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The Age of the Fire-Eagle


"Agni Yoga is a synthesis of all yogas. In all the ancient Hindu Scriptures the approaching Fiery Epoch has been predicted. It is said that Agni - the Fire that is found in varying degrees at the foundation of all yogas - will saturate the atmosphere of our planet tremendously, and all the branches of yoga will be fused into a fiery synthesis. Agni Yoga is a fiery baptism."

Fiery World II - Helena Roerich.

The Signs in the Heavens of August 11th 1999 told of the conception of the Age of Ingwe when the Sign of Ingwe appeared in the planetary position of that particular day. The 'Cross of Fro-Ing' (The White Krist) or the 'Rune of Ingwe' was predicted in Matthew and the conception of the Age of Transition predicted by Nostradamus. The Black Sun (Solar Eclipse) brought back to life the 'King of the Angles (Ingwe) and ushered in the Age of the Son. The Sun, Moon and the Morning Star (Venus) are in the House of the White Dragon (here as Leo the Lion at the top). 

We need to understand that this is an 'age of transition' between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. This is the time-in-between-time, the liminal period between the two world-ages; this is the time when the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness are in balance - at least in regard to the New Order. This period is ruled over by The Hooded Man who holds within himself the Power of Light and the Power of Darkness.

The Kalachakra Tantra prophesies that when all is lost Kalki will emerge from Shambhalla to vanquish the 'Dark Forces' and usher a worldwide Golden Age. The coming of the Last Avatar will be at the very point of Day-Break of the Age of Aquarius. Agni Yoga was the term used of the work done by Roerich and his wife Helena Roerich, the latter who continued this after his death. It was said that Morya, one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, gave this wisdom to the Roerichs. It is said that he will incarnate physically in order to be the Manu of the New Root-Race. 

As we have shown, our Fire-God Ingwe is the counterpart of the Vedic Agni; Ingwe is the Creative-Fire of the Cosmos. Ingwe - as Sheaf - came down to the Folk in the North (Isle of Scandi) bringing the skills of Corn-growing, the Divine Fire, and the means to survive in the transition from the Golden Age to the coming Ice-Age. Ingwe brought the Divine Fire from the Gods, and he also brought the Elixir of Immortality from the Heavens to the Earth. 

This is the Age of Fire as prophesied in the Holy Eddas, when the worlds will be cleansed by the Fires of Surt. According to Helena Roerich - "Ur is the root of the Light of Fire" - Ur being another name of Aditi, the Mother of the Gods (Fiery World I - Helena Roerich). Helena Roerich called herself Tara Urusvati which means 'The Light of the Morning Star'. 

Gesar Khan - Roerich

In these ancient prophecies it is said that the Kalki Avatar (Gesar Khan, Maitreya etc.) will only appear 'when all is lost', at the very darkest of times for mankind and the Earth. At the very end S-Ur-T-Ur will come brandishing a Flaming Sword by which he will cleanse the Nine Worlds with Fire and Destruction. In Hindu Lore it is the Dance of Shiva (as 'The Terrible One' - Ugre) that destroys and recreates through a Cleansing by Fire. 

Maitreya - The Conqueror

If we look at the idea of Manu we find that this is a god-force that descends to Earth, incarnating in a physical form, in order to bring the Divine Laws to mankind, and also to create/recreate the Divine Order of the Gods (Caste System). Manu is an archetype akin to Heimdall of Norse Mythology, who himself is a similar archetype to Sceaf-Ingwe. These are connected to Agni who was, like Heimdall, a God of Fire, and who first established kingship upon the Earth. The Laws of Manu are rather a late, garbled version of the Divine Law, since much of this relates to petty 'rules' rather than Divine Laws. But the gist of the text retains its former glory handed down to us from the Aryan Manu.

The first form of fire is the Creative Fire of Ingwe; this is the Divine Fire and Light that burns within the Folk. Ingwe is the god that ignites the Fire Within, the Divine Spark of Immortality. Ingwe is Light, Warmth and Fire, the Fire that glows within us - the Fire of the Gods. This is the Inga-Fire, known as the Agni-Fire in the Agni-Yoga System. Ingwe is the Fiery-Serpent - the God of Fire, Force and the Sacred Flame of Life. It is this god-force that rules over this transition period in the Epoch of Fire. 

Agni is said to ride a bull, and also sometimes a Ram, the Divine Symbol of Heimdall. But he is also associated with a Divine Hawk (just as is Horus in Egyptian Lore) named Shyena. As this Divine Hawk he ascends to heaven to bring back the Soma (Nectar of the Gods) to Earth in order to regenerate all life upon Earth. In the Puranas Shyena becomes Garuda who brought the Amrita (Nectar of the Gods) from heaven at the bequest of Kadru, the Mother of Serpents. Garuda is depicted as an Eagle. 

"Before all birds he ranked this bird, O Maruts; supreme of falcons, be this fleet-winged Shyena, because, strong-pinioned, with no chariot to bear him, he brought to Manu the god-loved oblation (Soma).'

Rig Veda IV 26:4

The essence of the coming era is one of Regeneration by Fire; each world-age is destroyed by Fire and Flood. This is an age of Force and Fire - of the Will-to-Power. Ingwe rekindles the Fire of Cleansing and Creation, of Destruction-to-Regeneration. This is the chance that Man has to become 'as gods', to become one of the Immortals. The term 'mortal' means to taste of death, whilst 'immortal' means to conquer death and achieve Eternal Life. Ingwe is the Immortal amongst Mortals. 

We should also remember that Weland the Smith is a Fire-God, a God of Creative-Fire, forger of swords and divine weapons. Take a look at the photo below which was taken at Wayland's Smithy, and contrast this with a depiction of the Agni-Fire shown below that -

Inga-Fire at Wayland's Smithy


The latter was taken from an online photo of the Agni-Fire, whilst the former was taken at one of the numerous Folk-Moots held by Woden's Folk at the Wayland's Smithy. The similarities between these two is rather obvious, and it is still not clear how the camera came up with this at the time. The photo taken at Wayland's Smithy was with the White Dragon Banner in the background, another synchronicity. 

The Ing-Rune (as shown above) is the Kan-Fusion version, itself being based upon Fire and in particular the Fire of the Dragon or the Fiery Winged Serpent. This rune is used by Folkish Wodenists here in England and is found on the Holy White Stone of Ing, the finding of which emphasised the importance of the Age of Ing, and indeed, the prophecy in Revelation about this   White Stone clearly states that the 'New Name of God' (i.e. the ruling god-force) can be found in the White Stone - Ing. In Genesis the 'serpent' (i.e. the Fiery Serpent) helps mankind by showing the way to knowledge, and then to the Tree of Life (immortality) whence he can become 'as gods'. 

The Dark Forces that rule over the world in our era will no doubt try to attain 'immortality' for themselves, just as they slew the Divine King in order to find these secrets for themselves, thousands of years ago. But their 'immortality' is yet another sick parody, being that of the immortality of the 'cells', of the physical rather than the spiritual, since they deny Soul, Spirit and the Will. Everything that they do is but a sick copy of the Truth, the Light and the Right. Might is right in the fight for our freedom and our upward evolution. 

A quick word about the Eagle - the King of Birds. In Tolkien's Mythology we find that at critical points, when all seems lost, there appear the Eagles of Manwe who are the Messengers of Manwe. Manwe Sulimo is the King of the Valar (The Gods), and it is he who directs the Eagles, usually summoned by Gandalf the Wizard. The Eagle was usually the bird that flew to the Gods to gain for man the Secrets of Immortality. In regard to the Amrita - Nectar of the Gods - this, like Soma, seems to be the Sacred Mead, which has become a line of discussion as to what exactly this was. Although the physical object represents its counterpart in the Other-World, I'm not so sure it is wise to try to find the physical contents of the Mead drunk by Saxons and Vikings, rather than looking at the chemical process that seems to take place in the brain, where a nectar-like substance (DMT?) is secreted into the back of the throat, as attained to by Hindu Yogis. This is the physical counterpart to the spiritual awakening that takes place in very deep concentration and meditation. The whole process could well be seen as linked to the shape-shifting of Woden from the Serpent (base of the mountain) into the Eagle (top of the mountain), where he sits in the Golden Seat. This is how he gains three drinks of the Sacred Mead, putting them into the three vats or kettles - Bodn, Son & Odroerir. This Tantric Rite of Woden is obviously linked to the Fire-Serpent or Kundalini-Force. 

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