Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Evil Brood

Baphomet - The Symbol of Evil

This is a picture of the figure usually called Baphomet which was supposed to be a  symbol of worship used by the Knights Templar. There is some doubt in this as their symbol was said to be a severed head, representing John the Baptist. Whatever the case the above figure would be seen by Christians as 'The Devil'. What should interest us here is the symbolism shown in the figure, which I am going to try to analyse -

The Horned Goat - this stems from the Egyptian 'Goat of Menses' and is a typical symbol of the 'Devil' of the Christians. 

Between the horns of the goat is the Flame of the Illuminati, a symbol that seems to refer to the 'Enlightened Ones' - a title usurped by the Dark Forces.A symbolism similar to this was used on a logo for 'VE Day' but it is doubtful whether many actually noticed who was promoting this - the forces of the Occult. 

Between the eye-brows at the Third Eye is the pentagram or five-pointed star which is an occult symbol.

The figure is androgyne which suggests the fusion of male-female, part of the plan being brought into being in our times. We are seeing the breakdown of the sexes in our era and this was planned long ago - it would seem.

The figure sits on the globe of the world, suggesting world domination. The root of this concept stems from the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. 

The Caduceus symbol suggests the use (or rather abuse) of the Kundalini Force; at the same time it is a male phallic symbol.

To the top left is a White Moon which I am going to suggest is symbolic of the White Man (the roots are the same), and to the bottom left is a Black Moon which suggests the Black Man. On the right arm (pointing upwards at the White Moon) is the term solve and on the left arm (pointing downwards towards the Black Moon) is the term Coagula. We are thus left with a sinister formula -

Solve (break down) the White Man and Coagula (run together) with the Black Man. This is a distorted alchemical formula for the destruction of both races. We can see now why there has been a mass flood of outlanders into the lands of Europe. This is a deliberate attempt to destroy our Folk. And here we have the occult formula given down to us from earlier times, before any of this plan was put into practice.

The figure is winged which would suggest these Dark Forces are trying to work at a spiritual level as well as the material level - though this cannot really work for them since they are the forces of Darkness and Matter. 

As I have stated these are alchemical symbols that have been usurped and then distorted for use by an alien force that seeks our destruction. I think this symbol was first used by Eliphas Levi (Louis Alphonse Constant) who was a French Occultist. Baphomet was supposed to be the symbol worshipped by the Knights Templar, but since this was said to be a severed head this may well not derive from the same thing. Whatever the case this seems to be an age-old plan for the destruction of our Race. 

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