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Wr.Alda & The Black Sun

The name Wr.Alda means 'Primal Old One', from UR-Alda or UUR-Alda; this is really a strange name for a 'Great Spirit' which would not be considered to be 'primal' but would have always existed. It seems better to see the term Wr-Alda applied to the 'Primal Sun' or 'Hidden Sun', as I am going to go into here - the Black Sun. Of course, this is a 'Primal Force' in its own right, and this fits with the Ar Var Alda where Ar is the Black Sun. Since all ritual is about regaining that 'Primal Time' or 'First Time' (they mean the same) then this connects to the concept of the Black Sun as the Sun of the Golden Age.

The figure above is that of Saeter originally known as Krodo/Crodo, a Saxon God who gave his name to our Saturday. This god was known to the Slavs as Rod who had exactly the same image; neither need to have been 'borrowed' from the other, but share a common Aryan source. 

The two gods have nearly the same image, with the following symbols -

1. The Wheel - the Saxon Saeter/Krodo has a six-spoked wheel, whereas the Slavic Rod has an eight-spoked wheel. In one depiction the Golden Sun is seen as a wheel, and Saeter-Krodo is also shown as a wheel, as if both were Suns.

2. Both gods sit on a fish which perhaps suggests that they are 'holding down' or 'crushing' the Age of Pisces.

3. Both hold a bucket filled with water and with plants; these definitely suggest the Age of Aquarius, and the 'buckets' held buy the Seven Sages in ancient depictions of them. 

The Saxon God Saeter-Krodo has the very same six-spoked wheel as that of Wr.Alda of the Frisians. Indeed, we should recall that the Hag-All/All-Hag of Guido von List is a six-sided crystal (hexagon) from which the runes can be taken out of. This is exactly the same as the Wheel of Wr.Alda from which the 'running script' (runes) can be taken. Whether von List was aware of this and the Oera Linda Book I do not know, certainly Herman Wirth had read and used this Frisian work. What is the significance of the 18-Runes taken from this Hag-All figure?

At the pole of the planet Saturn is a hexagonal shape, as shown in the above figure. In order to understand why these ancient runes come from the hexagon, related to Saturn, we need to understand that Cronus-Saturn was 'chained' or 'imprisoned', by the 'Demiurge' according to Miguel Serrano. We do know from Greek Mythology that Cronus was imprisoned in a cave; he was 'castrated' and his position 'usurped' by his son Zeus. By 'castrated' we should understand this to mean he lost his regenerative powers. He was said to have been imprisoned on an island somewhere in the North. It is thus necessary to understand that (perhaps) the ancient power of the Black Sun at the centre of our galaxy came through Saturn which was the Ancient Sun of Hyperborea, shining below the Midnight Mountain in the Far North. This is what some have suggested.

Certainly, the vast Black Hole at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy is not 'dormant' or even a 'dead' star or 'dead sun' since it has been known to erupt and give off vast amounts of energy into the galaxy. If, as some suggest, going through a Black Hole moves one into another dimension, then the power of this 'Black Sun' would be within another dimension of Time and Being. Occasionally, this would burst its energy into our physical universe. This is just a thought and not 'fact'. 

It seems that because Saturn was 'enchained' and 'imprisoned' the Gods sent the planet Venus into our Solar System in order to channel the Rays of the Black Sun/Green Ray towards Earth. Saturn had become a malevolent planet, now associated with lead rather than gold. This explains why the alchemists had their aim as to transmute 'lead' (Saturn) into 'gold' (the Golden Sun of a New Golden Age). The planet Saturn has to be transmuted into the New Golden Sun from the Hidden Black Sun of today. 

I have always been rather wary of the use of Akhenaten as a 'Man Above Time' by Savitri Devi, and a piece sent to me recently brought up this topic. We can see here how the Egyptian Priests worshipped the 'Hidden God' named Amun/Amoun who was the 'Spiritual Sun' or 'Hidden Sun'. Akhenaten chose to change the worship of the 'Hidden Sun' to the physical sun-disc which he chose to call the Aten. The name 'Aten' is the same used in the Old Testament as 'Adonai' usually translated as 'Lord'. It is thus significant that the New Testament chose to end its text with the word Amen which, of course, is Amun. It is also necessary to recognise in this a shift from the animating fire (Agni-Inga) which is the 'Inner Fire' to that of the physical 'fire'. This is why there are two distinct words for fire 'agni' and 'fire', the latter meaning the physical element of fire, the former the animating fire. There is one very important thing in this change, and that is that the change from the AR (Inner Spiritual Sun) to the Aten (Physical Sun) made the change from the Aryan worship of the Ancient Sun to a universalist worship of the physical sun. This is why Akhenaten is seen as a 'universalist'. The Amun-Priests later erased him from the records, and in his time Egypt fell into chaos and disorder, and lost the greatness that it once had. Some see Akhenaten as Moses, the latter being an Egyptian name, as found in Tuthmoses etc.

Of course Amun is nothing less than the Hindu AUM(N), better known as OM: this is an Aryan concept from Ancient India. What we have to recall, and this will come up later too, is that ancient languages did not always use vowel-sound, thus AMUN/AMEN/AUMN would all become MN which is the Root-Sound. In the work of Peter Moon we find this as MON which is just the same MN. We can thus related this to the Man-Rune -

This is probably why the Aryan Race is the one race known as Aryan Man; this rune is specific in its meaning and use. Thus those who aid our Folk are called by the title Manu and Ingus is the Son of Man. Ingus is the 'Son of the Sun', but this refers to the Black Sun. Our race descended from Mannus which is the Mannaz-Rune or Man-Rune. Because the worship of the Black Sun is of the 'Hidden Sun' or 'Central Sun' and not the physical Sun then the Aryan Race is a 'Cosmic Race' as opposed to the earthly races of humanity. 

We all descended from 'apes'; but we did not, since this is proven by the fact that 15% of the world's population has Rhesus Negative Blood, which has no 'monkey-blood' in it at all. That these are somehow different is seen when sometimes a Rhesus Negative woman marries a Rhesus Positive man and has children, the mother's system can often reject the child and produce antibodies in order to destroy it - this is Nature. But... modern science gets round this ('bucks' the Laws of Nature) with drugs. So not all human beings could be descended from apes - as they try to tell us. 

Some years ago I equated the name 'Herne' with Cronus/Chronos; this was due to the following letter-shifts -

Herne - Hrn - Hron - Chron(os) - Cron

Even if 'Herne' stems from 'Herian' this makes no difference since when we leave the vowels out of both we get HRN. Thus, it is possible that Herne indeed has a connection to Krodo-Hrodo and to Cronus-Saturn-Saeter. Both Cronus-Saturn and Saeter were said to have originally been Gods of the Harvest, of Agriculture, and also connected to the 'Grim Reaper' who 'reaps' the harvest. This would explain why his role is very different - after he has been enslaved and imprisoned in a Cave. Krodo, we are told, was worshipped in a Cave. Krodo was the 'Spirit of the Caverns', worshipped in the north of Thuringia in the Harz Mountains. It is interesting to note that the name Krodo/Crodo stems from an ancient German Grotte from which we get the word 'Grotto' which obviously related to a Cave - its is also related to 'Santa Claus' at Yuletide. 

The Old English Hrod/Hred means 'renown' or fame' and also means 'victory'; this word is, of course similar to the Welsh 'Rhod' meaning 'Wheel' and to the Slavic God known as 'Rod'. The Slavic name means 'generation' or 'birth', also related to rodina meaning 'homeland' or 'motherland'. The Welsh Hrud Hudibras is also related to both 'Hrod' and 'Rod', and all these to the Rad-Rune. 

All of this. to some extent, explains the difference between the High-Born Joten and the Low-Born Joten. The High-Born Joten are the 'Elder Gods' from whom the AEsir-Gods ('Younger Gods') descended, and the latter are our Gods, the Gods of the Arya. However, since the Aryan Gods are descended from the 'Elder Gods' then we too have their essence within our Sacred Blood and our Sacred Blood Memory. Mimir is one of the 'Elder Gods' who continually aids our Aryan Gods, even when he is 'dead' (he gives knowledge to Woden). The Aryan Gods are descended from Buri, a name relating to his son, Bor, whose name relates to the High North through 'Boreas' and thus the 'Hyperboreans'. The name 'Buri/Bor' gives us 'bear' and 'boar' related to the Far North and the Great Bear-Waen. 

The 'Wheel' symbolism is also related to the 'World Turner' and thus to Waendel and the Long Man of Wilmington. It is also related to the Chakravartin of the Tibetans. The 'wheel' is also associated with the 'mill-wheels' and thus to the Precession of the Equinoxes and the World Mill. Here the name Grotte comes to mind connected to the World Mill. This is Krodo-Hrodo originally 'Grotte' as stated before. 

Karl Maria Wiligut mentions the Black Sun as Santur; as stated in a previous post he also tells of the 'hourglass' symbolism where it is turned over and moves the power from one Sun (UR) to the other (SUN). Here he uses the word UR to mean the Black Sun -

AR  -  ER  - IR  - OR  - UR

AR  -  AER  -  ER  -  IR  -  OER  -  UR

In the Ar-Kan Runes there are five runes which relate directly to what has been said here -  UR, YR, IOR (IAR), EAR, and CW-EOR-TH. Four of these can be found only in the Northumbrian Runes. These will be looked at again on the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag blog at a later time. 

It would seem that 'Old Father Time' is related to cyclic time, and the 'binding' or 'imprisonment' of Saturn-Cronus was such that this entailed a shift to linear time. Old Father Time is depicted as the 'Grim Reaper' holding a scythe and an hourglass - the 'hourglass' is the Daeg-Rune and represents the change of power from the Golden Sun to the Black Sun, and back again etc. The 'Grim Reaper' is associated with Woden, and we can see how this is because he is descended from the 'Elder Gods', he has their essence within him. (The 'hourglass' is also symbolic of the 'wobble' of the Earth which causes the 'Precession of the Equinoxes' and thus 'time' coming into being.)

Time, of course, is also related to the Three Sisters of Wyrd, the Norns, since they can be seen as past-present-future - 'Time'. In Norse Mythology time is also related to a figure named 'Kari' who is associated with the wind and thus with movement, i.e. 'time'. This, in fact, relates back to Waendel whose name can be related to 'wend', 'wind' (turning) and 'wind' (movement of air). The Last Avatar - Helgi the Heardinga - is married to the Valkyrie named Kara, her name meaning 'time'. These names - Kari and Kara - are related to the Hindu Goddess named Kali, whose name means 'time'. Time is the destroyer of all things.

It is also here interesting to note that the name 'Rudra' is most often seen as 'red' and 'wild', but it can also relate to the same ideas here related to Rod-Rhod-Hrod-Hrud and to the Rad-Rune and the 'Wheel of Time'. The eight-spoked wheel in used in Tibetan Buddhism. The corruption of Saturn, bound by the Rings of Ice, relates to the Dark Lord or 'Lord of the Rings' (of Saturn). His freedom will occur with the melting of these Rings of Ice. We can perhaps see the Irish god named Crom here too, a figure originally a 'Sun-God' who became a blood-thirsty god demanding blood-sacrifice of children. This perhaps also explains the concept of blood-sacrifice in ancient times, a corruption of the Ur-Religion of the Arya. 

It would seem, according to Miguel Serrano, that the six-spoked wheel becomes the eight-spoked wheel which he calls the Veneris Rune related to the planet Venus. This is the six-spoked wheel, driven through with the Spear of Woden in the Age of Aquarius. This he also equates with the 'Steed of Woden' - Sleipnir - which has eight legs. This gallops in the Age of Aquarius. I have also equated this with the Hale-Bopp Comet, which moves 'between the worlds'. This seems to have been 'sent by Wyrd' to awaken within us the Blood Memory. 

Miguel Serrano talks about 'Mars and Saturn' being 'two thieves' and corruptions of 'Tyr and Surtur', seen 'beside the Zodiacal Tree of the Crucifixion'. This we see too in the above planetary alignment of August 11th 1999. Here Tiw is in the Eagle (Scorpio) and Surtur is in the Bull (Taurus). Uranus is the father of Krodo-Cronus, and here he is found in Aquarius -

Ur - 'primal', 'first',

An - 'master of',

Us - 'to burn'.

In the Age of Aquarius the Astral Fire of the Hyperborean Blood will be recuperated through the 'Fire of the Black Sun', the 'Inner Flame' that dwells within the Blood of the Heirs - the Elect. This 'Inner Flame' is that of Agni-Inga, related to the events of August 11th 1999 and the 'Resurrection of Ingus. If we see this as the Central Black Hole, the Black Sun of the Inner Earth, and the Black Sun within the remnants of Aryan Man all of this makes sense -

'When the Ice of the Darkest of Night melts away under the Fire of the Black Sun of the Inner Earth, the poison apple shall fall away, and the Sleeping Goddess shall awaken, throw off her White Wolf Skin and arise renewed by the Golden Apples of the Immortals. When the Moon is under her feet and she is clothed in the Golden Sun, she shall bring forth the Divine Child of Light who will lead the English Folk in their Divine Mission against the Servants of Darkness.'

The Prophecy 88 (November 9th 2014). 

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