Thursday, 12 September 2019

Hengest and the Flaming-Sword

'Then was winter gone,
The bosom of the Earth beautiful...
So he did not hinder world-ruler
When him Hunlafing Hildeleoman,
The best of Swords, on bosom did; 
The edges were well known to the Joten.'


As I have shown many times, recorded in the first book that I wrote, the Hun-Sword passes from the Hun to the Engel-Kin; when Hengest ('Ghost of Ing') receives it he does not refuse the 'world-ruler' given to him. But...the term worold-raedan could also mean 'World-Raed' or 'World-Counsel'. This changes the whole thing, although it does not invalidate the first theory at all. Both can - and will - come about in time. This all comes about at the start of a new world-age, when the winter was gone and the spring began, and the Earth started to receive the Light of the (Black) Sun. 

Thus the 'Ghost of Ing' takes up the Flaming Sword in order to work the Will of Woden in the world. Hengest sailed to England in order to aid the Teutonic Folk here (many of whom were the Ingwaeones) and to break them free of the chains of thraldom to the distorted and alien Christian Religion which had taken hold here through the Romans, later to be spread northwards by the Christian Franks who had lost the leadership and guidance of the True Kings of the Franks - the Wolsungas - whose power had been usurped by the Carolingians. It was through the Carolingians that the Saxons were slaughtered and the Frisians later enslaved, though this was not a walkover since there were Heathen Kings who led their Folk in battle against this growing evil - Widukind of the Saxons and Raedbad of the Frisians. To combat the growing Powers of Darkness the Vikings poured out of Scandinavia, and led by other Folk-Heroes such as Ragnar Lodbrok, held back the Darkness for a time as today what is left of the Light-Born Heathen-Folk, shine as a Light in the Darkness. 

In the time of greatest darkness, the 'Gaest of Ingus' appears once more to hold back the Powers of Darkness and Chaos. He wields the Battle-Flame of the White Dragon, which was found by Helgi, Son of Hereward, in Sigar's Holm (*) , the sword with the 'blood-hued wyrm' on its blade, wound with gold, a snake coiling around the sword-guard. One of forty-six such swords - 'the best of swords'. This is the Sword of AEtla the Hun, passed from the Hun to the Engel-Kin. Hengest, riding the White Horse, wields the Word-Sword which spreads The Word of Woden far and wide amongst the Kinfolk. 

(*) 'Victory-Island' or 'Sigar's Island' or even 'Sig-Ar's Island'.

As has been prophesied of old, the Power of the Black Sun is rising again, resurrected from the 'dead' in the Age of Ing - the Age of Aquarius. This is the Dawn-Time of the New Age, that time when the Light and Darkness are in balance, neither one being supreme. Yet this is in the darkest part of the Cycle of the Ages, and thus the Forces of Darkness are at their strongest - but there is a Lightning-Flash in the Darkness, a pinpoint of Light in a world of Darkness. There is a Spiritual Force that appears in the time of greatest darkness, a force that rises like a Comet, and can only be slain by the Spear of Woden himself, when he passes this to Daeg to wield when the Light of Day has come. And then shall come the Last Avatar - the Third Sargon - the Kalki Avatar - Wid-Ar the Avenger - Helgi Haddinga. But this will be in a future time, but still at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.............

The Last Avatar

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