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The Woden Mystery Religion.

I think that most people are aware that we need a new Folkish Religion that will bring the English Folk together, unifying the elements that are today broken into factions and split through constant arguments and inter-group strife. Where there was a growing unity of purpose this has now been lost, and the awakening English Consciousness has been distorted and the English Destiny diverted from its true course. In referring to a Folkish Religion I mean an exoteric religion that is clearly based upon a working knowledge of the Eternal Struggle that we are waging against the Sons of Darkness and Matter. It is not enough just to try to revive an old religion which has long been dead and gone, neither is it enough to try to attract the masses at this time - the 'numbers game' will only fail in the long term.
The key to the Woden Folk-Religion lies in its basic tenet that we are entering a New Age and that this requires a new god-form or archetype and that this new archetype is that of Wid-Ar the Avenger. The form of the 'hanged god' is no longer viable, whether 'Christ' or 'Odin' since this archetype does not correspond to the needs of our Folk today. There  were certain comments made in pre-war Germany such as 'Odin is Dead!' which did not imply that these people did not recognise the importance of Odin, but that they recognised that the Odin Archetype of the 'hanged god' was 'dead' and that Odin was to be resurrected as the 'Living God' who had climbed down from the Wolf-Tree and become a new Warrior-God, young and virile since he had resurrected as 'The Son'. This is why we call our religious movement Wodenism since the High God is still Woden but resurrected in the form of his 'Son' - Wid-Ar.
If we look at some different religions of the past - Greek, Roman, Egyptian - we find that each one of them is an exoteric religion aimed at the broad mass of people, but with an esoteric religion or Mystery Religion as a form of 'Inner Order', this being an Initiatory Religion aimed at an inner 'elite' whose role was to keep alive the Ancient Wisdom and pass it on to future generations. Above all, the role of these Mystery Religions was to keep the religion as pure as possible and avoid distortion and destruction from outside.
Now we can see the true role of Woden's Folk which has always been based more upon the esoteric side of the religion - as a true Mystery Religion. Wodenism was revived by Woden's Folk as an exoteric religion needed by the English Folk, and within this (from the start) was the Inner Order or Mystery Religion in one form or another. The emphasis (at this time) was towards the esoteric because such a new form of religion needs time to establish itself before it can be promoted to a wider audience. If this had not been done the whole thing would have become distorted and lose its origins within the Folkish Movement.
The first thing that any Mystery Religion needs is a connection to the Sacred Centre, the Gods and Ancestors. This has been aptly proven by many of the strange phenomena that have been either witnessed or photographed at our Folk-Moots, especially those that we have done at the Wayland's Smithy. Through the Hearth of Wayland (OR), the original White Dragon Kindred, and then Woden's Folk we have used this sacred site for the last 25 years or so - and we shall continue to do so into the future since we have had proof of the effect of our work at this site on many occasions.
There is another thing that sets WF apart from some Odinist and non-Folkish Wodenist groups is that we see the god Woden in a far different role than is usual given to him -
1. The Wolf-God and Leader of the Mannerbunde.
2. The Wild Huntsman - this is a far darker role than is usually attributed to Woden.
3. The Leader of the Einheriar and thus the god that leads the Forces of Light against the Forces of Darkness and Chaos.
4. The resurrection of Woden as Wid-Ar who is the Avenging God and whose incarnation we await in our times - an avatar role.
5. The Mystical Initiator into the Light of Higher Consciousness whose role is to aid the evolution of our Folk upwards towards the Superman. In this role Woden leads the revolt against the 'Dark Lord' that controls the world today, and has locked mankind into the material world and broken the link with the Spiritual Worlds.
6. The Avatar role, which recognises that Woden incarnates on Earth at certain periods of the Cosmic Cycle, and that He came down to our Folk from 1933-1945 to wage a Holy War against the Darkness and to expose the Great Enemy that seeks the total destruction of our Folk.

7. Woden as the 'Serpent-Slayer' the role shown in the Nine Herbs Charm the key to which is the 33-rune Atalland Rune-Row which goes back into very ancient times, and which has been revived by the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag within Woden's Folk.
These aspects of the Woden Folk-Religion separates WF from any other Wodenist group, hence why we stick to the term Folkish Wodenism to differentiate from those who do not take our line. We recognise the need for an initiatory Mystery Religion that will keep our work from getting distorted and 'watered-down' through a more 'populist' approach that will play the 'number's game' (this is always true of any movement, and a close look at the 'nationalist' scene of the past 50 years or so will verify that this happens). The strength of WF has always been in its Inner Order which has remained true to our weltanshauung, ideology and ideas and has kept the new religious movement from being distorted or destroyed.
What is most important at this time is to disseminate our ideas to a wider audience, since this is how we can establish our work at an exoteric level. It is well established that after around 2005 the original mainly-Christian based 'Englisc' scene moved towards the heathen religion of Wodenism and this was due to the work of Woden's Folk - the hard work of all WF Activists who took time and effort to work for this aim. Unfortunately, the 'Englisc' scene became full of internal strife and arguments, fall-outs over the most petty things, rampant egoism and the usual problem of 'too many chiefs and not enough Indians'. The fact that this scene was not Folkish in outlook made for a situation in which very few 'English Nationalists' knew anything about the world-situation and many followed the new street-movements that are clearly state-sponsored and backed, and whose aim was to continue the 'official' war on 'World-Wide Terrorism' at every level, in the process controlling the so-called 'right' as much as the 'left' had been previously.
The importance of the Woden Mystery Religion cannot be overemphasised, because since the original awakening of English Consciousness (through the awakening of the symbol of the White Dragon) the whole thing has been distorted and the English Awakening has not taken place. The only way for WF is to step back and to move towards the more esoteric Woden Mystery Religion with our work being aimed at the magical awakening of the White Dragon symbol within the consciousness of the English Folk. Through certain magical rites and talismanic rites the White Dragon was 'roused' so we need to return to this stage to start over again in the process of this awakening. This time the emphasis will be on the Folkish Movement as the basis for an English Awakening - Woden's Folk will keep the Flame of the Folkish Movement alive until such time as the Last Avatar arises here in England.

From THE TRIANGLE shall come
Wid-Ar - the Avenging Son! (*)

Keep the Faith! Keep True to the Folk! And above all - BELIEVE! The Hooded Man IS coming to the forest.........

(*) Wulf's Prophecy.


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