completely, always the element of chance. All that can be assessed from any given situation is the probability of it going right, and this can tend to make people rather complacent and too sure of things. And this is when mistakes can happen, or when a chance happening changes everything, alters even the most well-laid plans. The probability of things not going as well as expected must get higher as one deals with a system that gets bigger and bigger...and bigger. 

We can see the power of the press and the media to manipulate a given situation in the fuel crisis that has suddenly hit us today. As far as I can see this is not even about a shortage of drivers, but a shortage of fuel by one company - BP. The press and media have been babbling about fuel and food shortages for a while and this hit the headlines again this week. The masses, predictably, rushed out to fill their tanks and cans en masse and there was chaos at the pumps and long queues of cars, vans and lorries. I would lime to say that we should try to help others in such times but it was on the cards and I had already stocked up so this was not a problem. After decades of food-storing any food shortages can be ridden out too. But my point here is this type of power wielded by the mass-media and the press is the reason why most can be manipulated easily.

The other side to this coin is how these people have gained control of yet another key feature needed for mind-control - psychology and psychiatry. Through human psychology they are in a position to carefully study the human mind, since they have the human material available to them to do so. Decades of its use in advertising, selling stuff to people that they may not need nor in fact want, has allowed them to manipulate the masses easily. Psychology studies the human mind, and through psychiatry they can experiment with different types of mind-altering drugs. This is why out of the 281 individuals involved with SAGE and its offshoots many were psychologists, there to manipulate the minds of the masses in regard to the Covid-19 experiment - which it was, and is ongoing, and will be ongoing well into the future. These psychologists were working on ways to promote their product ('Covid-19'), ways to ensure the masses acted as they wished, and ways to turn those who conformed against those who did not - and this too is ongoing into the future. They had to ensure an ongoing thread of mass-fear and terror which has not been done with good effect. Their other effective way was to ensure that 'Covid-19' was the only thing that we should think about, day after day after day....This the media and press pushed on a daily basis, and this is why I have not discussed this lately, since I feel that doing so regularly only aids their aims. Not only that, it brings into the picture the next thing I would like to discuss - their ensuring a negative attitude in the masses. 

What we need to do is to create a positive mental attitude in everything that we do, not succumb to negative thoughts and negative ideas all of the time. When this started we found Matt Hancock telling everyone to 'imagine they had the virus', and obvious remark that originated through the mind of some System Psychologist who had studied the way that students dealing with illnesses sometimes developed the symptoms themselves because they were dealing with this on a daily basis. Putting this another way, if we centre our whole life around it perhaps we are more likely to get it, or at least the symptoms, which was a boon for them since this meant more 'tests' for them, many of whose results may not have been what they should have been. But the numbers would have been there, which was the aim. A negative mental attitude, coupled with fear, would not help the individual in boosting the immune system. This is why a positive mental attitude is necessary, and this must be built up over time, since we are all affected by this to some degree. 

The Helm of the Terrible One (above symbol) is designed to deflect and send back 'curses' and 'negative attacks' as can be seen from its make-up. This is based  upon the Number 24 (number of runes in CGF) which is doubled through the 'tridents' and the 'cross-staves'. It thus contains the entire power of the 24 runes, being thrown outwards to the eight directions of the compass. The three-staves can also be seen as the Third Rune - Thorn - which is a Rune of Protection, and a powerful rune of the destruction of one's attackers, either physically or on a psychic level. This is not a Rune of Protection in that it merely wards off an attack, for it is designed to send back the attack upon the attacker. It was used as a means to ward off enemies when going into battle, worn on the forehead of the warrior. The 'tridents' are also protective since they represent the Eohls-Secg Rune, which again wards off a psychic attack. It is also the Trident of Woden or Trident of Shiva. Holding the thumb and first two fingers out is said to ward off the 'Evil Eye' - the 'Eye of Sauron'.

The secret of getting through these times is HOPE and every ancient prophecy tells of a time when a Warrior Avatar will appear to put an end to this and to destroy the Powers of Darkness. No, we should not sit back and wait for this to happen, for we have work to do here and now, before this figure will appear at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. This is the time for the Lone Wolf, for the 'solitary' of Nietzsche and the Sajaha Prophecies, a time when we will sometimes be alone, and have to work on our own initiative. Evolution cannot take place without a struggle, so even those who have created this situation are necessary in order that an upward evolution of man can take place. 

Over the last decades things have become too easy, too comfortable, and this has made us slightly 'soft' and 'weak' compared to previous generations who had to put up with so much hardship. This is why we have had to promote a new Way of Life in which we need to realise that the 'good times' are coming to an end. This we are now being told, but few people (unfortunately) can actually see this, nor what is really going on in the world around them. This is a chance we have to not only pursue a Spiritual Path, but to use the workings of the physical world as part of our Spiritual Evolution. What they are doing can be looked at in a different light when we see this as a challenge, as a struggle for our survival, not only as individuals but as a Nation and a Race. 

This is one of the things that we should not overlook, that whilst they promote a 'World State' or a 'Global Village' and everything they do to further this end makes more and more problems, brings more and more hardships and suffering, the answer we have is to - Think National - Act Local - and to show how their system is creating these problems and that we must revert to the Natural Order, where every form of life has its own boundaries and territory, and that this is natural and right. That is not to say that we try to keep the old worn-out 'nations' most of which were created artificially to further these global aims, but that we revive the old Tribal Nations living within natural boundaries and not man-made boundaries for some political end. We must look backwards in order to create a new future for our Folk. 

We do not need to look far for the solutions to our problems, on how to go about affecting changes that will be for the good of the Folk, for the Ancient Runes contain these solutions. Rune of the Folkland - the enclosure, the tribal boundaries, the idea of the right to a piece of land to work, for one's tribe and family, not for some money-grabbing 'lord' where the land-worker is a 'tenant', owning nothing but working hard to live and giving most to another who sits back and takes from this hard work. (*) This rune represents the Mystical Link between the Blood and the Soil which we have to regain - our link with Nature and the Earth. This is the Gift of Ing. This rune can bond a people together, like-minded attracted to like-minded. It works through the Blood and through the Soil (Earth). 

(*) 'You will own nothing - and you WILL be happy!' - Klaus Schwab.

Those in firm control know full well how the measures being imposed will not be at all popular, this being the reason they need 'puppets' seemingly running their 'local' governments around the world. It is these people who will take the blame for everything. One of the most effective methods that have been using against us is to lay the blame upon those who have for decades actively opposed their aims. Wherever the blame is laid it is not upon the 'Communists' or 'Global Socialists' who are behind these schemes. And the Global Bankers and Global Corporations stay well out of the limelight, funding the schemes of their so-called 'opponents' from behind the scene. It is clearly noticeable that the blame that was first being laid at the feet of the 'Communists' and 'Global Socialists' has slowly been replaced by its being placed upon those opposed to both Global Capitalism and Global Socialism. This is a clever ploy that few have seen through.

The way that they are achieving their global agenda is through the fierce dedication of their 'activists' who work tirelessly in their pursuit of their aims. These people are fused with an ideal and a purpose, something that we have need of emulating if we are to counter their aims. By the process of 'Information Overload' they overload the minds of the masses so that eventually they do not know what to believe and what not to believe. This is why we find such conflicting news, changing from one day to the next, and why we see a constant battle waged between 'them' and 'us', no doubt both sides to some extent manipulated, as they have always done. By such methods the majority of people 'keep out of it', and it is this majority that we need to look to in order to affect some small changes to the odds. 

I used to watch some YouTube on this but like the mainstream news and media this is under their control and they have the power to take down any opposition at one stroke - which they will no doubt do one day. For now we have 'censorship' of what they do not wish to go up, but there has been so much taken down over the last few years that even this is becoming a tool to create a conflict between those who conform and those who do not - yet another conflict they are manipulating for their purpose. This is where, as I stated earlier, they have switched the blame from those who are intent on this agenda to those who opposed their ideals and purpose. 

Opposition to these aims cannot merely be just that of being opposed, since any effective opposition must be centred around a purpose and around ideals and an ideology. This is not so with the opposition we see today, since those organisations and movements that did have purpose, ideals and an ideology have been banned, crushed, or merely made ineffective. As yet no religious movement has become strong enough to be effective, and there is seemingly no form of cooperation between groups, though this may not be a bad thing at this particular time. This is why it is so important today for us to continue to build a weltanshauung that gives a purpose, ideals and an ideology, just a Don Miguel Serrano built up a weltanshauung which could be left to his followers to bring to fruition. This was the very basis of everything that our enemies achieved, starting with the ideas of Karl Marx (and others) who left a 'bible' for his followers to study and to take up as 'activists'. When one of their schemes failed (as they have always done because their ideals are 'pie-in-the-sky') another individual took up the cause and wrote yet another treatise on how their aims could be achieved, this time in a different way. This is how 'Cultural Marxism' replaced 'Revolutionary Marxism', and how they have changed the rules to suit the same agenda. 

Our concentration must be centred around the ideal of a New Order built around a knowledge of our ancient past, ancient history, and our origins as a race which lie in the most ancient Solar Race. Thule is an ideal and not just a landmass sunk into the seas in ancient times. This ideal lies in the concept of Odainsacre which is of the future, and which will come into being when its time is right. This Cycle of the Ages must turn full circle until it reaches the end, which is not really an ending but a new beginning. This 'ending' has to come about in order that there can be a 'new beginning', the events of today must happen because they need to happen in order that the Old Order can be destroyed and a New Order arise from the ashes of its destruction. 

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