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The Winged Coiled Serpent as the Fire-Serpent

Woden's Folk uses the White Winged Coiled Serpent for the White Dragon, but this is done at an esoteric level, with the use of the normal White Dragon (which the original WDK revived back in the 1980s) at an exoteric level. Variants, as I have stated before, are other versions of the dragon and the wyvern which are sometimes used. The use of the White Winged Coiled Serpent will be explained now.
In Aryan India, through the later Hindus, the methods used in Yoga and Tantric Yoga were designed to awaken what is termed the Kundalini which is symbolised by a Coiled Serpent lying dormant at the base of the spine. This fits exactly with the Norse symbol of Yggdrasil where the dragon Nidhogg lies coiled at the base of the World Tree, with the Eagle at the top of the tree. This symbolism is an alternative to the Winged Coiled Serpent since the Serpent (wingless thus 'earthly') transforms into the Eagle (heavenly - divine - moving towards the gods), whilst the Winged Coiled Serpent also shows the transformation from earthly (i.e. material) into the spiritual realms (heaven). It is the role of Kundalini that we need to look at here.
As stated earlier, this Serpent-Force lies dormant at the Base Chakra ('Wheel') in most people, and the aim of Yoga and Tantra was to awaken this force and thus gain great power from it - the power to evolve. This Coiled Serpent was associated with the goddess Shakti, whose name means 'power'. Once awakened the Fire-Serpent rises and unites with the Crown Shakra where Shiva resides, but this uniting is not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to go beyond this to the Black Sun and the Green Ray (Miguel Serrano).
There seem to be hints that this Serpent-Fire may be symbolised in both Norse Lore and Saxon Lore by the Brisingamen Necklace or Brosingamen Necklace. The names Brising/Brosing are usually said to mean 'Fiery', and the necklace has often been seen as symbolic of the female genitalia  (inverted triangle) - thus symbolic of the Root Chakra or Muladhara. This is also associated with the Hvareno or 'Glory of Light' which comes into the Zoroastrian Tradition and is the Light Power that belongs to 'the Aryan Nations, past and present, and to the Holy Zarathustra...' The awakening of the Serpent-Force would result in the 'halo' associated with the 'saints' - the Circle of Light around the head.
The key to the awakening of the Serpent-Force has to be linked to the 33 runes, since there are 33 'segments' in the spinal column, which itself is linked to both Mount Meru and to Yggdrasil-Irminsul. The symbol of the Irminsul shows clearly the 'wings' of some kind of bird, often like that of the Swan, but which can just as well be the wings of the Dragon. This also applies to the symbolism on the Sutton Hoo Mask. The spinal column is not straight, as usually imagined, but is an S-curve which is symbolic of the Serpent. At the very base is the 'tail' of the Serpent - the coccyx.

When the Kundalini is awakened it is said to open the Third Eye which is the 'Psychic Eye' or true 'Seeing Eye'.

If we study the above diagrams carefully we can see how the Third Eye is associated with the physical centre called the Pituitary Gland above which is the Hypothalamus (right diagram). The left-hand diagram is of the proposed Order Castle at the Wewelsburg Castle which shows the Spear entering the Gral, the point of the Spear actually being at the point of the Third Eye. This shows how advanced these people were in esoteric work, and that the object of the Order Castle was to awaken the Third Eye in the Initiates.

In this drawing, taken from David Icke, the hypothalamus area is shown as being the same as the Eye of Horus of Egyptian Mythology. The suggestion is that the Eye of Horus symbolises the Third Eye. In one sense we can see the loss of one of Woden's Eyes as being that of the atrophied Third Eye since this we know happened some time in the distant past. The aim of the evolution of our race would be to awaken the Serpent Fire and thus awaken the Third Eye once more, thus giving our Folk psychic powers beyond modern comprehension.

Contrary to this evolutionary process the Sons of Darkness seek to lock mankind into the material world, breaking us from the spiritual realms of Light. This process is going on from our birth to our grave, since all forms of 'education' are aimed at the use of the left-brain or 'rational brain' rather than a healthy balance of the right & left sides of the brain, with the use of the atrophied Serpent Brain and the balance held in the Corpus Callosum which acts as the communication between the two sides of the brain. The left-brain deals with logic, numbers as units, analysing, etc. whilst the right-brain deals with recognition, understanding of space, shapes, form, poetry, rhythm, music etc. and is the creative side of the brain.

The use of mathematics with numbers as 'units' and the use of language as 'letters' is done in nearly all forms of education today. Everything is geared to left-brain activity and the creative side of the brain is mainly pushed aside, apart from those who are good at artwork, poetry or certain form of drama that are akin to ritual. One of the main things that is ignored is the imagination which is being stifled now in children, since many of the old 'children's tales' and 'fairy tales' are no longer being read to children. If we study these there are so many that have no logical meaning whatever but have a deeper meaning that can only be 'felt' by the other side of the brain. This is much like the Zen Koans which are somewhat like riddles, a typical method used in Anglo-Saxon times to stimulate the brain.

The key to the awakening of the Fire-Serpent would seem to be the Vital Breath as we can see from the Sutton Hoo Mask where the nose-piece is the ondweg or 'Way of the Vital Breath'. Here the Serpent that is seen to come from the base of the neck (Serpent-Brain?) across the top of the skull, ending at the Third Eye where it contacts the Eagle-Dragon-Swan whose wings are the 'eyebrows'.

The Saxon Irminsul is an 'arrow' pointing upwards with the tip between the two 'wings', and which is something very similar to the symbolism of the Dancing Warriors -

1. Both symbols have the Solar Horns - upward-pointing 'horns' or 'wings'.

2. Both symbols have the Lunar Horns - downward-pointing 'horns' or 'volutes'.

On the Sutton Hoo Mask the ends of the 'wings' (eyebrows) end in Boar's Heads whereas the ends of the Dancing Warrior's Solar Horns end in bird's heads. The symbolism has to be of importance, as does the 'heel' emphasised in some of the 'dancing' figures. I have shown in a previous article how some figures are totally naked apart from a belt and buckle, which must emphasise the buckle as symbolic of the hara or Tan Dien which is around 2 fingers below the navel. This point is one of the Power-Centres of the human body and the seat of Odroerir - the Wod-Roarer.

Another part of the use of the Vital Breath is that of visualisation which is the important part of any magical operation or ritual, since it gives intent and purpose to what would otherwise be like an empty shell. I have on numerous occasions emphasised that runic gealdor is of no use without -

1. Visualisation.

2. One-pointed concentration.

3. Intent/purpose.

4. Will.

Gealdor and sound are also part of the process of awakening the Kundalini - called 'Mantra' in Yoga and Tantra. The actual movement of the Fire-Serpent could be likened to the S-movement of the serpent, moving around and activating the Chakras (Wheels). If this is so then each chakra would move in the opposite direction to that before and after. If we project the 33-runes onto the Spinal Column (Mount Meru-Yggdrasil) and start at the base with Feoh, then the Gar-Rune would represent the top of the Spinal Column as the 33rd sector from the base. Since the Fire-Serpent is said to reach the Third Eye, and we see this on the Sutton Hoo Mask, then this point (as seen on the proposed form of the Wewelsburg Order Castle) is the tip of the Spear of Woden, the Gar-Rune actually being the Spear of Woden.

The Spear of Woden is the 'Gift of Ing' which is a symbolism found in the Edel-Rune and on the White Stone of Ing. In all of these there is a link with the DNA and the Genetic Code, as well as the Blood Memory (Ing-Rune). There are clear links between the Ing-Rune (22), the Edel-Rune (24) and the Gar-Rune (33). Since the last four runes are seen (in our system) as the Gral Runes we can link these to the idea of the opening of the Third Eye.

We have earlier mentioned that today's world emphasises the left-brain function of rationality, whereas the ideal is the balance of the two sides of the brain. In order to understand where we are going wrong we need to look at something that is today either forgotten, ignored, or even suppressed - the function of the Heart Centre. Science has discovered that the heart has a consciousness of its own, set apart from the brain. This would seem rather strange but for the fact that we already have a number of sayings that suggest that the heart does have its own consciousness -

Take it to heart...

Learn by heart...

Has'nt the heart...

Heart and Soul - thus linking the heart with the soul.

Hale and Hearty - suggesting a harmonious working linked to the heart-centre.

He gave all his heart...

Heartfelt greetings...

She was heartbroken...

He broke her heart...

All of these (and more) suggest there is something special about the human heart and/or the Heart Centre. In The Final Battalion (55 Club - from there is a very interesting piece about the First and the Last or the Beginning and the End where the author gives the following key to this -

H-eart (the 'H' is here the first)

Eart-H (the 'H' is here the last, making the word Earth)

We have here a clear link between the Heart-Centre and the Earth, suggesting that the opening of the Heart Centre is the key to the awakening of the Earth - i.e. the Sleeping Goddess whom we can see as the 'Sleeping Beauty' or Idunn under the White Wolf-Skin, and even link this to the Sleeping-Goddess Kundalini. It is interesting to note that in Odin's Raven Song the gods try to awaken Idunn, unsuccessfully, until it is suggested that they 'sleep' on it and await the New dawn - i.e. await the correct time of the Cosmic Cycle. Miguel Serrano suggests that the Feathered Serpent (Kundalini) arose as far as the Heart-Centre until halted by the Great Flood, at which time it lost it's 'wings' and was thus transformed into the earth-bound 'serpent'. The aim of human evolution is to arouse the serpent once more which must regain it's 'wings' and fly upwards towards the Morning Star. From our own Folk-Tales and Germanic Mythology it is clear that it is the Divine Hero who awakens the Sleeping Goddess.

The Sanskrit kund means 'to burn' and kunda means 'to coil'/'spiral', hence the term Kundalini - 'Fire Serpent'. The roots of this word links to our term candle and also to the Ken-Rune or Kan-Rune - this is the Kandil-Force in Wodenic Lore. The Mayan Hurakan (from which we get 'hurricane') has been said to represent Kundalini. We have mentioned the Ken-Rune as linked to the Fire-Serpent and there is also a link with the Sigel-Rune too, which is a glyph of the Serpent as well as the Lightning-Bolt.

The above White Dragon has three and a half coils, as does the Fire-serpent, and is the one used by the Inner Order of Woden's Folk. This is a Winged Coiled Serpent which is the Ur-Form of the Dragon. One of the earliest mentions of the dragon as a Germanic Symbol is in the Welsh Mabinogian where mention is made of a Golden Winged Coiled Serpent from Germany. We need to understand the nature of the colour-symbolism -

Golden Dragon - Golden Sun - The Dawn.

White Dragon - White Sun - The Day.

Red Dragon - Red Sun - The Dusk.

It may be for this reason that the name Whitsuntide was used for the time around the end of May, this meaning White Sun Tide. It could also be why the name has been dropped and replaced by the meaningless term 'Spring Bank Holiday'. It should be noted how our 'Holy Days' have been deemed to be linked to the 'banks' and to money and materialism.

The White Dragon has the same symbolism since this has the body of a Serpent with wings and a tail; but this version is not coiled as the esoteric version.

This version is the two-legged Wyvern version which has exactly the same symbolism but has two legs rather than four.

This is the White Wyvern symbolism on a red shield which has been in use for some years by Woden's Folk. I have mentioned that the term wyvern could be a play-on-words for wif-earn meaning 'Eagle-Woman' or 'Eagle-Wife', this being associated with Wyrd and the Norns. This is further hinted at by the use of two legs, since the Eagle has two clawed feet.

I have mentioned the link between Kundalini and the Sig-Rune, so it is just a step further to note that when this force is awakened it is said to give a kind of 'electric' feeling up and down the spine, and the feeling of 'fire' (warmth) - which is something that occurs with deep, relaxed meditation. The Sig-Rune also represents 'electricity' because of its symbolism of the Lightning-Bolt. Kundalini has been said to reside in the triangular-shaped sacrum in three and a half coils - maybe this is why 'sacrum' means 'sacred'. Others say it resides in the coccyx, but the thing we need to understand is that the important thing is not the physical location - which is only a marker - because this is in what has sometimes been called the 'subtle body'.

The Serpent represents the 'earthly' aspect since it glides along the ground   and is 'earth-bound'. The Winged Serpent (or 'Feathered Serpent') is air-bound and moves towards the heavens and towards the divine. This is a very important symbolism, since the Winged Coiled Serpent represents the transformation of man into the God-Man. The White Dragon also represents our own Milky Way Galaxy which is a spiral form and which has 88 constellations - in two-dimensional form it is a curvilinear swastika.

The Winged Coiled Serpent is also the Feathered Serpent who was called Quetzalcoatl (Aztec) and Kukulkan (Mayan), both seeming to be associated with the Morning Star - Venus. It can be no coincidence that Quetzalcoatl sails across the seas in a boat, just as Sceaf-Ing sails to Scandi in a boat, and both are associated with Venus - Ing being 'Lord of the Elves' and as Ingvi-Frey he is of the Vanir-Gods, hence the association with Venus. Sceaf-Ing is the Divine Ancestor of the English Folk. Both arrive amongst a people as culture-bearers bringing the art of cultivation and science. We also have an account of Sceaf bearing a 'lighted taper' which obviously symbolises Fire which suggests a link with the Fire-Serpent and to the Nyd-Fire or 'Friction-Fire'.

 Many centuries ago, according to the legend, the Serpent came out of the sea and grew wings. ...It had started its journey to the stars, and particularly the Morning Star, when suddenly it was overcome by the waters of the great Flood, which waters inundated the earth. On this occasion the Plumed Serpent did not drown, but it lost its wings.Had these wings not been destroyed, the Serpent would surely have reached the Morning Star, and there in the spacious palace there would have been a meeting. The joy of that encounter could have been expressed only in tears, forming the fruit of eternity.”                       

The Serpent of Paradise – Miguel Serrano.

The aim is to continue that upward journey to the stars..........

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